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Legislative committee investigating Bridgegate subpoenaed by NJ US attorney


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Just when you thought all the Bridgegate news was ebbing a little, the Wall Street Journal revived the story. Watch out Team Christie, the New Jersey U.S. Attorney has his sights set on, yes, say it with me now, Bridgegate, despite the whitewash fantasy piece that was submitted by Chris Christie's lawyer.

Prosecutor Paul Fishman has subpoenaed documents from the New Jersey legislators that have been probing Bridgegate any which way they can. The records that the U.S. attorney’s office has summoned are due on May 2. And what Prosecutor Paul wants, Prosecutor Paul gets.

If I were in the Christie Circle of Scum, I'd be popping a Valium right about now.

Via the Wall Street Journal:

New Jersey U.S. attorney Paul Fishman has issued a subpoena to a legislative committee investigating the George Washington Bridge closures for its documents pertaining to the matter, a sign that prosecutors are continuing to delve into the issue.

The subpoena was issued by prosecutors for “any and all records” produced or obtained by the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation in the course of its work, according to a copy viewed by The Wall Street Journal.

Oh to be a fly on Prosecutor Paul's computer screen.


Open your eyes, voters-- U.S. Attorney: “We’re OK now but at some point that will cease to be true.”


open your eyes smaller

Crackerjack move, Republicans, keep it up. Continue to reveal what true geniuses you are. See, by slashing federal jobs, by cutting resources needed to litigate important matters that affect all of us, you're allowing bad guys to skate. America first! Go GOP!

Then again, since when have Republicans worried about the commission of financial crimes (or war crimes, for that matter)? In fact, this situation, in and of itself, is a crime.

Via Bloomberg:

Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said a federal hiring freeze is threatening his office’s ability to carry out its job of prosecuting financial and other crimes.

People are going to get away,” Bharara said today at a Practising Law Institute event in New York. “We’re OK now but at some point that will cease to be true.”

Other governmental departments and offices have faced financial constraints as a result of federal budget cuts known as sequestration. Bharara said he’s not able to replace prosecutors who leave through normal attrition.

When do voters open their eyes widely enough to notice that the GOP is and has been terrible for this country? Between...

  • limiting the ability to prosecute crimes,
  • limiting women's (and everyone else's) ability to get health care,
  • limiting Americans' ability to vote,
  • limiting the little guys' ability to fight corporations,
  • limiting immigrants' ability to make it here and contribute to the nation and its economy,
  • limiting the LGBT community's ability to acquire the same rights and protections as the straight community,
  • limiting children's ability to get a decent public education,
  • limiting families' ability to eat,
  • limiting workers' ability to join unions and collectively bargain for workplace rights,
  • limiting all our ability to generally attain equal rights and equal pay,
  • limiting the president's ability to simply get his cabinet and judicial nominees through...

...between all of that, self-serving, shortsighted Republicans have shown that they are intent on destroying everyone and everything except the things that benefit them directly.

Open. Your. Eyes. America! Vote Democratic in 2014.


Today's WTF Moment: Please explain this Obama nominee to me


I'm rushing off, but I'd love to get your comments on this one. Via Think Progress:

President Obama nominated a very odd candidate to be the next U.S. Attorney in Utah, the chief legal advisor to the Senate’s most radical tenther, Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT). [...]

  • Will Barlow Vigorously Protect Seniors’ Right To Social Security? 
  • Will Barlow Vigorously Protect Seniors’ Right To Medicare? 
  • Will Barlow Enforce Child Labor Laws? 
  • Will Barlow Enforce Food Safety Laws? 
  • Does Barlow Believe That The Constitution Requires The Poor To Starve?
  • Does Barlow Believe That Federal Disaster Relief Is Unconstitutional? 

Please read the entire post at TP. Then come back and give us your feedback.

What is President Obama thinking? Why would he nominate someone like this? Anyone?


Quickie: I want to scream


Today's Quickie:

Via an e-mail alert:

WASHINGTON (AP) AP source: Justice Department closing case of fired US attorneys with no charges.

This makes me want to scream.

That was today's Quickie. Will you still respect me in the morning?


Supreme Court gives Don Siegelman a second chance


Don Siegelman
Butch Dill / AP

I've been writing about Don Siegelman for what seems like forever. (All my previous posts about Don Siegelman can be found here.) Today, the Supreme Court gave me something I haven't felt in a long time, regarding Siegelman's case: Hope.

Here's some background, via my liveblog of 2008 interview of Siegelman on the Thom Hartmann Show:

Siegelman: I was selectively prosecuted in 2007. This year, 60 Minutes showed that the prosecutors extorted false testimony from a felon to get me convicted.

Now DoJ has been covering up. We asked for documents relating to Leura G. Canary's (a U.S. Attorney in Montgomery whose husband was Alabama's top Republican operative and who had for years worked closely with Rove) recusal, a recusal that didn't exist, and they were never turned over. Even after a subpoena.

There's a pattern of cover-up from DoJ re: anything to do with Rove and the U.S. Attorneys, and the prosecution of my case. Call your Congressmen and Senators, blow the lid off this stuff. Surely the Obama administration will look into this, support the Judiciary's call for Rove. Karl Rove won't tell the truth, or he'll take the 5th.

Today, via Think Progress:

The Supreme Court ordered the 11th Circuit to review the appeals again in light of a high-court ruling last week that found fault with part of the government’s prosecution of former Enron Corp. Chief Executive Jeffrey Skilling. The justices used Mr. Skilling’s case to narrow the reach of a federal law that allowed prosecutors to bring cases against company executives and government officials who deprived the public of “the intangible right of honest services.”

Some of the charges in the Scrushy and Siegelman cases also involved the federal honest-services law.

The high-court’s decision to send the cases back for further proceedings at the appeals court doesn’t necessarily mean that the men’s convictions will be affected.

Fingers crossed.


A.G. Holder to visit Gulf oil disaster area


Let's hope he brings an extra set of handcuffs:

[Attorney General] Holder, going to the region for the first time since the Deepwater Horizon offshore rig explosion and ensuing gusher, will meet with attorneys general from Louisiana, Alabama and Mississippi and U.S. attorneys representing those states.

Holder's visit comes as the administration is putting increasing pressure on BP to be held accountable for the deadly accident and environmental crisis.

Let's see... negligence, homicide, environmental and economic damages, concealment of the risks, a failure to respond to any known risks, and a failure to report a dangerous situation, other legal terms I'm not familiar with that would nail them to the wall... Yes, those are good for starters.

And Obama administration? How about you put an end to drilling? That outdated means of extracting what's left of filthy, finite, toxic fossil fuel qualifies as criminal, too.


Criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs opened


By GottaLaff

Via an e-mail alert:

WASHINGTON (AP) AP source: US attorney's office in Manhattan opens criminal investigation of Goldman Sachs.

About time.

More details as they come in.


In its preliminary stage, the investigation by the Manhattan US Attorney's Office is focusing on whether the financial giant or its employees committed securities fraud in connection with its mortgage trading, people familiar with the probe told the daily.

They said the criminal investigation stems from a referral from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).