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PhotOH! Obama sign in Florida run over and defaced by "old, white-haired white man."


A reader sent me these photos taken in Florida:

The owner of the sign said that someone had run over it, and that it was the second time that had occurred. After she had re-constructed it, it was defaced.

A witness described the vandal as "an old, white-haired white man."

It never ends.


VIDEO: Obama campaign office vandalized with swastikas, second incident in a week


Sigh. First this happened at Obama campaign headquarters in Denver:

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Now this happened in the Obama campaign office in Conifer (Conifer is located in the foothills west of Denver.):

Video via 9 News

The word sickening doesn't begin to describe this incident, nor the previous one. What a sad commentary, and in the year 2012. Amazing.

Odd how you don't see this happening to Romney campaign offices. Of course, vile scenes like these would have nothing to do with the color of President Obama's skin. To even suggest that would be racist, according to the trolls we get around here, because it's so obvious that we here at TPC are the racist ones.


Video- Michigan Construction Sign Displayed Racial Slur Directed at Trayvon Martin


Mich. Construction Sign Displayed Racial Slur Directed at Trayvon Martin:

Yipes, via @JeffWeinerOS, n/t Think Progress.

Added- T1 has the original uncensored pic up for hours. Seriously, WTF?


VIDEO: A few eye-popping seconds of "Kony 2012" filmmaker Jason Russell's meltdown


This is so sad and disturbing, and as I said yesterday, I hope he gets the help he clearly needs.

Original post of the story here, including the full version of this information via TMZ (who also provided the video):

A rep for Invisible Children says Russell was suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition as a result of a strenuous PR campaign.