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Rove's brain: Howard Dean


Well, well, lookee who was on Sean Hannity's radio show talking about stealing Howard Dean's Fifty State Strategy. Rove's awfully good at things like theft, so openly discussing it came quite easily to him:

"I hate to say it, but we need to copy what Howard Dean did, And that is make our ground game in all 50 states... We need to have a better ground game in all 50 states..."

TPM has more here.

Hey, a sleazebag can dream, can't he?


Cartoons of the Day- Scott Walker Survives Recall Vote




Sean Hannity spends six figures to buy painting of President Obama burning Constitution


That's a chunk of change for something four rungs down the artistic ladder from "Dogs Playing Poker".

No, it wasn’t a subversive fundraising drive for the upcoming presidential campaign. The cash in question went to Utah artist Jon McNaughton, who confirmed to EW that Fox News pundit Sean Hannity bought one of three originals of “One Nation Under Socialism” (pictured, right). While the amount Hannity paid wasn’t disclosed, McNaughton’s reported asking price was $300,000.

The conservative painter, who appeared on Hannity last month, has been known to criticize the president in his work, including a national debt-themed piece called “Wake Up America” and a six-foot creation called “The Forgotten Man” that shows Obama standing on the Constitution as he turns his back on both the Founding Fathers and the downtrodden Average Joe.

“I’m a very unconventional artist,” McNaughton told EW. “Those in art circles in New York and other in-the-know people really do not like my paintings. They go to great lengths to criticize them, but I think that 100 years from now when people look back on our time in history, some of these paintings are going to resurface as how the right felt about what was happening.”

Indeed, in his description of “One Nation Under Socialism,” McNaughton names Obama as a Constitution-compromising purveyor of socialism — “an ideology, which will lead to the destruction of America.” He concludes, “At this very moment, our Constitution is literally [sic] going up in flames. What will you do to preserve the Constitution and save America?”


"I am so mad at the press [that] I could just strangle them!" Turn that frown upside down, Ann Romney!



Now now, Mrs. Willard, you knew damn well that if your husband (and apparently, you) ran for president, you'd have good bad days and bad days. After all, you've both had plenty of experience at this; it's not like he hasn't run for office for the past umpteen years decades.

Face it, Ann, every time he opens his gaffe-prone mouth right there in front of the very bored rapt press, the very bored rapt press will be there to record it forever... and ever... and ever.

And YouTube will be there waiting with open play buttons.

By the way, if you think this is bad, imagine how it would be if he were to *shuddergodforbidshudder* win the presidential election.

Via the National Review:

Speaking openly about how it was “getting harder and harder to be cheerful,” [Ann Romney] laughingly says, “I am so mad at the press [that] I could just strangle them! And, you know, I think I’ve decided there are going to be some people invited on the bus and some people just aren’t going to be invited on the bus.”

Well, she sure showed them.

So there!

H/t: Taegan


News Corp.'s James Murdoch gets a pay raise


Is there anyone, I mean besides the Koch brothers, who is less deserving of a pay raise than a member of the Murdoch family? James Murdoch is smack dab in the middle of a huge phone/computer hacking scandal, is a proud member of the 1%, but, as Think Progress is reporting, he's still getting a £1,300 pay increase from British broadcaster BSkyB:

The announcement, the Telegraph reports, made no mention of the scandals that have enveloped News Corp. since early this summer:

The increase, which brings Mr Murdoch’s pay for the non-executive role to £88,000, was revealed in an annual report from BSkyB that made no mention of the News of the World phone hacking scandal that has rocked News Corp and BSkyB, and ultimately derailed the deal.

It must be nice to be rewarded for being an unethical, lying little Son of a.. Rupert Murdoch.

Occupy News Corp.


Billionaire offers $1 million to flash President Obama


Not sure that there would be much left of the million after all the court fees etc.

A WACKY billionaire has offered $1million (£638,700) to the first person who streaks in front of US President Barack Obama.

Loaded Alki David has promised to pay out the cash — providing the streaker writes the name of his website "Battlecam" across their chest.

The prank must be broadcast live on Battlecam, a video-sharing community linked to Alki's TV on demand website FilmOn.

He initially offered $100,000 (£63,870), but raised it to $1m, to include any legal fees which may be incurred as a result of the streak.

Alki said: "Most people in the community thought the 100,000 wasn't enough for the audacity of the dare.

"One million is a nice, round number and that gets people's attention a lot more."