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Surge in insured CA students defies #Obamacare concerns


obamacare is winning, insured students surge

Two words, GOP: Neener nanner. All those "repeal Obamacare" efforts in the House of Representatives are becoming more and more laughable as good news stories continue to emerge about Affordable Care Act sign-ups. Here in my home state of California, there has been a surge (a word John McCain and his "pro-life" buddies seem to covet when it comes to killing people, but not when it comes to saving lives here at home) in insured students.

Read it and weep, obstructionists, trolls, and Obama Derangement Syndrome sufferers. And while you're at it, take a gander at the story below this one, because it, too will annoy the hell out of you. First, the insured student "surge," via the L.A. Times:

New data show the number of students without health insurance on California State University campuses dropped by 60% after health insurance enrollment, defying concerns that not enough young people would sign up for health insurance. [...]

According to a poll released Thursday, at the 15 largest CSU campuses, between 25% and 30% of students were uninsured before enrollment began, and 10% were uninsured after. The drop accounts for 60,000 students who became insured, and illustrates the late surge of young people who signed up for policies. [...]

Walter Zelman, chair of the Cal State L.A. Public Health Department and director of the project, said that he believes the 10% uninsured rate among the students is "virtually unheard of in California." He pointed out that the 60% drop in the number of uninsured CSU students is vastly higher than the 26% reduction in the number of uninsured nationwide that was reported by a Gallup poll this month.

Twenty-three-year-old Natasha Buranasombati signed up through Covered California, and observed that "the issue is not invincibility, it's affordability." Which brings me to article numero dos from the L.A. Times:

In the strongest indication yet where Obamacare rates are headed, industry giant Anthem Blue Cross said its California premiums for individual coverage will increase less than 10% on average next year. [...]

The outcome in California will be closely watched because the state is a key barometer for the health overhaul nationwide.

Another GOP talking point bites the dust.

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So What's College For Again?



I wish I could say that the story of UNC Chapel Hill reading specialist and academic advisor Mary Willingham surprised me but it doesn't. Sports are clearly a higher priority at many colleges than education is.

Ms Willingham's research suggests that dozens of student athletes were under-prepared and read at an elementary-level.

I played just about every imaginable sport, including baseball, soccer, rugby, football, lacrosse, swimming, hockey, tennis, golf, and a few more, before college and at the university.  But my education came first and a basic component of being able to learn at an academic institution is reading ability. Apparently being able to read beyond a first grade level is not important to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

But Ms. Willingham is being pilloried for telling the truth.   The university admits it as the HuffPo story says.

UNC-Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt, who only took office in 2013, admitted to UNC trustees last week that the flagship university failed students for years with a lack of academic oversight.

If these athletes can't read college-level materials, why are they in college?  What does a degree from UNC mean?  What other students are being given a pass so that alumni will contribute to the athletic fund?  Why are athletic coaches paid such obscene amounts?  College football coaches are paid $$$millions$$$.  What do these athletic programs have to do with academic excellence?

Here's Business Insiders story on the scandal.  


A Garber Personal New Year's Note


Happy New Year 2014

Well it's usually at Thanksgiving time that we all reflect on those things we have to be thankful for. Today, on New Year's Eve day, I've decided to do a little assessment of the past annum as it related to me. 2013 was perhaps one of the best years in my life. It was filled with good health, good friends and the opportunity to join all of you here as a regular daily contributor on The Political Carnival.

It's also been a year filled with surprises, one of them that reflects on my future contributions at the Carnival. I've been offered and accepted a teaching position which will impact the number of posts I'll be making here. I won't be gone as you could never remove my love of this site and all of it's readers. Rather I'll be limited in my writings here while I tend to the formative university minds that will be in my trustworthy hands. This opportunity to cultivate voracious young creatives seeking a future in the entertainment industry in which I've been blessed to serve for a very long time, was one too great to pass up. I had two mentors as I broke into the show business arena. They've both passed on but what they taught me was immeasurable. Now I hope it's my opportunity to pay it forward.

A special tip of the hat to Laffy and Paddy for encouraging me and supporting my accepting the new assignment. I hope that perhaps a little less of me will make my posting here a bit more special. Please continue to give the greatest support to these two fine women who toil arduously to bring you the world every day. They pour out their souls so you can always stay on top of everything newsworthy with a visit to the Political Carnival.

So thank you all.

Here's to a wonder 2014 -- to your health, prosperity and happiness. Happy New Year!!!



Video Overnight Thread- The Formidable Beer Pong Table


I would have never got thru college if they had these. Via Boing Boing.


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