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Romney co-chair, Tim Pawlenty, abandons campaign


Timmy Pawlenty's saying buh-bye to Team Willard and instead will head a group that lobbies against the Dodd-Frank Wall St. reforms, because all that Romney stuff apparently became too much for him. Or maybe too boring. Or too depressing. Or too embarrassing.

Think Progress:

Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty announced Thursday morning that he would step down as co-chair of Mitt Romney’s campaign to become the head of the Financial Services Roundtable, a trade organization that represents the 100 largest financial services companies in the country.

Oh, and if you follow the link to TP, you can also read about what a hypocrite Pawlenty is. Surprising? Hardly. Just noteworthy.


VIDEO ADDED: Team Romney never stops lying. I just documented 2 in 10 minutes.


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I wasn't watching all that closely since I was busy writing a post, but the little I caught on MSNBC was more than enough for me to catch two whoppers in ten minutes, tops. Both Romney surrogate (and possible running mate) Tim Pawlenty and Willard Romney himself blatantly lied, one after the other.

Tim Pawlenty was being interviewed by Andrea Mitchell and claimed that his candidate shouldn't have to be held to a "higher different standard" (or maybe he said he should be held to the same standard, I can't remember the precise wording) as previous presidential candidates regarding the number of tax returns he should release. I'll post the clip when it becomes available.

So Pawlenty thinks two is enough. Considering the two years of returns Romney is saying he's willing to share (2010 and 2011) would be well within the time period he knew he was running for president for Pete's sake, then those returns would be much less revealing than earlier ones.

Previous years would tell Americans far more about him than the most recent ones.

But since TPaw made a point of saying which standards his guy should be held to, let's compare and contrast Romney to everyone else. Source:

Since the early 1970s, however, most presidents have chosen to release their returns publicly. In the hope of making this information more widely available, the Tax History Project at Tax Analysts has compiled an archive of presidential tax returns.

Higher standard?

Again, George Romney disclosed 12 years of his tax returns in his failed 1968 White House bid. So what could his son be hiding? Brad Friedman thinks it might be voter fraud.

Then MSNBC switched to a live feed of a campaign speech in which Willard claimed that Democrats had a filibuster-proof super majority for two years and got nothing accomplished. Wrong and wronger. One: He must have forgotten about that secret GOP conspiracy to obstruct in order to make Obama a one term president. Two: A lot was accomplished, despite all the roadblocks. And three: The so called super majority lasted only a few weeks, not two years. Via Sully (you should really read his entire piece):

This stood out to me in "The Lies of Mitt Romney III":

"we remember the president’s own party had a super majority in both houses for his first two years"

I'm not sure how Romney defines a super majority, but my recollection was that the Dems only had a filibuster-proof majority (including two independents) from the time that Al Franken was finally seated (July 7, 2009) until the point that Teddy Kennedy passed away (August 25, 2009). That's only seven weeks, not two years.

And there was never a supermajority in the House as Romney claims. The balance at the start of the Congress was 257 - 178, which is a Democratic share of only 59 percent, not 67. So again, Romney simply lied. Obama never had a super majority in both Houses, let alone for two years. In the Senate, his super-majority lasted seven weeks.

Facts schmacts.

And now, because it's election season and we'll be extra busy, we GottaAsk:

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Tim Pawlenty, Romney surrogate, admits Mitt "hasn't put out a specific plan to eliminate any of the particular deductions..."


Remember all the dodging and weaving by Willard Romney in the above Face the Nation segment? As I said in a previous post, he refused to explain his help-the-wealthy plan to lower tax rates by 20 percent — which he claims wouldn’t unfairly benefit his rich pals, because, he says, it would limit their deductions.  But he never told Schieffer which deductions those would be.

Via Think Progress:

The few deductions he has mentioned would come nowhere close to covering the cost of his massive tax cut for the rich.

And even if Romney did manage to close enough loopholes and eliminate enough deductions so that the rich were paying the same amount that they are today, the economy would have to grow at a record rate to keep his tax plan from adding to the deficit.

Exactly a week later, Tim Pawlenty went on the same show and finally admitted what we already knew: Willard's tax "plan" gives us no specifics. So Tim answered the question by saying he couldn't answer the question. Go Team Willard!

Via CBS:

Schieffer asked Pawlenty about Romney's specifics on tax reform; on last week's program, the former Massachusetts governor declined to say which tax deductions and exemptions he would eliminate.

"So he hasn't put out a specific plan to eliminate any of the particular deductions within the tax code, but he has talked pretty specifically how he would reform, reduce, and cut down government responding overall and help put the country on a pathway to a balanced budget," Pawlenty said.

Think Progress already shot that down, Tim. Next.


VIDEO: Why Marco Rubio would be a great Etch A Sketch, er, running mate for Mitt Romney


May 2012:

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Little Marco doesn't wanna be a vice president!

Or does he?

June 24, 2012:

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Maybe Marco Etched his Sketch because Tim Pawlenty isn't interested and flat out told Team Willard to "look at other prospects":


The GOP is the flip-floppiest party in all the land.