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Rick Santorum" Friends don't let friends use pink balls." Bowling, that is...



Sam Youngman (@samyoungman), a campaign correspondent for Reuters, tweeted this yesterday. I've been so snowed under, I'm just getting around to sharing:

That's right, Rick Santorum is encouraging discrimination and bullying, because men associating with anything pink is bad and a man should especially never be caught "on camera" using any inanimate pink object, because that is a very, very bad thing and could turn a guy gay. 

I'm not sure how that happens, exactly. Mr. Laffy wears pink shirts, and somehow maintained his straightitude. His gay-immune system must be highly resistant to gay colors.

What exactly are gay colors?

And do gay men who wear "non-gay" colors turn straight?

"[Santorum is] advancing tired gender norms by implying a boy should be ashamed to use a certain color bowling ball," scolded the Human Rights Campaign.

And this is the man who wants to be the president of all Americans. Yeah, right.

Added, h/t to our friends at Hypervocal:

The best part if that Santorum is known to wear pink ties.

See for yourself.