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Typically Sarah Palin: "Bomb Obamacare"


palin cpac 2013

The following video is via

The following idiotic tweet is via Former Half Gov ToneDeaf McHasBeen:

palin tweet obamacareLink

The following tweets are in response to the idiocy:

palin response tweets obamacare palin response tweets obamacare 2

The following is me, if I were male, bald, and shirtless:

face palm oy frustrated smaller

The following expresses what is going through all of our heads right now:

H/t: Taegan


PhotOH! "Here's the crowd to hear Nikki Haley announce her re-election campaign."


nikki haley tongue out

The following tweets are from yesterday's event at which Nikki Haley announced her re-election bid for governor of South Carolina.

The images come to us by way of the Twitter account of Rudolph Bell (@DolphBell), a "longtime newspaper journalist practicing in Greenville, SC. Jack of all beats, master of none. Greenville, SC ·"

We know they're real because Bell's Twitter account is "verified." I can verify that they amused me. Enjoy:

nikki haley event tweet 1Link

nikki haley event tweet 2Link


Trusting Huelskamp


Kansas 1st District

Though Laffy posted this a few days ago, it's reverberations are still being felt. And with a h/t to her, I feel I must revisit this ignorant and outrageous conduct. Today I feel like fighting fire with fire. Forgive the insensitivity of what follows, but this guy just got my goat.

tweet huelskamp clinton immigration reform obama

Congressman, Congressman, Congressman. I love a witty quip, a snarky remark and even a pointed analogy. Certainly coming from your party, the GOP, you hear it all the time. But for a party who's killed more important Bills than the ovens at Auschwitz; whose forced transvaginal ultrasound probes have raped more women than Charles Ng or the Hillside Stalker, or who's... Oh, hell, I'm not going to waste any more writing about your inept, corrupt party (at least for today). I'm not going to lower myself to your base level.


Your uncalled for attack on both President Clinton and President Obama assure you induction and a prime spot in the Asshat Hall of Fame. Perhaps nobody's blown more hot air up the collective behinds in Kansas than you since the 2007 Greensburg Tornedo or if you want to go way back, the Udall Tornado of  '55.

President Obama supports the immigration reform bill that passed in the Senate late last month. It's a legislation that includes an amendment that would drastically increase security at the border. In fact, even Republicans like Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who helped write the amendment, admitted that the border security provisions amounts to overkill. Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) said the bill will ensure that the United States has the "most militarized border since the fall of the Berlin Wall." These to hawks should be enough but not for you.

So, to go along with your ignorance on Gay rights, your voting against women, your personal anti-immigration platform, and your lack of trust of your fellow Republicans, and former Presidents, I can only wish you the best -- of what's promises to be the end of your final elected term in office.


Timing is Everything Dept: Lindsey Graham tweets 'joke' about John McCain dying in Syria


nice glass of stfu

I just got back after spending the day with my family, scanned a few tweets to catch up, and ran across this one from my Twitter pal Christine Pelosi, totally unaware of the context:

pelosi tweet graham joke

Then I saw this:

graham tweet Syria

First rule of comedy: It has to be funny, not only to the joke teller, but to the audience. That's kind of mandatory.

Wisecracking about a diplomatic mission now makes your obsession and accusations about the Benghazi Not-Scandal off limits, Linds. You blew it. You were tasteless, you showed terrible judgment, and your timing was atrocious.

Call me crazy, but I was under the impression that Memorial Day is the time to honor the sacrifices of our amazing military and dedicated officials, as opposed to say, cheapening them.

Lindsey apparently didn't get the non-edited memo.


Bill Maher puts "Benghazi!!!!!" mania into perspective


bill maher

There are times when Bill Maher makes me cringe, times when he makes me laugh, times when he makes me think, times when he makes me scream, and times when he makes me proud.

