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Overnight: Miss Belarus Competition


Miss Belarus

I'm an unabashed Internet surfer. I discovered StumbleUpon years ago and immediately fell in love with its randomness. I have also been known to go to Wikipedia and to click on the 'Random Article' link to see where it takes me.

It just took me to, for instance, Charles-Victor Gillioux, a French artist then after that to go to Pentacalia campii.

This is all by way of explaining why this evening's 'overnight' is about 'Miss Belarus'. If you're not familiar with Belarus, here's Wiki which will tell you more: Belarus.

As I was reading about Diyarbakir, a city on the Tigris in the southeastern part of Turkey, I decided to look at pictures of the city. A few were of a Miss World event which Miss Kazakhstan, Miss Tatarstan, Miss Belarus and others participated in. I decided to learn more about Miss Belarus and found the video on YouTube embedded below.

From the video on YouTube:

Мисс Беларусь 2014
Viktoriya Miganovich, 21 years of age and from Smarhon, won the Miss Belarus 2014 contest. She will represent Belarus at the Miss World 2014 contest. The first runner-up is Kristina Martsinkevich while the second runner-up is Dariya Fomina.

This video is from the Beauty Pageant's channel on YouTube.


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Overnight: Istanbul, Turkey - 'As We Travel'



I have enjoyed watching these 'As We Travel' episodes for several years now - travel from the viewpoint of backpackers on the street, traveling in trains, staying in youth hostels.

The video below is from this young Swedish couple's European Train Challenge: 30 Countries in 90 Days.

Their website is called 'As We Travel' and you can see more videos from it here.


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Sunday Links


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