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Video- Tim Pawlenty Drops Out Of Presidential Race Day After Iowa Straw Poll


This actually surprised the heck out of me. Guess he didn't have that lauded "fire in the belly". Via.


Tim Pawlen-tay


Hey kiddies, it's Saturday! And you know what that means!  I'm annoyed with cable "news"! Today's annoyance is partly about the contradictory wall-to-wall coverage of the Iowa straw poll, and partly about a CNN reporter's lack of professionalism.

This particular straw poll has been described over and over again as relatively meaningless, because despite all the attention and all the hoop-dee-doo (that's a technical term), statistically, the winner is probably not going to end up being the GOP nominee. Yet, in the news crawl running across the CNN and MSNBC broadcasts, there are messages like, "Do or die for GOP candidates in Iowa straw poll." Hence, I am irritated.

As for the CNN reporter (whose name escapes me), he was breathlessly reporting from Iowa, and he referred to Tim Pawlenty as Tim Pawlen-tay. Yes, Pawlent-tay. How in the world would someone see "ty" and pronounce it "tay"?

Note to Tee Vee reporters: If you're covering a specific event, and you have knowledge of and specialize in those who are participating in that event, learn how to the say the candidates' names... especially an event as huge as a presidential election...  especially an event whose attendees have been around as long as Tim Pawlenty (Pawlen-tee) has.


VIDEO- Gay man to Tim Pawlenty: "You are discrimating against me and it hurts."


Pawlenty: “I will never be at the point where I say that every domestic relationship is the same as traditional marriage. We're just gonna have a respectful disagreement, sir.”

And I will never be at the point where I say that Pawlenty has any understanding of equal rights for all Americans.

Memo to Tim: Discrimination is not respectful. Not at all, "sir".

H/t: Think Progress


Top adviser leaves Tim Pawlenty campaign


Here we go again.  Jon Huntsman’s manager left after the liberation of Herman Cain’s staffers and Newtered Gingrich’s senior aides and finance team.

Now Tim Pawlenty's waving bye-bye to one of his top advisers:

Tampa, Florida (CNN) - A top policy adviser to former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty's has left the Republican's presidential campaign.

Al Hubbard, a former director of the National Economic Council under George W. Bush, had been the chairman of Pawlenty's "policy efforts" but is no longer with the campaign, a Republican source told CNN.

He "became busy with work". So that's what the kids are calling it these days.


Tim Pawlenty, Santorum to join socially conservative bus tour


Sounds like my worst nightmare, stuck in a bus with these guys.

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R) and former Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.) will participate in a “Values Voter bus tour” that will stop in 22 Iowa cities next week in the lead-up to the presidential debate and straw poll in Ames.

The Family Research Council, National Organization for Marriage and Susan B. Anthony List, three socially conservative groups, have organized the tour.


The tour will also be joined by Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-Texas), two of Bachmann’s closest allies in Congress. The three co-sponsored a bill to oppose raising the debt ceiling in July.


Video- The Daily Show: Survival of the Funded


Jon Huntsman campaign manager resigns


(AP Photo/Douglas C. Pizac)

Maybe Jon Huntsman's manager felt left out after hearing about the new-found liberation of Herman Cain’s staffers and Newtered Gingrich’s senior aides and finance team.

Via The Fix:

Former Utah governor Jon Huntsman’s (R) presidential campaign manager, Susie Wiles, is resigning and will be replaced by communications director Matt David, according to the campaign. [...]

High-level staff departures early in a presidential campaign are generally not seen as a good thing, but thus far, Wiles is the only known departure from Huntsman’s team. (Another staffer recently took a leave for personal reasons.)

The campaign did not expound on the reason for Wiles’s departure. Weaver said the campaign is simply shifting gears.

The Fix has more details. Meantime, speaking of trouble a-brewin', last night, Rachel Maddow reported that poor Tim Pawlenty has been getting such low numbers that he was dropped by a major pollster:

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