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Video- Grilled By Matt Lauer, Paul Ryan Still Won't Admit Lies


Pauly sounds a little desperate there, with all his "and the point is" kneejerks. Via Think Progress. I'm out of order again today.


VIDEO: WI Gov. Scott Walker apparently realizes felons don't make good running mates.


The hilarity starts at about :45:

"If Mitt Romney were to ask me who would be a good pick from Wisconsin, I would say my friend Paul Ryan would be at the top of the list. He'd do an exceptional job.... I am not going through a year and a half of this to then take off.... I'd say I gotta fulfill my commitment to the voters of the state of Wisconsin."

Scotty apparently had the presence of what's left of his mind to realize felons don't make good running mates.


It's God's Plan... Again


By GottaLaff

Some fancy God plannin':

"No, it's God's plan."

-- Sarah Palin when asked if she was nervous being picked as the GOP running mate, as recounted on 60 Minutes by McCain campaign manager Steve Schmidt.

Why is it always "God's plan" when a conservative runs for office?

1. Can't they ever decide things for themselves?

2. Why hasn't God given me a plan yet? Is my god A.D.D.? Or just really disorganized? Maybe I should make a practical offering to her, perhaps something in an iPhone or Blackberry?

3. Why does God only make plans for conservatives, award-winning actors, and athletes? What kind of deity discriminates like that?

4. What if you don't believe in god, are a very spontaneous person who never plans anything, yet get elected anyway? Or win an Oscar? Or a World Series? Whose plan was that? Apparently, it couldn't possibly be the impulsive winner's.

5. Wasn't Sarah the Veeper John Sidney McCain's plan? Or did he just close his eyes and throw a dart?