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VIDEO: "It is a myth that American corporations are paying 35 percent or anything like it."


...Our corporate tax rate last year, effectively, in terms of taxes paid for the United States, was around 12 percent, which is well below those existing in most of the industrialized countries around the world. So it is a myth that American corporations are paying 35 percent or anything like it...

The GOP panacea is to cut cut cut spending, and of course, cut corporate taxes to the bone. They're so presh, aren't they? It's almost as if they think they have solutions that would help this country's struggling economy.

They don't.

Nor do they care. This is about killing any constructive plan that the president offers up so that they can destroy any chance he has to win a second term. America first!

Think Progress adds:

During the interview, Buffett also responded to Gov. Chris Christie’s pronouncement that Buffett should just “write a check and shut up,” instead of calling for higher taxes on the rich. It’s sort of a touching response to a $1.2 trillion deficit isn’t it? That somehow the American people will just all send in checks and that’ll take care of it,” Buffett said.


And Chris? Write a check and shut up.


VIDEO: Warren Buffett sings, plays the ukulele


If this 1%er is willing to play the uke and sing, let's see Willard Romney or Rupert Murdoch give it a try. Or how about the Koch brothers doing a duet, wouldn't that be presh? Oh go ahead, guys, make our day.

But none of them can top the Crooner in Chief.


US billionaire Warren Buffett has appeared singing and playing the ukulele on Chinese state television. The billionaire popped up on CCTV and wished the people of China "a happy new year." The Lunar New Year of the Dragon begins at midnight on Sunday. "Your country has accomplished amazing things, and the best is yet to come," Buffett told the broadcaster. The investor is well respected in China for his financial success.

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Video Added- Republicans demand Warren Buffett’s tax returns


Careful what you wish for guys, this could open quite a can of worms for our side. Koch brothers ring a bell? Still, they're just nasty rumor mongers looking for more mud to sling.

The GOP is making a concerted effort to pressure billionaire investment guru Warren Buffett to release his tax returns to the public.

Republicans say Buffett — the public face of Obama’s proposed “Buffett rule” to increase taxes on the wealthy — needs to reveal his finances if his views on tax rates are going to serve as the basis for Obama administration policy.

“Will Warren Buffett release his tax returns so we can see why he should be the standard for tax policy?” Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) questioned in a tweet Thursday.

“If he’s going to be the gold standard, so to speak, in terms of what our tax policy should be, yeah, let’s look at it [his tax returns],” Cornyn told ABC News.

UPDATE- LOL, JMM is calling them "Buffett Birthers"-

UPDATE TO THE UPDATE- Laugh's on them asshats, Buffett gave his tax returns to Charlie Rose last month.


Officials: Obama to propose new tax rate for millionaires


Old news for most of you by now, but important.

Washington (CNN) -- The White House will propose a new tax rate for people earning more than $1 million a year to ensure that they pay at least the same percentage of their earnings in taxes as middle-income Americans, administration and White House officials told CNN on Sunday.

Called the Buffett Rule, the proposal will be part of a comprehensive deficit reduction plan President Barack Obama will unveil on Monday, according to a senior administration official and White House sources who spoke on condition of not being identified. The information was first reported by The New York Times.


Obama will propose several tax changes, one White House official said, adding that the Buffet Rule would replace the current Alternative Minimum Tax that was created to ensure people paid a minimum percentage of their income in taxes.
John Boehner wants tax reform

According to the White House official, the Buffet Rule would impact only 0.3% of taxpayers -- fewer than 450,000 individuals. The president will not specify a specific rate or details of the Buffett Rule in announcing his proposal, leaving it to Congress to decide how to calculate such a rate as part of the larger debate over rewriting the tax code, the official said.


Funny, you don't look Palin-ish



Could this be why Prez O has that "reach across the aisle" instinct?

Barack Obama may have nothing in common with Sarah Palin or Rush Limbaugh ideologically speaking, but says the president shares something much deeper with each conservative: DNA.

There is also a George W. Bush, Dick Cheney connection.

I wonder if this is what gave Cheney all those heart attacks.

And Former Half-Gov RuhRoh McDoesThisMeanI'mBlack should be giving some thought (if she knows how) to these new revelations about her Kenyan, terrorist bloodlines.

The good news: President Obama clearly inherited the only intelligence gene.


Business Bigwigs Warren Buffett, Steve Ballmer predict bright economic future


Who are we to argue with these guys?

BUTTE, Mont. — Some of the biggest names in business said Monday that they see a bright future for the economy, with famed investor Warren Buffett declaring the country and world will not fall back into the grips of the recession.

"I am a huge bull on this country. We are not going to have a double-dip recession at all," said Buffett, chairman of Omaha, Neb.-based Berkshire Hathaway Inc. "I see our businesses coming back across the board."

Buffett said the same things that worked for the country through a century of two world wars, a depression and more - all while increasing the standard of living - will work again. He said banks are lending money again, businesses are hiring employees and he expects the economy to come back stronger than ever.

"This country works," Buffett said during a question-and-answer session via video at the Montana Economic Development Summit. "The best is yet to come."


"I am very enthusiastic what the future holds for our industry and what our industry will mean for growth in other industries," said Ballmer, whose company is based in Seattle.


The conference was organized by U.S. Sen. Max Baucus. The Montana Democrat said it leaves "bickering and name-calling" back in Washington, D.C., so leaders can find good ideas.

Immelt said angry political rhetoric is not helpful and headlines are too focused on finding negative indicators. He said business at GE, one of the world's largest companies, is improving.