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The Book Booth: Dog Days Edition


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The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore, as well a brick and mortar in small town Washington State. Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

August is here. The days are beginning to shorten, almost imperceptibly, and the skies remain blue, at least here they do. The kids are still out of school and we seem them playing in the park, dashing through the water fountains.

And Baseball is still being played.

Yesterday marked the non-waiver trade deadline and a lot of players now have new homes. Also earlier in the week, the Hall-of-Fame induction ceremonies were held, with some worthy names being celebrated. That includes one of the best writers on baseball, Roger Angell who received the Spink Award for his outstanding career covering baseball for the New Yorker magazine.  Roger Angell

As it is still summer, there is still time for a vacation. Novelist Emma Straub takes a look at some literary vacationers which looks like fun. Though I caution all to not make a journey with Patricia Highsmith's Mr. Ripley.  Literary Vacationers.

I'd suggest skipping these locales explored by Jason Diamond over at Flavorwire as well. They're not even places you'd want to visit, much less live there.  Depressing Places in Literature

One of the places Diamond recommends avoiding is the late Chilean novelist Roberto Bolano's Santa Teresa from his last novel 2066. If you have not read Bolano, check him out. Chris Andrews at Publishers Weekly suggests that the novel Distant Star is his best. You can read his appreciation here.  Roberto Bolano

If traveling around Dublin in 1904 is your cup of tea, but you have struggled with reading Ulysses, good news is on the way. Joyce's classic novel may soon become a video game. And perhaps a bit more accessible. Ulysses as a video game? 

More good news! A collection of stories that Dr. Seuss wrote for Redbook magazine circa 1950 and long-forgotten will be issued in September from Random House. And as the Guardian reports, some of the characters will be familiar to you.  Short Stories by Dr. Seuss.

I was not aware that there was such a group as the Penguin Collectors Society. It apparently has 500 members, all devoted to owning books from that esteemed publisher. The New Republic tells us about them as well as tracing the evolution of book jacket design through its history.

It seems some of these collectors are running out of room to store their books. They just might want to consider a hideaway bed, like the one featured here at Lifehacker. What To Do With All Those Books.

In sadder news, the novelist Bel Kaufman, author of Up the Down Staircase, passed away at the age of 103. I read it many years ago, while still in high school, and it was one of those seminal novels for me at that time. I remember having the book with me in English class and my teacher noticing it on my desk. "I wish I'd written that", she whispered to me.  Bel Kaufman has left us.

Finally comes an appreciation of the independent bookstore from author Bill Morris who is upbeat about its prospects for survival even in the Age of Amazon. H/T to my good buddy Brian Payne for sending this along to me.

Enjoy these lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer and please let us know what books you're reading and loving.


Video Mid Day Distraction- 'Downton Abbey' as a video game




Hey Moms 'n' Dads! NRA has a shooting game app for your kiddies - as young as four! - with targets in the shape of coffins!


hey kids


(AP) — A new shooting game for mobile devices tied to the National Rifle Association is no longer being labeled suitable for preschoolers. "NRA: Practice Range" changed its age recommendation Tuesday from 4 years and up to at least 12 years of age, with an added warning that the game depicts realistic violence.

Oh, well, in that case...

Original post:

Hey weary moms and dads! Need a little something to keep Timmy and Susie busy while you're off smoking dope, guzzling boxed wine, stuffing your faces with Bagel Bites, and/or having private grown-up time? Well, search no more! Now your little cherubs can fend for themselves while you're otherwise occupied!

Yes, ladies and gents, all your babysitting problems can be solved by purchasing the NRA's newest family values product! Nope, not their new experimental child-size mini-Glockette with 1000-capacity magazine and matching shoulder holsters in Bullet Blue or Projectile Pink!


Nothing says Happy Birthday Four-Year-Old like a video game in which aiming virtual guns at coffin-shaped targets makes you a winner! Weeee! Building self-esteem has never been easier!

So turn that frown upside down, parents! Your tot's well-taken care of now! “NRA: Practice Range” to the rescue!

Who the hell runs their P.R. department, Dick Cheney? Who's their product development head, this guy?

Via the Daily Mail:

As the nation debates gun control just one month after the Sandy Hook shootings, the NRA has launched a target practice shooting app, which it recommends for children from four years old. [...]

But the main focus is on the shooting game, where users take aim at coffin-shaped targets, complete with red bullseyes at head- and heart-level. Players can also upgrade to a more powerful weapon by paying $0.99.

On iTunes, NRA promises that the app, rated suitable for ages 4 and above, contains a large range of safety tips, information and educational material. This includes '2nd Amendment newsfeeds' and 'gun law information centers.'

Who knows? Maybe they'll even include a framed Steve Stockman collector's edition of the Second Amendment. What a treat that would be!

One perk of the game would be the in-game safety tips, such as "Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting." Are you listening, Mom and Dad? Make sure your tiny tots are sober before engaging in firearm fun! No sharing that boxed wine, ya hear?

So now can we all agree that these so-called "pro life" "family values" extremists are obsessed with guns at all costs? Thank you.

nra video game for kids


Video Overnight Thread- Pumpktris


LOL, I spent waaay too much time playing Tetris back in the day, and this looks alot more difficult. Via.