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Chris Hayes takes over Ed Schultz’s MSNBC weekday slot starting April 1


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Last night, right after Ed Schultz's fantastic interview with Scott Prouty, the “47%” videographer, Ed announced that he was moving his MSNBC show to 5-7 pm ET on Saturdays and Sundays beginning in April:

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"I raised my hand for this assignment for a number of personal and professional reasons. My fight on “The Ed Show” has been for the workers and the middle class. This new time slot will give me the opportunity to produce and focus on stories that I care about and are important to American families and American workers.

“I’m very proud of the work our team has done here at 8 pm, but sitting behind this desk five nights a week doesn’t cut it for me. I want to get out with the people and tell their stories. This show has been a show that has been a voice for the voiceless. That really was my mission when I came here and it remains.

I’m going to be here at MSNBC for a long time – I’m not going anywhere – and I invite all of you to join me on Saturday and Sunday from 5 to 7 pm. The show will start in April.

I will continue to do my radio show, and I’ll be back here tomorrow night for my final show.”

Ed made it clear that it's been tough keeping up the long hours of doing a radio show and a TV show all in one day, 5 days a week. This will alleviate some of the pressure and allow him to do more of what he wants to do. He'll still be on television four hours a week, down from five.

That is great news. Why? Well, hopefully because Ed is happier, assuming it really was his idea. But the best part is that MSNBC is adding more progressives and less prison ("Lockup" overkill much?) to their weekend lineup, which means there's a growing market for left-leaning programming. America apparently likes liberals, can you believe it? Go figger. Conservative heads start exploding in 5...4...3...2...

So that leaves Ed's weekday slot open, and Chris Hayes will be taking over. I'm jumping for joy because I'm still asleep out here in SoCal during his ungodly o'clock show times, and the videos I've caught have been great. He covers topics others don't, and does so in depth, with guests who are knowledgeable and are often different from the usual familiar faces we see day in and day out on cable news.

Now if MSNBC would just replace Chris Matthews replays with Ari Melber and Joy Ann Reid co-hosting their own show, not to mention Lizz Winstead, Stephanie Miller, John Fugelsang, and anyone else who is slipping my mind at the moment, that would be awesome.

Here is part of MSNBC’s press release:

Hayes To Host New Show At 8 PM

NEW YORK – March 14, 2013 – Chris Hayes will host MSNBC’s 8 p.m. ET hour starting Monday, April 1. The announcement was made today by Phil Griffin, President of MSNBC.

“Chris has done an amazing job creating a franchise on weekend morning,” said Griffin. “He’s an extraordinary talent and has made a strong connection with our audience. This is an exciting time for MSNBC.”

“I am thrilled to be joining Rachel and Lawrence in primetime,” said Hayes. “I’ve absolutely loved hosting UP on the weekends and I’m looking forward to thinking through the news five nights a week.”

More information regarding the new 8 p.m. program will be available in the coming days.

Now the only question I have is, what's happening to Chris Hayes' weekend slot?

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VIDEO: Former Press Sec. Robert Gibbs was told, "You’re not even to acknowledge the drone program. You’re not even to discuss that it exists."


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Former White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs, who is now an MSNBC contributor, was on Up with Chris Hayes talking drones and secrecy. He wasn't even allowed to acknowledge the existence of the drone program.


“I think you’ve seen recently the president discuss the need and desire to be more forthcoming..."

“When I went through the process of becoming press secretary, one of the first things they told me was, 'You’re not even to acknowledge the drone program. You’re not even to discuss that it exists...' So I would get a question like that and literally I couldn’t tell you what Major asked, because once I figured out it was about the drone program, I realize I’m not supposed to talk about it.

“But here’s what’s inherently crazy about that proposition: you’re being asked a question based on reporting of a program that exists. So you’re the official government spokesperson acting as if the entire program-- 'Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.'”

"... I have not talked to him about this, so I want to be careful, this is my opinion, but I think what the president has seen is, our denial of the existence of the program, when it’s obviously happening, undermines people’s confidence overall in the decisions that their government makes.”


The Obama administration has vastly stepped up the use of drones and targeted killings of suspected terrorists in countries like Pakistan and Yemen over the past four years, even targeting American citizens, a policy that has come under intense criticism from civil liberties advocates... The Obama administration has continued to withhold information about the program, including the secret memo prepared by the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel to justify the program’s legality.

Finally, in 2012, counter-terrorism adviser John Brennan acknowledged the program’s existence.


VIDEO: "Democrats cannot count on New York’s supposedly Democratic governor,” Andrew Cuomo



Chris Hayes on what Democratic voters nationwide should remember about New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2016. (11/18/2012)

File under food for thought.

Chris Hayes:

“So what do we know that we didn’t know last week? We now know that Democrats cannot count on New York’s supposedly Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo as an ally and every Democratic primary voter in the entire country should know that too. We already knew that in the run up to the election, Andrew Cuomo, whose aspirations for national office are well-known, did essentially nothing to aid the Democratic Party in its quest to take back the the State Senate from Republicans.

“Despite the fact that he’s the leader of the Democratic Party in the state, and wishes someday to be the Democratic nominee for President, Cuomo has refused to intervene with Felder, saying he won’t insert himself into the controversy. And watching all this unfold, one can’t help but suspect Andrew Cuomo actually does not want a Democratic majority in the State Senate because a Republican majority gives him more of an opportunity to burnish his bipartisan compromiser bona fides before launching his presidential campaign. And much, much, much more insidiously, we suspect he doesn’t want a Democratic majority because said majority stands ready to pass a whole raft of incredibly important, ground-breaking progressive legislation, including public financing for elections, marijuana decriminalization, and a minimum wage hike, among others. The governor says he favors all those policies, but in this case, he sure is not acting like it. We’re almost entirely sure that very soon Andrew Cuomo will be coming before many of the people watching this show, asking for your support in a Democratic primary race to be the next president. You should remember this remarkably cynical display when he does.”


And if Republicans get their majority, with the tacit support of Cuomo, the governor will have once again shown that he is not the progressive figure he will likely try to sell himself as if he runs for president. His tenure so far has been marked by flashy liberal victories on issues like gay marriage, along with a quietly conservative economic agenda: A property tax cap, total neglect of mass transit, and (partial) support for fracking. Even on economic issues where Cuomo has more liberal priorities, he rarely pushes his Republican friends particularly hard. (A Republican-controlled state Senate will almost certainly block a minimum wage increase Cuomo ostensibly supports.) There’s a reason, in other words, that the National Review loves him.


Video- On MSNBC, Congressional Experts Ornstein And Mann Offer Damning Indictment Of GOP's "All-Out War" On Obama


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