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VIDEO- Veteran responds to Boehner's #GOPshutdown is "an epic battle": "I was in 6 epic battles fighting the Nazis."


boehner government shutdown WWII veteran

Getting a little sick and tired of all the government shutdown GOP talking points and hyperbole? Join the club.

I suggest watching this video, which is deliciously and honestly brutal... and so justified.

A World War II veteran puts things into perspective for Boehner in the Bubble. This, Drinker of the House*, is what the words "epic battle" actually mean:

"Congressman, your government shutdown is not an epic battle. It is bad governance."

"American veterans like me depend on the entire government being open."

"I served this nation with honor. Today I can't say the same about most Republicans in Congress."


You want to do battle, Boehner? Because if you do, you probably don't ever want to go up against this Navy veteran. His name is Redge Ranyard. Care to do "epic battle" with him?

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DC bar: "Free water all day. Everything else will cost [lawmakers] double."


 soup nazi no booze for you

The Los Angeles Times has an article titled, "Some businesses benefit from government shutdown" in which they report that "state parks, private museums and other venues are touting themselves as alternatives to closed federal destinations. An insurer marketing wedding policies cites canceled nuptials at national parks."

They go on to give details about businesses using the GOP shutdown as a marketing tool, but there was one passage that caught  my eye:

Shutdown specials have federal employees streaming into capital bars, some of which are kicking off happy hour in the early afternoon. There is just one group not welcome: members of Congress.

One D.C. bar enticing furloughed workers with a free shot of whiskey offers lawmakers their own deal: "Free water all day. Everything else will cost them double."

Since the GOP's favorable rating is now 28%, the lowest Gallup, has measured for either party in its trend since 1992, because they've hit rock bottom, all that's left to say is:

bottoms up


Republicans to Democrats: Your Votes Don't Count


Showdown in Washington

During this showdown mess over the CR (continuing resolution) which will fund our government, the Republicans have not totally ignored the people's voices. They've actually lied about it. They're trying to convince America that in 2012, that last general election, they won a mandate. They forget that they lost the Senate, lost seats in the House of Representatives, AND the presidency.

Earth to GOP, you went 0-3.

They lost the Presidency in total votes (and electoral), basically on a mandate for Obamacare. Perhaps the biggest difference between the president and his opponent, the erase-a-slate, flip-flopper, Romney.

They lost the house of representatives  in total votes (representing Obamacare on a local level) though they retained control by number of members. If you consider the 60 Tea party members as a separate party (they're hardly your grandparents GOP-ers) then Republicans actually came in second and Democrats first. That is if there's a 3-party system for which current actions indicate there may actually be.

They lost the senate (on Obamacare) in total votes (representing statewide campaigns)

So with this .000 batting average, they  have the gall to claim they speak, as a party, for the people. Their delusional, fuzzy math eludes even the simplest of thinkers. To the public, total votes is our mandate. It's our voice. And we spoke with our votes.

The choice we made is for Obamacare, like it or not.

Wild West Showdown

Those Republican Representatives are pretty cocky. And they have reason to be. They can drink, carouse and whoop it up because their security is locked in. According to The Daily Beast about a week ago:

Sen. Barbara Boxer introduced legislation in January to prevent any member of the House or Senate from getting paid in the event of a government shutdown. A similar bill passed the Senate unanimously in 2011, but the House never voted on it. This year, as the likelihood of a shutdown looks more certain than ever, Boxer's bill has one co-sponsor, Sen. Bob Casey (D-PA).

"How is that Republicans who are urging a shutdown of the government are not co-sponsors of my bill?" Boxer said Friday. "They want to protect their own pay, they want to protect themselves and their families, but they don’t seem to care about the single mom who works as a custodian in one of our government buildings who is struggling to get by ... These Republicans are willing to put the livelihoods of millions of American workers at risk—but not their own."

unashamedSo Mr. Boehner and your drunken cronies (as reported by multiple sources) on the floor of the House, take your responsibilities and hopefully your apparent lack of sobriety into account. Pass a clean funding CR and stop playing games. Lives are at stake.

Though you have no skin in this game, the public does. If you can't pull your caucus away from their Scotch and gin, to do the right thing, we're coming for your orange hide. Nailed to an old tobacco barn might send a colorful reminder that you work for us, not the other way around.


Video- D.C. Trauma Surgeon Janis Orlowski Goes Off on Gun Violence: "There Is Something Evil in Our Society"


My hero. She's leaving her position at the hospital. Wonder if she'd be interested in a career in politics?


Infographic: "A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.” Ours does.


bill clinton mlk march voting rights

President Clinton gave a terrific speech commemorating the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington which included this memorable sentence:

"A great democracy does not make it harder to vote than to buy an assault weapon.”

Ours does.

To give the point even more oomph, Think Progress posted this handy at-a-glance visual reminder of how wrongheaded the Republican party is in their efforts to slash voting rights while making it a snap to own a deadly weapon:

voting rights v gun rights

See? That way unregulated sales of firearms can continue without those pesky voters trying to step in to make some common sense changes. No I.D., no vote. No vote, no voice. No voice, no change.

Now if states would make official identification cards free and easily accessible, that would be swell. But the GOP would prefer that doesn't happen, because those without I.D.s tend to vote Democratic.

Thankfully, the Justice Department filed a lawsuit against the Texas voter ID law, and says that's just the first step of many.

Now back to Clinton's remarks. Think Progress:

As it turns out, Clinton is correct: individuals can buy assault weapons without showing identification in more than 30 states, while federal law prohibits states from allowing individuals to vote without some form of identification. In recent years, 13 states have passed stricter voter ID requirements and half a dozen more are considering voter suppression measures in the aftermath of the Supreme Court ruling invalidating a key section of the Voting Rights Act.

In fact, a ThinkProgress analysis found that anyone can obtain assault rifles from unlicensed dealers at gun shows or online without a background check in 39 states. Zero states allow people to vote without displaying identification.


VIDEO: Thank you Rachel Maddow, for allowing Mr. Clarence Jones to tell his story without interruption #MOW50


Clarence Jones MLK maddow

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This interview-- actually more of a stunning, riveting monolog by Clarence Jones-- touched me so deeply and was so fascinating that I watched it twice in a row. Mr. Jones has such a beautiful way with words and speaks with such humility and sensitivity, is such an important part of history, was so captivating, that I had to go back and re-savor every bit.

Thank you Rachel Maddow, for allowing Mr. Jones to tell his story without interruption. There are very few hosts who would do that, and very few guests who are as compelling and have the affect on me that he did.

I will not transcribe this video for you, because it wouldn't do justice to the segment or the emotion behind and value of his account.

What a day yesterday was. And how mind-boggling that there was ever-- and still is-- the need for civil rights/human rights marches.

People are people, equal in every way. It should go without saying that nobody should be diminished, belittled, persecuted, threatened, segregated or denied their rights because of their skin color, age, religion, rejection of religion, sexual orientation, height, weight, accent, heritage, gender, or any other distinguishing characteristic that I may have inadvertently overlooked.

That this is, or has ever been, an issue is absolutely baffling. We're all human beings, we all rely on each other to survive, and we have everything in common. Discriminating against our own makes zero sense. It's completely irrational.

To quote someone I never thought I'd ever quote ever in the history of ever:

ann romney stop it


VIDEO: Pres. Obama's FULL Speech, March On Washington's 50th Anniversary #MOW50 #AdvancingTheDream


Obama March on Washington 2013 2

ICYMI. It was damn good.

Obama March on Washington 2013