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So GOP, are you now going to repeal Fry's Electronics?


repeal fry's

  • Sudden surge of curious online customers: Check.
  • Deadline precipitates abrupt consumer deluge: Check.
  • Overwhelmed web page that offers a wide range of new products freezes: Check.
  • Users frustrated by slow or frozen page while trying to take advantage of marketplace choices, purchase options: Check.
  • Supply and demand issues create additional glitches: Check.
  • Crashed website: Check.

Nope. Fry's Electronics.

The Los Angeles Times:

Fry's Electronics, which rolled out online-only deals on Thanksgiving, saw its website crash in the morning under the weight of too many eager Internet shoppers. Product pages were slow to load or didn't load at all, and many customers found themselves unable to complete their purchases.

Come on, GOP, repeal the Fry's chain!

No, better yet: Repeal all online holiday sales! Get on it, Republicans, stat! Obsess on it! Make it your life's mission!

now that's snarky


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"The Land of Odds" (Mark Streeter/Savannah Morning News)



Overheard: "Mark Zuckerberg wannabes" propose website called "Hofactor" about slutty girlfriends


slut daughter

Today's Los Angeles Times letter to the editor, because our voices matter:

Re "Sexism at issue in Silicon Valley," Oct. 24

What The Times doesn't consider is what I call the "jerk quotient" — and in the technology industry, it is exceptionally high. The only other industry where women can encounter a comparable number of jerks is the banking industry — and look what happened there.

I remember sitting in a Starbucks and eavesdropping on a bunch of Mark Zuckerberg wannabes. Their big idea? A website that was a cross between Facebook and "The X Factor" called "Hofactor," where men could post comments about how slutty their girlfriends were and vote for the biggest sluts.

They were serious about this. No wonder women don't want to work in Silicon Valley.

Alice Charles

West Hollywood

you're a whore case closed slut