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John "I See No Need for ENDA" Boehner welcomes anti- #LGBT group to Capitol Hill


being gay in russia


I am opposed to discrimination of any kind — in the workplace and any place else. But I think this legislation — that I have dealt with as chairman of the Education Workforce Committee long before I was back in the leadership — is unnecessary and would provide a basis for frivolous lawsuits. People are already protected in the workplace. I am opposed to continuing this.

Listen, I understand people have different opinions on this issue, and I respect those opinions. But as someone who has worked in the employment law area for all of my years in the statehouse and all of my years here, I see no basis or no need for this.

Of course not. Why would there be a need when 21 states have protection laws? To hell with The Gay in the other 29.

Oh that Boehner and his wacky, zany GOP House Speakery wisdom.

Which brings us to the World Congress of Families (WCF), a group that thinks being gay is a “deviation” and compares homosexuality to pornography, promiscuity, and incest, per a report by Think Progress.

As if that's not bad enough, they've gone so far as to organize trips for anti-gay leaders to go speak with Russian lawmakers. So it goes without saying that the obvious thing to do would be to shun the WCF, because we here in America believe in equal rights, civil rights, and compassion for all.

Right, John Boehner?

After all, there is already way too much protection for gay Americans, and they clearly are not the targets of ongoing discrimination and need no further support.

Think Progress:

Just a day after House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) claimed the LGBT workplace protections are “unnecessary,” he is making sure that an anti-gay group has a place to meet on Capitol Hill. [...]

These laws and proposed bills have been directly tied to the influence of U.S. anti-gay activists who WCF sent to Russia, and now these are the values Boehner believes deserve a voice on Capitol Hill. It’s unclear how this endorsement of discriminatory values squares his belief that there is “no need” to protect the LGBT community from the very same kind of unfair treatment.

The Boehner's spokesman claims that this was "routine" not should not be viewed as an endorsement one way or the other.

How's that outreach thing workin' for ya, GOP?


VIDEO: Teens confront Boehner who said, “We have no intention of ever going to conference on" immigration bill


outreach my ass reach out inclusive

Speaker John Boehner is doing everything he can to doom his own party's chances in future elections. Apparently, the changing demographics that reflect a more diverse America don't phase the guy. He is intent on making them feel less than, and as unwelcome to the Republican party as possible.

In other words, don't even try to crash the white guy's party; besides, we're not all that interested in improving the economy or the country as a whole, especially by including your skills and devotion to America. Plus, we certainly don't want to hand President Obama another victory.

How's that GOP outreach thing workin' for ya, Boehner? Start at about 8:45...

You heard him. He has "no intention of ever going to conference on the Senate bill … I want us to deal with this issue, but I want to deal with it in a commonsense step by step way as we develop the principles, we’ll figure out how we’ll move ahead.”

Wrong answer, Speaker Wrongie McWrongerson. Big mistake:

Change Nation:

Carmen Lima, 13, of Arizona, and Jennifer Martinez, 16, of Washington state, confront Speaker Boehner at breakfast. Carmen, who hasn't seen her father since she was ten, and Jennifer, whose father was detained for several months by ICE, tell Speaker Boehner how our broken immigration system affected their families and ask for his support on immigration reform.

Think Progress has the transcript of the video above, which has audio that is a little hard to hear:

[T]wo teenagers from the pro-reform group Fair Immigration Reform Movement Youth In Action, approached House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) at a diner [and] asked Boehner to advance immigration reform and he responded that although he was committed to moving the bill, it would not “be an easy path forward.”

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) responded in a tweet, “Actually it is easy, @SpeakerBoehner. With 190 cosponsors on H.R.15 and 28 Rs vowing support, we have the votes to pass #immigration reform.”

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney also responded, “I think [reform] could happen this year..."

If immigration reform doesn't happen soon, and if GOP gerrymandering doesn't completely disenfranchise Democratic voters, then next year the 2014 elections may very well give The Boehner and his fellow obstructionists a whole lot of heartburn.


VIDEO- Veteran responds to Boehner's #GOPshutdown is "an epic battle": "I was in 6 epic battles fighting the Nazis."


boehner government shutdown WWII veteran

Getting a little sick and tired of all the government shutdown GOP talking points and hyperbole? Join the club.

I suggest watching this video, which is deliciously and honestly brutal... and so justified.

A World War II veteran puts things into perspective for Boehner in the Bubble. This, Drinker of the House*, is what the words "epic battle" actually mean:

"Congressman, your government shutdown is not an epic battle. It is bad governance."

"American veterans like me depend on the entire government being open."

"I served this nation with honor. Today I can't say the same about most Republicans in Congress."


