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Live Streaming Audio- Vice President Biden Speaks at a memorial service for Officer Sean Collier at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology 12:45p EST



VIDEO: "I'm Joe Biden!"... A veep with his own reality TV show?


starring Joe Biden

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Yes, the above petition actually calls for a Joe Biden reality show... after a fashion:

Vice President Joe Biden has a demonstrated ability to bring people together, whether at the negotiating table or at the neighborhood diner. We, therefore, urge the Obama Administration to authorize the production of a recurring C-SPAN television program featuring the daily activities and interactions of the Vice President with elected officials, foreign dignitaries and everyday American families.

He is so likable, funny, and often bloopery that he'd probably garner enough ratings to boost his show from CSPAN to network prime time after one measly season.

Why, it could even be called, "I'm Joe Biden!":

(I couldn't resist.)

When you think about it, there's no way a Republican good pull this off. They aren't exactly into that reality thing.

More of Biden's swearing-in one-liners here.


VIDEO- V.P. Biden: “It's just that simple. We are for Medicare, they’re for voucher-care. It's basic.”


Via .

Anyone who is presently on Medicare or plans on making every effort to stay alive as long as possible, please take note of what Vice President Biden said.

It's just that simple.


Oh CNN, what are we going to do with you?

Share actually printed the following...

This one was posted by none other than John King:

WASHINGTON, DC (CNN) - For Paul Ryan, debating Joe Biden might feel like a bit of a demotion.


Dear John King, Joe Biden would wipe the floor with little Eddie Munster II in three words: "He'll kill Medicare." Mmkay?

Then there was this headline:

Is Romney's campaign stalled?

Really, CNN? You have to ask? After one international Willard Romney blunder after another, including a new one that was reported today? As if his Big Overseas Trip only a short time ago, and all the lies and secrecy, weren’t enough, to convince CNN that Willard's campaign is a total and utter disaster?

Please, CNN of yesteryear, come back. We miss you.