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The simplest-- and funniest-- explanation of Obamacare I've ever seen


obamacare pay for others

If you're like most people and your eyes glaze over the minute you see someone on the Tee Vee Machine trying to explain the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) for the umpteenth time, then this video is for you. It goes by quickly, it's simple, it's easy to understand, it's hilarious, and it's (ta-daaa!) informative. What more could an uninformed American without decent health care ask?

Why, it's so ABC-123 that even a stubbornly resistant, I-hate-all-things-Obama Republican could understand it! And actually be convinced to accept the fact that Obamacare is here to stay. And that Obamacare is indeed beneficial! And that Obamacare is not all those icky, putrid, Marxist, socialist, commie, evil plotty things that ClusterFox is saying it is. Imagine that.

Watch and learn, America:

obamacare before after premiums

Tell me that this charismatic, new young Explainer in Chief, JoshSundquist (move over, Bill Clinton) shouldn't be everywhere talking about the Affordable Care Act to everyone.

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All fact SOURCES listed below:

Coverage mandated under ACA:

9/10 young adults qualify for subsidies:

Half of young adults can pay less than $50 per month:

3 million young adults have already stayed on their parents' health insurance plan:

Emergency rooms are required to give treatment regardless of an invidividual ability to pay, but other types of doctors can refuse service if the patient cannot pay

50% of medical Bills are from bankruptcies:


Out of work? Here's an exceptionally funny application for an exceptionally cool job.


awesomesauce smaller

ben wikler venn diagram

Ben Wikler is very cool. If you're not familiar with him, he's funny, smart, and a passionate advocate for all the right things who formerly wrote for The Onion and pre-politician Al Franken ("Ben reminds me of myself when I was his age, except smarter, wiser, more worldly, better read, more passionate, much much taller, and just as funny." – Al Franken)

He also ran the Huffington Post’s humor spin-off, 23/6. And he's worked as an activist, helping run and Avaaz (he was each organization's Number Two Guy).

Now he’s launching a new podcast and radio show, only a stone's throw from Senator Franken's office. Of course if stones are actually thrown, the Secret Service will be all over him, the show would be shut down, he'd be arrested, and all this would be moot. But I digress. is the show's sponsor and partner, and that fun fact pretty much ties everything together as illustrated by the above Venn Diagram.

Which makes you wonder: why don't all job descriptions start with a Venn Diagram?

The show has big plans:

  • We aim to produce a show that will delight millions of people, and inspire them to dedicate their lives to fighting injustice. A show that future historians will credit as the key factor in humanity's unexpected shift towards universal peace, justice, and general awesomeness. In short, a really good podcast. 

Well at least he's not ambitious. Oh, but I kid the Benster.

And now he needs an executive producer. Why, here's the application for the job now!

help wanted now hiring

But how will Wikler know if you're the right candidate? He's got a novel strategy: the job application ends with 65 check boxes that let allow candidates to tell him if they've got what it takes. And it's hard to read through the whole list without laughing loud enough to get weird looks from your co-workers.

Then again, maybe you already get weird looks from your co-workers.

Anyway, applicants are asked to check boxes indicating "I have experience in..."

So! Do you have experience in... ?

  • Producing podcasts
  • Producing live TV
  • Producing The Producers
 He also wants to know about your musical skills:  I have experience in...
  • Writing or recording music
  • Performing music
  • Pretending to enjoy someone else's music for the purpose of a relationship that turned out to be doomed anyway.
 He's curious about your experience in email marketing:  I have experience in... 
  • Writing emails to a big (10k+) list
  • Writing emails to a very big (500k+) list
  • Writing emails to friends complaining about job applications containing ridiculously big (30+ items) lists
 And then at the end, things get a little meta. And then a little beautiful.  I have experience in... 
  • Leaving the box on this line unchecked
  • Learning to make peace with life's paradoxes
 The show plans to launch this fall. Let's hope it's as awesome as its job application forms.

SNL VIDEO: The Hagel confirmation hearing we didn't see. The "fellating a donkey" mention might be why we didn't.


snl fred armisen bernie sanders hagel confirmation committee

Saturday Night Live goes all out and skewers Senate Republicans in an unaired spoof of the grilling Defense Secretary nominee Chuck Hagel got during his confirmation hearings on CSPAN. It was cut from the show at the last minute, but thanks to the Internets, we get to see an SNL Moment of Utterly Inane, and Not Yet Ready for Prime or Late Night Time Hilarity.

We see the GOP bickering, grandstanding, and falling all over themselves to compete over who loves Israel the mostest of all.

Before you know it, they go skidding into full-on SNLvision as John McCain demands to know whether or not Hagel would go on national television and-- wait for it-- "fellate a donkey if the survival of Israel were at stake."

Yes he says that.

but wait there's more

The Republicans then try to outdo each other to prove they would all have oral sex with a donkey-- or maybe a mule, since donkeys might be castrated-- if it meant a secure Israel.

Of course, Lindsey Graham says he'd "do it in a second, but then I grew up on a farm, so..."

And yes, tea bagging made its way into the sketch.

But you haven't lived until you've seen Fred Armisen stifling a laugh while doing his hilarious impression of Senator Bernie Sanders.

snl fred armisen bernie sanders

You're welcome.

Huge h/t: Taegan


VIDEO: "That's a clown question, bro"-- Original and Harry Reid editions


In the above video is Harry Reid on whether he plans to bring the Dream Act to a vote in an effort to get Republican senators on record on the immigration issue. He doesn't quite have the delivery that Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper did.

But he did get a laugh.

Here's the original:

Via Taegan.