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What messnbc thinks of the Real Progressives at Netroots Nation



I've been hearing more -- justified -- criticism of msnbc anchors this year, from everyone from family to online addicts comme moi, than I'm comfortable with. In no progressive world is it good to hear fewer raves and virtually all "so disappointed in" caveats on the best network we've got at hand. Maddow is there. Particularly when Fvx Nation is at the opposite helm.

It was too interesting not to have a peek at young Steve Kornacki taking UP viewers for a look at Progressives, Elizabeth Warren and Veep Joe Biden jazzing up the keynote speeches at this year's Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit.

Sidebar: Which you should absolutely have enjoyed first with Nicole Sandler, goes without saying but here's the Youtubes linkage.

At Radio Or Not. Nicole had an epic week. Compare her look to Kornacki's and add Barney Frank in the segments to follow and you might have the progressive epiphany you've been hoping for.

And of course the natural segue would be to Hillary Cautionary Expertise. It's de rigeur. Where to begin? notsure


Mainers Disenchanted with Governor LePage's Brand of Tea Loonacy


Being a native Vermonter (landlocked on all sides) the state of Maine is close to my heart, and a second home since I was in the womb. Literally.

My amazing other parents, the husband's folks, were kind enough to retire from New Jersey to the tiny town of Woolwich, Maine. [I know!!] So we've had a fascinating seat to see the gubernatorial hijinks and the fun and tragic congressional changes.

Teabagger LePage did one great thing, at least on a selfish level, he legalized the real deal professional fireworks and my Mom-in-Law got a proper display on her 80th … I got to light one of the breadbox-sized fancy ones, it was ridiculously fantastic.


The good governor, however, with no disrespect to the actual mentally ill/those with genuine brain health ailments … is even crazier than the Bat-shite Category we usually save for Michelle Bachmann, Glenn Beck, Ann Fricking Coulter and Lippy Limpbaugh. Add LePage.

And no disrespect to Les Québecois, nous vous aimerons toujours içi , either, but he's got a clear streak of uniquely Gallic irrationality down deep in that there loonacy, Governor LePage.

Hence, the 2014 Governor's race is being bandied about about from Bangor through Bath and right on into Brunswick. There is plenty of Tea Party up there, but we'd be all day talking about that today, just take my word for it. [They couldn't legalize gay marriage beyond the shadow of a doubt the first time, 'nuff said about our friends to the northwest.] I'll let the Southern Poverty Law Center explain. He made their Hate Watch list.

gop fail streetcar named we're always wrong

Maine Gov. Paul LePage, a Republican elected in 2010 as a “Tea Party” candidate, admits that he held a number of meetings last year with leaders of an antigovernment sovereign citizens group, as revealed in a new book excerpt published this week.

But he now claims that the meetings were not an endorsement of the conspiracy theories and extremist politics that were discussed – rather, he was simply listening to his constituents.


The political storm over LePage’s dalliances with far-right radicals broke on Monday when Talking Points Memo published a key excerpt from As Maine Went: Governor Paull LePage and the Tea Party Takeover of Maine, a new book from political blogger Mike Tipping of Portland. The post described a series of eight meetings over nine months in 2013 that LePage initiated with members of the Constitutional Coalition, a sovereign citizens group based mostly in the state’s northern reaches.

Steve Kornacki on UP on messnbc gave a great glimpse into the interesting upcoming Maine gubernatorial contest on UP this weekend, have a gander and see if you don't find it a good climate for Progressive hopes.

The Tea Party will have a lot to answer for in Liberal Hell. Governor LePage will be in a front banquette, right in the fireworks section.


Nineties Nostalgia? UP and Lizz Winstead Discuss Liberally


Whether you enjoy the young Steve Kornacki or not, he throws a great weekend roundtable on UP. This holiday weekend brought some extra humor in, including someone we are all likely fans of, co-creator of The Daily Show and founder of Lady Parts Justice, Lizz Winstead.

