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Overnight: Istanbul, Turkey - 'As We Travel'



I have enjoyed watching these 'As We Travel' episodes for several years now - travel from the viewpoint of backpackers on the street, traveling in trains, staying in youth hostels.

The video below is from this young Swedish couple's European Train Challenge: 30 Countries in 90 Days.

Their website is called 'As We Travel' and you can see more videos from it here.


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Video Mid Day Distraction- ​Turkish Ice Cream Man Serves Up Some Magic




Kinky Fears On Kinky Boots


Kinky Boots the Musical 2

Well, it's Monday and we're back to work. Something's been gnawing at me over the long weekend, and it wasn't the long lines for Black Friday, Small Saturday or today's Cyber Monday.

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving, as everyone who's still reaching for some anti-acid knows. Our belts are still let out two notches too many and we're still shaking our heads over some of the conversations with distant (in some cases from reality) relatives that we now won't have to have endure until next November.

A standard piece of tradition fare for me and my family is and has been for over half a century the watching of at least some of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Face it, it's a staple item and as much a part of the holiday as the pumpkin pie, the turkey itself or the tryptophan-induced coma after eating.

In scanning the globe for stories as I do each day, plus monitoring the Twittersphere, looking for instantaneous reactions to the world at large, I was shocked and amazed and the outrage and uproar one of the performances generated from the televised parade.

It was this performance of the Tony Award-winning musical, Kinky Boots.

Here's a sampling of the uproar of tweets this performance generated:

And then then there was this one:

And this...

Now these are but three samplings of the fear and potential hate that are being demonstrated by some pretty opinionated folks. What are they really afraid of?

They seem to feel that indicating any alternative lifestyle is harmful. What is it in this family-friendly clip they are compelled to explain to their children, or even worse, protect them from?

This is a celebration of  life. Do these shallow people think that LGBT people have an illness? Haven't we gotten past that yet? This is no more a choice than the zebra having stripes or the peacock having feathers. Being gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender is a part of life. A healthy part. And perpetuating fears isn't helping anything or anybody. Being LGBT is not contagious nor are they recruiters to their "sexuality." Recruitment is left to missionaries, sports coaches and the military. Three fears your children should be warned about more than something that's not a choice.

Ignorance is what's at hand here. And it's the tweeters who are demonstrating fear and perpetuating hate. If you want to "educate" your children, or America in general, and protect them, warn them of the dangers of ignorance and intolerance. That's going to do them much more good than scaring and misinforming them.

Don't be a poster child for stupid. Be a leader in smart.

So perhaps if you feel you need to explain anything to your children, it should be tolerance, acceptance and if you're really progressive, a sense of high, snappy, fashion.


Live Streaming Video- President Obama Pardons the National Thanksgiving Turkey 1:20p EDT