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If you thought Elizabeth Warren would take it easy on Capitol Hill, you'd be wrong


tough cookie

UPDATE: The blog headline refers to the early status of celebrity senators such as Al Franken and Hillary Clinton who chose to stay relatively quiet and out of the limelight at first. They "took it easy," as opposed to what you're about to read about Warren.

Original post:

This story illustrates why we pushed so hard to get Elizabeth Warren elected to the United States Senate. She knows what she's doing, she gets it, and she's not afraid to talk the talk and walk the walk, all on behalf of We the People. So when Elizabeth gets pissed off, watch out Corporate America, she means business.

Did I mention she was pissed off?

Warren took aim at the American International Group, the giant insurance company that BushCo bailed out was now considering suing the federal government because they thought the big bad bailout was unfair. Gee, why don't I feel sorry for them? Aww, somebody better rev up the ol' iPhone and call ...

wah wambulance

Watch out, AIG... it's not nice to mess with Senator Warren:

Via Business Insider and The Atlantic Wire, here is Elizabeth Warren's most excellent response to AIG's threat:

Beginning in 2008, the federal government poured billions of dollars into AIG to save it from bankruptcy. AIG’s reckless bets nearly crashed our entire economy. Taxpayers across this country saved AIG from ruin, and it would be outrageous for this company to turn around and sue the federal government because they think the deal wasn’t generous enough. Even today, the government provides an ongoing, stealth bailout, propping up AIG with special tax breaks—tax breaks that Congress should stop. AIG should thank American taxpayers for their help, not bite the hand that fed them for helping them out in a crisis.


Did I mention how wonderful it is to have Warren in the U.S. Senate?

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John Boehner: "The American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney."


YOU know Willard Romney is a lousy candidate. I know Willard Romney is a lousy candidate. But does the GOP? They'd have to be even more out of touch than they already are to not know.

According to Roll Call it turns out a few of them have figured it out.

Take conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer for instance: “The Republican bench had several candidates stronger than Romney, but they chose not to run."

He forgot to add: "So we're stuck with Willard."

But this next part of Roll Call's article stood out because it's not often we can get an honest statement from John Boehner. The whole thing started when a woman asked, “Can you make me love Mitt Romney?” Boehner answered, “No." It got more interesting from there:

But at a June 30 fundraiser in Wheeling, W.Va., Speaker John Boehner offered a surprisingly frank assessment of the dynamic that surprised some in the audience. [...]

"The American people probably aren’t going to fall in love with Mitt Romney. I’ll tell you this: 95 percent of the people that show up to vote in November are going to show up in that voting booth, and they are going to vote for or against Barack Obama.  Mitt Romney has some friends, relatives and fellow Mormons ... some people that are going to vote for him. But that’s not what this election is about... Solid guy, he’s going to do a great job, even if you don’t fall in love with him."

And of course, he also went on about what a big ol' boob the president is.

The joke's on The Boehner who admitted right out loud that, to most Americans, his very own candidate's an even bigger one.


Chamber of Commerce Won't Back Repeal


By GottaLaff

If the GOP's BFF, the Chamber of Commerce, won't touch this, fuggetaboutit:

"Republicans in Congress shouldn't look to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce to support a repeal of the health-care overhaul," the Wall Street Journal reports.

Said Chamber President Thomas Donahue: "If people want to try and repeal, let them. We're not going to spend any capital on that."

What a waste of time, money, and energy the whole notion of repealing health care reform is.

If the GOP cares so much about this country, how about investing in something worthwhile, something that could, you know, help Americans? That would be novel.