Neither of these tweets made me cringe, but they made me do everything else on that list:

tweet maher benghazi impeach

bikini graph animated gif

tweet maher susan rice benghazi

Of course, anyone with a functioning brain knows this is all about Hillary Clinton 2016, and of course, destroying President Obama. But all the GOP Benghazi hysteria was debunked by Rachel Maddow. For one, Congress had the revised talking points for months.

tv benghazi


FBI investigating relationship between Va. Gov. Bob McDonnell, his wife, and major campaign donor


bob mcdonnell legal trouble gifts

Time for a refresher course on Bob McDonnell's excellent adventures: Gov. “Ultrasound” McDonnell’s “improper use of government money, facilities, power for personal enrichment of friends”! That post was all about who paid for his daughter's wedding at the governor's mansion and questions about a possible (read: probable) quid pro quo. Rachel Maddow:

Specifically, the former chef’s catering company ended up doing the $15,000 dinner when Governor McDonnell hosted his daughter’s wedding at the governor’s mansion... The campaign contributors secretly paying for the daughter’s wedding at the mansion in Virginia, then blaming the daughter, saying it was her relationship with this guy that was under investigation now


And now, the FBI is looking into the relationship between the McDonnells and the campaign donor. This can't end well.

Ruh-roh squared!


FBI agents are conducting interviews about the relationship between Virginia Gov. Robert F. McDonnell, his wife, Maureen, and a major campaign donor who paid for the food at the wedding of the governor’s daughter, according to four people familiar with the questioning.

The agents have been asking associates of the McDonnells about gifts provided to the family by Star Scientific chief executive Jonnie R. Williams Sr. and actions the Republican governor and his wife have taken that may have boosted the company, the people said. [...]

Now, federal officials are trying to determine whether to expand that investigation into a broader look at whether McDonnell or his administration took any action to benefit Star Scientific in exchange for monetary or other benefits, according to the four people familiar with the interviews. [...]

The focus of the FBI interviews has been to determine whether any of those actions constituted a quid pro quo — McDonnell using his office to promote the company in return for anything of value for him or his family...

If enough evidence is found, they could open a formal public corruption inquiry. Stay tuned.

tweet maddow mcdonnellLink

H/t: @Gr8RDH

UPDATE, via The Roanoke Times, where there are many more details:

RICHMOND — Gov. Bob McDonnell said today his administration never gave special treatment to a dietary supplement company that is under a federal securities investigation, despite more than $100,000 in political contributions from its chief executive and thousands of dollars more in gifts to McDonnell's family.

McDonnell said on WTOP radio he and first lady Maureen McDonnell have been friends with Star Scientific CEO Jonnie Williams for four or five years. He acknowledged receiving gifts from Williams, including a $15,000 check to his daughter to help her pay for her June 2011 wedding.

Williams' gifts to McDonnell and to state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, both Republicans, have come under growing scrutiny in the past two months. It intensified after the Executive Mansion chef was charged with stealing food from the mansion and alleged that his prosecution by Cuccinelli was politically motivated.


New Mexico GOP official to 19-year-old labor advocate: "Nice hat Working America chick but damn you are a radical bitch"


tweet kush calls 19 yr old bitchLink

As his Twitter bio tells us, Steven Kush (@snkush) is "Executive Director Republican Party of Bernalillo County, Albuquerque, NM." He has 53 followers. To put that into perspective, I have about 28,000 and I'm not executive director of anything.

Per HuffPo, he posted the above tweet Tuesday night after that 19-year-old "Working America chick" testified in favor of raising the minimum wage before the county commission. Working America is a labor movement advocacy group.

It gets worse. Here's what's on his Facebook Page:

kush fb page

Kush thought that line was so clever, he made sure to post it on Facebook and Twitter! He also referred to Democrats as "the gestapo" in another tweet.

He must be trying to reach out, as the GOP has promised they would. How’s that workin’ for ya so far, Steve?

Pat Davis, executive director of ProgressNow New Mexico, a progressive advocacy organization, picks right up on that Republican makeover thing:

“If the Republican Party wants to know why they have such a hard time connecting with young women, they should start by examining the very public way their leaders feel about young working women."

ding ding dingSee the comment by Bob Cornelius in the Facebook screen grab? He was apologizing for this:

Bob Cornelius, the county Republican party’s former executive director, replied to Kush's "nice boots" remark Tuesday by insinuating that Evans is a prostitute. "Maybe she uses those shoes to walk Central," he wrote under Kush's post, referring to a street that is notorious for prostitution. "Even in this economy she can exchange bumper cables for boots."

Republican War on Women? Nahhh.

They might want to take an anti-bullying course, while they're at it.

HuffPost has more.

extreme makeover my ass