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Is the Colorado Republican Committee calling trans-vaginal ultrasounds "rape"?


huh what'd they say

Here's what the Colorado Republican Committee posted on their site on July 7 ,2013, in part. It's title? "Democrat Rep. Joe Salazar calls for rape of Republican governor":

“It’s fine to disagree with Gov. Walker, but it’s not okay for Joe Salazar to call for the governor to be raped,” Owen Loftus, Colorado Republican Committee spokesman, stated.  “Rep. Salazar’s tweet is demeaning and offensive to victims everywhere.”

On July 5, Salazar retweeted a comment from comedian Sarah Silverman stating that she would “very much like to anally probe @govwalker…” and linked to an article about the ultrasound legislation Walker signed into law. [...]

"Where is Democrat Speaker Mark Ferrandino?  Does he think it’s acceptable for House Democrats, under his leadership, to advocate for the rape of those with whom they disagree? ” Loftus asked. ...

So this is the GOP's latest definition of rape? We've all heard their now-infamous "legitimate" version, and we have yet to hear any call for Texas state troopers to stop probing genitals of women at routine traffic stops.

But if the Colorado RNC stays with this new version, then they've just admitted that they've been advocating for the rape of women in Republican-run, pro-forced birth states with trans-vaginal ultrasound probes, and yes, it is indeed "demeaning and offensive."

I haven't heard anyone clarify further since that statement was posted.

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The Ball's in the U.N.'s Court


Thanks to Angelina Jolie, maybe the U.N. will get to work protecting women.

Let's hope their efforts are faster than our very own Congress. They seem intent in forcing rape by foreign instrument upon women. That's what FORCED transvaginal ultrasound is. It's rape by a foreign instrument -- make no mistake.

You will lie down on a table with your knees bent. Your feet may be held in stirrups.

You will have a metalic/plastic probe, called a transducer, placed into the vagina by a doctor. The probe is covered with a condom and a gel.  Obviously this is large enough to require both a condom and lube. It's not a tiny tube. It's capable of tearing the vaginal walls and canals without  proper precautions. The health care provider will move the probe around the area to see the pelvic organs.

And who says that might not be painful?

Let's wise up. See how many of these men want a colonoscopy (a long tube forced up their butt hole) whether they want or need  it. Oh, and let's have the vote come from a predominantly white, female group.

Show of hands?


VIDEO: Texas State Senator Wendy Davis talks abortion, women's rights on "Meet the Press"


Wendy Davis Texas filibuster abortion

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My new hero, Texas State Senator Wendy Davis, has reinvigorated many Americans to step up their fight against the War on Women. It's not as if we've backed off, but she really lit a fire under many who may have been preoccupied with other political battles.

But her remarkable filibuster has inspired a renewed interest in and opposition to the efforts of several Republican-run states to restrict access to women's health care services. Let's hope her momentum continues.

Here she is on Meet the Press, for those who missed it. Following her interview was the "Round Table" in which Rachel Maddow brought those pesky things called "facts" to the conversation:

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No, white Christian men who insist upon thrusting government into the private lives of women who are capable of making their own decisions, forcing vaginal ultrasounds are not "free" nor are they an "opportunity."

The assault on women's rights must stop, and Wendy Davis's calm persistence and reasonable, intelligent approach has resulted in more Americans paying attention, hearing the truth, and engaging.


gop abortion wire hanger cartoon Bennett not an option.

small government my ass


VIDEO: Senator does his best Bill O'Reilly impression. How WI GOP legislators "debate" women's reproductive rights.


Wisconsin Senator Mike Ellis during abortion debate

Wisconsin GOP senators passed an abortion measure requiring transvaginal ultrasounds. Any woman seeking an abortion would be forced to have an unnecessary invasive procedure, just like Virginia GOP Governor Bob "Ultrasound" McDonnell wanted in his state.

Are you sensing a trend?

UPDATE: Walker Will Sign Abortion Ultrasound Bill


On June 12, 2013, the Wisconsin State Senate reconvened to finish the vote on Senate Bill 206, relating to requirements to perform abortions, requiring an ultrasound before informed consent for an abortion, and providing a penalty.

In my post "No, no, I’m not really an OB-GYN, but I play one in Congress," I wrote about how the Wisconsin GOP is also working hard to shut down one of the last abortion clinics in the state.

See how the GOP is reaching out to women? Aren’t they the rebrandiest party ever? In my post I also said this:

It’s hard to overstate what a relief it is to see conservatives insisting that Big Government should stay out of our private lives. Imagine how intrusive pro-choice Democrats would be on women’s medical decisions about their own bodies if small-government Republicans like these weren’t in charge.

Good thing the GOP is keeping liberals in check.

Now take a look at how reachy-outy and small-governmenty they are while "debating" the issue (You can see the full video here):

Nick Nice:

The party of 'small government' intrudes upon women's rights once again. This is not about reducing abortions but about limiting a women's right to choose. If the GOP wanted to actually reduce abortions then improving Sex Ed & making birth control options more readily available would be a better approach.

This is not how a democracy should function as well. Despicable behavior by Mike Ellis.

Senator Mike Ellis reminded me of someone else with anger and intolerance issues:

H/t: @garagemahal65