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VIDEO- Veteran responds to Boehner's #GOPshutdown is "an epic battle": "I was in 6 epic battles fighting the Nazis."


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Getting a little sick and tired of all the government shutdown GOP talking points and hyperbole? Join the club.

I suggest watching this video, which is deliciously and honestly brutal... and so justified.

A World War II veteran puts things into perspective for Boehner in the Bubble. This, Drinker of the House*, is what the words "epic battle" actually mean:

"Congressman, your government shutdown is not an epic battle. It is bad governance."

"American veterans like me depend on the entire government being open."

"I served this nation with honor. Today I can't say the same about most Republicans in Congress."


You want to do battle, Boehner? Because if you do, you probably don't ever want to go up against this Navy veteran. His name is Redge Ranyard. Care to do "epic battle" with him?

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*H/t: @Anomaly100


VIDEO: ad blasts disgraced S. Carolina Congressional nominee Mark Sanford, who Colbert-Busch leads


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mark sanford missing

Former Governor Mark Sanford was missing in action, and that crucial point has been missing from much of the analysis and coverage of the coming election. Desertion is at least as unethical as infidelity, and it is certainly more dangerous. As the ad points out:

"Mark Sanford abandoned his post."

"No one, not even law enforcement or the National Guard, could reach him."

"What are we supposed to do when we can't get in touch with the leader? You can't just walk away."

"If I had abandoned my post, I could be court-martialed."

Cheating on your spouse is one thing, irresponsibly abandoning your state and being completely unreachable is quite another.

All our posts about Mark Sanford can be found here, and there have been a ton of them.

Via an email from

You remember Mark Sanford? He's the former Governor of South Carolina who went missing for six days while he said he was "hiking the Appalachian Trail," when he really was on his now infamous personal trip to Argentina.

Well, after going into hiding for a few years, Sanford is now the Republican nominee in a Special Election for South Carolina's First Congressional District.

The election is in two weeks, and his opponent is Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch... Stephen Colbert's sister.

All caught up now?

We're running a hard-hitting ad holding Sanford accountable for abandoning his post while serving as Governor, and we need your help to expand our buy. With Colbert-Busch up two points in the polls, it could mean the difference between a big victory, or an agonizing defeat.

Watch the ad and contribute to VoteVets today.

This wouldn't be Mark Sanford's first term as a member of the House of Representatives.

Sanford served there before -- from 1995 to 2001 -- and was notorious for voting against a slew of bills important to veterans, including housing grants for homeless veterans, VA Appropriations Bills, and more.

We have a chance to stop him from returning, and we're going to take it. I hope you'll join us by watching the ad and contributing to VoteVets today.

We're one of the few organizations active in this race right now, so picking up a win would send a strong message about our effectiveness.

Thanks for standing with us in this fight.

Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran
Chairman, VoteVets

Did I mention the new PPP poll?

PPP's newest poll on the special election in South Carolina finds Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch expanding her lead to 9 points over Mark Sanford at 50/41. Green Party candidate Eugene Platt polls at 3%.

Colbert Busch's lead is on the rise for several reasons. She has a 51/35 advantage with independents. She's winning over 19% of Republicans, while losing just 7% of Democrats. And it also seems that after last week's revelations about Sanford that a lot of GOP voters are planning to just stay at home- while the district supported Mitt Romney by 18 points last fall, those planning to turn out for the special election voted for him by only a 5 point spread. [...]

[I]t's interesting to note that there is some backlash against Republicans over last week's vote on background checks.

Those revelations were posted here: National Republicans pulling plug on “trespasser” Mark Sanford’s congressional campaign.

More poll details here.


PhotOH! Romney Needs Binders Full Of Respect


I get emails:

Dear Supporter,
Those of us who served know that there are a lot of strong, smart, independent women in our nation.
Now, one of these amazing women, the former head of Medical Operations at Ramstein Air Force Base, is telling Mitt Romney to show them some respect.

