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Overnight: Pedestrian Question: Gluten



I would love to know how we got to be so stupid as a nation. When you ask people on the street about nearly anything, they haven't a clue. It's undeniably true now, though, that people just parrot what they see on tv or the Internet or read in magazines - they next to never research for themselves. Ask them about a war where we're spending billions of dollars killing people or seeing our own military being killed, and they can't locate the country or a map or, if so (more or less), tell you why we have troops there. They don't even have the slightest idea what gluten is. Yes, gluten. Yet they're against it if someone (it's not even import ant who) tells them to be.

Jimmy Kimmel proves this (though, admittedly, the interview sample - of those who made it onto the video at least - is small.