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Overnight: The Trans-Siberian Railway


TransSiberianRailwayMapw355h222 I would *love* to take the Trans-Siberian Railway sometime! The map above is from From their page - preparing for the trip:

  • Packing the following items is recommended for any lengthy journey on the Trans-Siberian railway
  • Pocket knife For slicing up bread and vegetables you can buy from the sellers at major stops
  • Cutlery Instant noodles, or its Russian version - instant potatoes, become essential snacks for most travellers, since each carriage is equipped with boiling water from the Samovar, unfortunately they often come without the usual plastic fork or spoon.
  • Perfumed wet tissues/baby wipes/wet wipes These little things can do wonders for your personal hygiene.
  • Head lamp On these long journeys (through 8 time zones), it often turns out that Einstein indeed was right - time does become relative. So bring a headlamp for reading when others want to slumber.
  • Flip-flops or other slip on footwear, for your days on the train
  • Deck of cards or other easily explained games are great for socializing with your fellow travelers, and making the long hours spent on the train immensely more enjoyable. Bring a deck of 5 Crowns for this is a favourite in Russia. If you are a chess player, by all means bring a little chess set - the game is really very popular in Russia.
  • Pictures of your home, country and family and a phrasebook with a conversation section (Lonely Planet's phrasebook is a good one) can work surprisingly well, since you'll have nothing but time to overcome the language gap. Many Russians tend to be curious about foreigners once the initial suspicion dies down, since they don't normally meet many - even these days. Recommended: make a list of vocabulary and study it in the train!

Paul Theroux has a great description of his Trans-Siberian trip in The Great Railway Bazaar

This video is a documentary about the building of the railway:

This video is of a private train which makes the long, long trip.

From YouTube:

The epic Private Train Journey on the world's most famous Railway
Further Information:
Over 25 years of experience - More than 30,000 satisfied guests.

Director Michael Altenhenne has captured the journey on the Transsiberian by Private Train with his camera in a virtuoso manner. His impressions of Russia, Mongolia and China are perfect to lose oneself in the yearning for or maybe even one's own memories of the last genuine adventure trip on earth. The unique atmosphere onboard the comfortable private train, the sublime mood of the travellers and the natural and cultural wonders en route unfold their irresistible charm in this excellent documentary.

Filmmaker: Michael Altenhenne (


Overnight: Alaska -2- Touring Alaska


Overnight Alaska

The next video in the 'Alaska' series.


Overnight: Peru: Traveling by Train to Macchu Picchu

Peru Rail

A Peru Rail Station

I would love to take a long trip through South America. I loved The Motorcycle Diaries and Paul Theroux's The Old Patagonia Express.

Since I can't right now, I thought I'd take a look at the train which runs through the Andes to Macchu Picchu.

Peru Rail Cusco to Machu Picchu

More about Macchu Picchu here.

More on Paul Theroux here.


Overnight: Travel from Singapore to Bangkok by Train



As We Travel ( is a website which documents the travels of Sofia van Porat and Nathan Schacherer. I love their videos which you can find on YouTube or the website directly.

Here's one about the luxury rail trip from Singapore to Bangkok, though they by no means always travel in the lap of luxury. YT has 54 videos and the ones I've seen point you to inexpensive hotels or youth hostels.



Needle In A Haystack Found -- On Google Earth


needle in a haystack

During this holiday season family plays a great part in our lives. Both our loved ones around us and those we've lost. For the "feel good" story of one lucky soul, a man named Saroo Brierley, his tale is made of the magic fairy dust which abounds this time of year. Abandoned at 5, adopted and raised in a foreign country, he had but a few precious memories of the time before his separation from his birth family -- a mother, and two siblings.

He never gave up hope, nor should we. He was filled with desire to someday find that needle in a haystack. Watch how he found the greatest treasure of all, thanks to modern technology, desire and a great memory:


Video- Petrochemical train explodes in Quebec's Lac-Megantic


As someone who lives 2 blocks from a busy Midwest train route, this scares the bejeebus out of me. Yeah, all that stuff they're hauling back and forth is PERFECTLY safe. This could have easily happened in Maine.

A train carrying petrochemicals has exploded in a Canadian town, forcing the evacuation of up to 1,000 people.

The blast sent a fireball and black smoke into the air, destroying dozens of buildings in Lac-Megantic, some 155 miles (250 km) east of Montreal.

The train derailed early on Saturday; emergency services who worked through the night said they could not tell if there were any casualties.


"When you see the centre of your town almost destroyed, you'll understand that we're asking ourselves how we are going to get through this event," an emotional Mayor Colette Roy-Laroche told a televised news briefing.

The train had 70 cars filled with petroleum products, some of which exploded, prompting fires in nearby homes.


Video Overnight Thread- Wacky Chinese Gadgets For Long Train Rides