From blaming single moms for gun violence, to saying women should go home early from work to cook dinner for their husbands, to, yes, those “binders full of women,” Mitt Romney continually insulted women at the last debate.
This should offend men, as well as women.  I know, from my two tours in Iraq, that women not only served, they saved the lives of men I served with.  Mitt Romney’s characterization of women is demeaning to those incredible women in uniform, who so many of us owe our lives to.
That’s why I’m sharing this photo, and asking all of you to, as well.
Thanks for your support.
Jon Soltz
Iraq War Veteran



Veterans withhold support of military operations in Libya



This press release was sent to me in an email from a member of VoteVets, who added that they are "withholding support until vital questions are answered and Congress is consulted":


Vets say too many unanswered questions, no Congressional approval are major problems

Washington, DC -, the largest progressive veterans group in America, is releasing a statement that lays out why the group cannot support military operations in Libya launched by the Obama administration over the weekend.  The group's chair said that there were far too many unanswered questions, and raised concern that operations took place without Congressional approval.

In a statement, Ashwin Madia, Iraq War Veteran and Interim Chairman of said:

"We cannot support the military action taken in Libya by the Obama administration.  Though the actions in Libya are morally justified, and we are extremely interested and eager to see the Libyan people live under freedom, there are far too many unanswered questions for us to support this new US adventure in the Middle East.

First and foremost among our questions is:  What is our mission, and is that mission open to change?  Indications from the administration are that the sole mission in Libya is enforcement of a no-fly zone.  What if Qaddafi forces continue to advance on the opposition, and indiscriminately kill them?  Will the mission expand?  If it does, and necessitates ground troops, will the US change its stance that no US ground troops will be sent to Libya?  These questions must be answered satisfactorily for our support.

Secondly, should the regime fall in Libya, what then?  If there is civil or sectarian strife, will our mission expand to maintain stability within Libya's borders?  Will we take on yet another nation-building project that we simply cannot afford?  Or will we allow Libya to devolve into mass chaos?  Neither is an optimal situation, but the administration must tell us now what it will do.  Making plans up on the fly, or withholding plans from the American people, is not acceptable.

Third, who is paying for these operations?  Even if the US reduces its role, will we continue to lend financial support or weapons that we pay for?  At a time when our budget is already broken, how is all of this being paid for?

Finally, we firmly believe that without a clear and present danger to US security, this military operation should not have taken place without the approval of Congress.  We stand with many Republicans and Democrats who have made this point.  It is Congress' job to ask the administration the tough questions above, and approve military action only after those questions have been fully and honestly answered.  Though Congress largely abdicated that role in the lead up to the war in Iraq, we hope that Congress learned its lesson, and will be much more vigilant when it comes to military action in Libya.

To be clear, it is not too late for the administration to answer our questions, be open and honest with the American people, and consult with Congress.  But, until it does, we must withhold our support."

Founded in 2006,  and backed by over 100,000 members, the mission of is to use public issue campaigns and direct outreach to lawmakers to ensure that troops abroad have what they need to complete their missions, and receive the care they deserve when they get home. also recognizes veterans as a vital part of the fabric of our country and will work to protect veterans' interests in their day-to-day lives. is committed to the destruction of terror networks around the world - with force when necessary - to protect America.  While non-partisan, the group is the largest progressive organization of veterans in America.

He also provided this link.

On the Stephanie Miller radio show today, Hal Sparks answered a caller who had similar concerns by saying that the U.S. is allowed to enforce a no-fly zone per the U.N. resolution, but a ground war would require Congressional approval. Jonathan Alter opined that we are, indeed, engaged in a "war"; and Dennis Kucinich just made an appearance on MSNBC during which the chyron said that per Kucinich, President Obama could be impeached for involving the U.S. without Congressional approval (I had the sound muted, but noticed the visual).

As for the end game, questions abound and it seems that everyone on every talking head show everywhere is asking the same ones that are posed in this press release.

I report, you decide.