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Manufacturing Activity Highest Since April 2011 #BlameObama


blame obama

Oh now what? As opposed to memes to the contrary all over the Internets Machine, there's good news from (!) Fox Biz that's happening right now, under Socialist Marxist Commie Fascist President Obama's watch. What kind of crazy world is this that upbeat stories can be reported while he's still in the White House? Unheard of!

Via an email alert:

The Institute for Supply Management reports manufacturing activity expanded to 57.3 in November, from 56.4 the month prior, beating estimates the gauge would fall to 55. The reading is the highest since April 2011. Readings above 50 point to expansion, while those below indicate contraction.

While we're on the subject of good news, how's about this one? Report: Nov. O-Care site enrollment near 100K.

I'm sorry, I truly am, but I'm just the messenger here. However, there is no cause for alarm. Fox "News" [sic] will swoop in and negate anything positive in 5...4...3...2...

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U.S. Manufacturing Picks Up in June, Stocks Kick Off 3Q in Rally Mode #BlameObama


boy happy arms expanded

Sorry to bring cranky Foxers more "bad" news, but this report is brought to us by an email alert from-- ta daa!-- Fox Biz:

The Institute for Supply Management’s U.S. PMI gauge increased to 50.9 in June from 49 in May, narrowly beating expectations of 50.5. The data indicate the U.S. manufacturing sector shifted into expansion in June from a mild contraction in May.

The markets are rallying on the back of encouraging data about the global economy. The Dow is up 102 points, or 0.68%, while the broader S&P 500 is up 0.76%. Nine out of 10 major sectors are in the green, led by health-care and technology stocks.

As I type this, the Dow is up about 156.


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Chevy Camaro production to move to US



Scares me to think that this is a result of right to work bullshit, but at least it's jobs and American cars.

You might think the Chevy Camaro is one of the ultimate expressions of American motoring muscle--and you'd be correct, except for the fact that it has been built in Canada since its 2009 return to production.

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That won't be the case with the sixth-generation Camaro, however, as production is moving out of the Oshawa Car Assembly plant in Canada and into the Lansing Grand River Assembly Plant in Michigan.

Reasons for the move, according to Chevrolet, are improved production efficiencies and lower capital investment, as the Camaro is the only rear-wheel drivevehicle currently built at Oshawa. The Lansing plant also builds the ATS and CTS, so adding the Camaro to it "consolidates the RWD assembly with the Cadillac CTS and ATS."