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Overnight: Canada - Montreal



I have been to other parts of Canada, east and west, several times but for some reason, never to Montreal, so I thought I'd familiarize myself with the city via this documentary:

From the 'About' section on YouTube:

Documentary about life in the city of Montréal and stuff to do as a visitor.
The broadcast version will be longer, to fill a one-hour slot, and will be voiced by a professional voice-over announcer./
Documentaire sur la vie dans la ville de Montréal et d'autres choses à faire en tant que visiteur.
La version diffusée sera plus, pour remplir une slot d'une heure, et sera exprimée par un animateur professionnel
D-I-T-O Productions of Toronto/Productions Numérique de Montréal


Overnight: Drivelapse Route 66 - 9,000 Mile Road Trip Across America


Route 66

Get your kicks on Route 66.

I would love to drive across the US again (I have several times but it's been a while). Defrees Productions has done it for me - twice.

From the 'About' information on YouTube:

USA Cross-Country Route 66 Roadtrip Map, Data, Summary, Photos, Equipment Used:


ARCHIVE: The Book Booth Day-Trip Edition



Seattle Dan and Seattle Tammy are taking the weekend off to travel. Accordingly, I thought we might publish an archive Book Booth about day trips from last summer. I hope you're having a great weekend Dan and Tammy and thanks for your many great posts on The Political Carnival!!!

The Book Booth is a weekly feature at The Political Carnival, relating news, notes, and reflections from the world of books and publishing. SeattleDan, along with his wife, SeattleTammy, are operators of both an on-line bookstore, as well a brick and mortar in small town Washington State. Both have been in the book business since shortly after the Creation, or close to 6000 years now.

One of the nice things about summer is that people take vacations, go places and see things. This weekend SeattleTammy and I will be taking a trip up to Seattle, always fun in itself, but this trip has the added pleasure of meeting up with internet friends we rarely see and some of whom we haven't met. Ah, on the road again!

In the meantime, enjoy some hot liquid refreshments and let's catch up on the world of books and reading. And although school children across the land may be dreading it, the arrival of Autumn is right around the corner. For us in the book biz, the Fall season is crucial. Publishers Weekly has an article on what good books we may expect to be coming off the presses and it looks like there will be some good ones.

One book SeattleTammy and I anticipate is a new novel by Thomas Pynchon, due out in mid-September. It is titled Bleeding Edge and deals with both the events of 9/11 and Silicon Valley. Maybe we can get him to stop by and sign some copies. But probably not. David Kipen of Publishers Weekly reviews it here.

Pynchon is known to have taken the famous literature course taught by Vladimir Nabokov, when the latter taught at Cornell. I guess many famous novelists moonlight by teaching and it seems Jorge Luis Borges did the same. Here are some thoughts that this giant of Latin American letters had on English writers and literature.

One of the issues that gets talked about passionately here at TPC is the treatment of the prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. It seems that recently, some of the novels by John Grisham have been banned. And Mr. Grisham is not happy.

There are banned books and then there are books you should read before you're 20, or wait until you're in your 30's. Emily Temple at Flavorwire offered up 15 books Not to read in your 20's.

As we all know, the internets were created so we could share photos of our cats. Buzzfeed had these kitty photos of felines reading quality literature.

On a more serious note, this years winners of the PEN Literary Awards were announced this past week. And we are very happy that our internet friend Mark Kram, Jr.'s book Like Any Normal Day won for the years best sports book. It is a very touching book and we cannot recommend it highly enough.

More from Publishers Weekly who offered five books that were ahead of their time. I would have included The Life and Opinions of Tristram Shandy, but the choices here are interesting.

Finally Verlyn Klinkenborg says it well here, on the differences between the physical book and e-reading. Amen.

A great weekend for you all. And let us know what books top your nightstand this week.


Overnight: Istanbul, Turkey - 'As We Travel'



I have enjoyed watching these 'As We Travel' episodes for several years now - travel from the viewpoint of backpackers on the street, traveling in trains, staying in youth hostels.

The video below is from this young Swedish couple's European Train Challenge: 30 Countries in 90 Days.

Their website is called 'As We Travel' and you can see more videos from it here.


Overnight: Alaska -2- Touring Alaska


Overnight Alaska

The next video in the 'Alaska' series.


Overnight: Alaska -1- Alaska Highway-Dawson Crk to Delta Junction



The photo above is of the Liard River Hotsprings, one of the destinations along the Alaska Highway. I love hot springs anywhere but these look particularly inviting.



Overnight: Switzerland: Swiss Rail: Zürich to St. Moritz


SwitzerlandSwitzerland: Swiss Rail: Zürich to St. Moritz

A journey you'll like: