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Group Wants To Give Tucson Residents Free Shotguns To Reduce Crime



The wingnut version of "A chicken in every pot"!

The Tucson, Ariz. affiliate of the Armed Citizen Project -- a group, according to its website, "dedicated to facilitating the arming of law abiding citizens" -- has announced plans to give away free shotguns in an attempt to reduce crime in parts of the city, the Tucson Weekly reported Tuesday.

Shaun McClusky, who has unsuccessfully run for office in Tucson, said he has raised $12,000 for the effort. The recipients of the guns “will receive a cleaning kit, they’ll receive the shotgun, they’ll receive slugs, they’ll go through a background check and they’ll also go through the training class," he said, according to the report.

The Tucson initiative's website claimed that budget cuts have negatively impacted the Tucson Police Department's ability to respond to emergencies, suggesting that residents take self-protection into their own hands.

Nothing could go wrong there...


Video Mid Day Distraction- Mysterious, purple spheres found in Arizona desert


Hmm, Arizona is John McCain's home state... Via.