Clinton-mania is starting to rev it's engines on both sides of the aisle, and it won't be long before the really large mega-phones come out on all fronts. Whether you tolerate Hillary or not, insert your reaction here, she and the Nineties are an inevitable topic of conversation from now until The HRC Announce or Denounce and Bow Out Date.


If you are of a certain age, this is a great look back and offers a glimpse of what could be again - a confident country that doesn't have it's ass being wagged by the ubiquitous, lunatic fringe Tea Party. Remember the era before the Idjits?!?

I never do this in posts ... but:  Sigh.

UP took a truly amusing look at how we have or have not changed since the nineties, a table that included the afore-mentioned liberally hilarious Lizz Winstead.

Somehow Saturday Night Live came to mind on the heels of that discussion, so for an extra chortle, here's how those of us who were young adults in the Nineties had a laugh at Bubba, while we were comfortably ensconced in financial security and low unemployment. And had no Lipton Brigade phuquing things up.

"Get off your asses, fellas' … you've got an awfully lot of work to do," is as true now as it was then.


Get Out the Vote!! Who knows how many other Palins are lurking out there in the Wild?!!


President Obama Finally Chastises the Regressive, Do Nothing GOP



A justifiably agitated President Obama, perhaps feeling freed by the home stretch ahead, finally blew his top about the absurd levels of idiocy being promulgated and phoned in daily by the Do Nothing GOP and their Teabagger fueled un-compassionate conservatism.

Obama rarely uses the Bully Pulpit … but oh, when he does it's a powerful thing. He was the Adult in the Capitol.

Enjoy the highlight quotes and footage, taken from the stellar Obama Scold, a Friday speech in Min-ne-sota, and excerpted from Politico.

 “I might once have said, ‘I want to raise the minimum wage so sue me if I do.’ I just didn’t think they would take me literally,” he said Friday.


He also offered congressional Republicans an opportunity to work with him on immigration reform. “You’re mad at me for a broken immigration system? Let’s hold hands” and make progress, he said, before moving to dismiss that possibility.

“They don’t do anything, except block me and call me names,” Obama said.

Ain't that the gawd's honest verity.

“The critics, the cynics in Washington, they’ve written me off more times that I can count,” he said. “Don’t think that we’re not making progress. So yeah, it’s easy to be cynical. In fact, it’s kind of trendy. Cynicism passes for wisdom.”

But, he added, “cynicism doesn’t invent the Internet. Cynicism doesn’t give women the right to vote. Cynicism is a choice — hope is a better choice.”

Fvx predictably called Persident Obama a feckless whiner. I can verify that, take my word for it and move on. But it was first block on MSNBC's Up with Steve Kornacki. Vid below.


It doesn't hurt the presidential angst level that he is, in effect, being sued by Republican leadership in the House. Agent Orange Bo(eh)ner (as a friend calls him), was clearly scared merde-less by Eric Cantor's Fall from the Wall and jumped on the pre-impeachment wagon early.

Dems in the West Wing, and assuredly President Obama himself, has legislative goals for the remainder of his second term, and they may now well be in jeopardy. Wouldn't you be wicked pissed off?

Steve Kornacki of MNBC's Up had the awesome Anna Marie Cox, strategist l. Joy Williams and Russert the Younger on to discuss. Have a gander.

It's not even merely the controversial legislative matters that are stuck in gridlock until the god damned Holy Grail is brought in, the most basic functional government obligations are simply frozen or in some kind of quicksand that ordinary humans have no trouble navigating.

Congress has essentially abandoned ship, SROTUS is handing down Right Wing Nut Job decisions with more fists than an Indian deity and Americans are just a little bit frustrated with Washington as well! Both the House and Senate, under Teabagger pressures and the usual GOP bullheadedness, are eschewing duties left and right.


Mostly Right, which is so very, very wrong.

It was high time for a proper scold, and 'good on' President Obama for being the adult in the nation -- and giving it.

Keep Bringing It, President Obama … Yes We Can vote those asshats out!