You want to do battle, Boehner? Because if you do, you probably don't ever want to go up against this Navy veteran. His name is Redge Ranyard. Care to do "epic battle" with him?

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PhotOH! Um... no. Just. No.


send brain bleach stat



Just. No.

We have the Richmond Times Dispatch to thank for a headline you will not forget, but wish you could:

headline Obama presses GOP's Boehner

H/t: Taegan

brain bleach I can never unsee this


John Boehner to critics of his, um, "leadership skills" [sic]: "I just let that s--t roll off my back."


stepped in it

Yes John Boehner, by all means, defend the sequester and defund Obamacare again. That worked so well for you the first 41 times. Of course, there is now a clash on #ObamaCare that has opened up a GOP civil war.

please proceed

Way to get things done! Way to avoid the real problems this country faces, like, oh you know, poverty, education, unemployment, voting rights, rebuilding our crumbling roads and bridges, women's rights, the environment, stuff like that. Did I mention that President Obama accused Republicans of extortion?

But that's not important now. What is important is what The Boehner had to say to the critics of his "leadership skills" [sic].

Did I say leadership skills? My bad. I swear, I was only quoting what I read.

Via The Hill:

People say a lot of things about me,” Boehner told GOP lawmakers in a closed-door meeting, according to two people who attended. “People outside this room. People inside this room. I just let that s--t roll off my back.

Shorter Boehner: Meh, I'm doing a lousy job, so what?

See? He lets that s--t roll off his back...

...and then he steps in it. Again.

And again:

boehner worst speaker ever


John Boehner wants to prolong sequestration. Oh, and his job performance numbers are in the toidy. Coincidence?


rock bottom smaller

A Public Policy Polling poll of Ohioans has GOP House Speaker John Boehner's job performance numbers at a whopping 20 percent; 59% disapprove of the job he's doing. (John Kasich's not doing too well, either. Follow the link.)


Since October 2012, The Boehner's approvals have fallen 13 points, down from 33%.

Gee, could it have anything to do with the fact that he "is, in fact, bad at his job”? How bad? Well, as we speak, TPM has a post on Boehner's call for more-- wait for it-- sequestration:

...House Speaker John Boehner reiterated that his chamber would move quickly when Congress reconvenes to pass a continuing resolution that would avoid a government shutdown but prolong sequestration.

The short-term resolution would keep the automatic budget cuts known as sequestration in place.

Good grief, can he get any more tone deaf?

Take this L.A. Times headline, for example:

Defense officials tell Congress that scheduled sequester budget cuts threaten to gut the military.

Or this Times story:

The Obama administration announced Monday that about 5,600 low-income California children would be shut out of federally funded Head Start preschool programs because of Washington budget gridlock.

How's that outreach workin' for ya, GOP?


Oops! John Boehner touts poll showing Americans don't like spending cuts and want to raise taxes


blame game

Greg Sargent is reporting on yet another reason why John Boehner should feel embarrassed about himself: this tweet:

tweet boehner taxes


Which is funny, because the poll actually shows that majorities of voters would rather increase taxes than cut spending on education, Medicare, Social Security, Medicaid, and infrastructure. In other words, it demonstrates a central fact about public opinion that may help determine how the sequester “blame game” will play...

While Republicans live to play the Blame Obama game, voters see things a little differently. Just as they did when the Affordable Care Act (aka "Obamacare") was broken down into separate components, poll respondents react differently when presented with more detailed information.

Many of those who tend to favor cuts overall change their tune when they are asked about slashing specific programs that will directly affect their lives.

Here's what the Marist-McClatchy poll actually reveals:

Among voters choices on other parts of the budget:

-by 57-35 they prefer to cut energy spending rather than raise taxes;

-by 55-38 they prefer to cut spending on jobless benefits rather than raise taxes;

-by 65-31 they prefer to raise taxes than cut spending on education;

-by 60-33 they prefer to raise taxes than cut Social Security;

-by 57-36 they prefer to raise taxes than cut Medicare;

-by 53-40 they prefer to raise taxes than cut spending for transportation including roads and bridges;

-by 50-42 they prefer to raise taxes than cut Medicaid.


Greg notes that Americans prefer spending cuts to tax hikes in only three areas: "energy, jobless benefits, and…defense!"

The impact of the sequester on the everyday lives of Americans is dawning on people, and the Blame Game is still a work in progress. As Sargent points out:

[T]his could very well end up damaging Republican officials (who represent the party of only-austerity-forever and crisis-to-crisis governing) just as much or more. Any GOP triumphalism about the politics of the sequester is premature. This is a long game.

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