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Video- President Obama Interviewed On Local L.A. Station: Tiger Woods- "On Another Planet" 2/20/2013




VIDEO: Rand Paul's hypocrisy


(ABC video; H/t: Kathy Riordan)

Country clubs are now the place to be for populist Tea Bagger victory parties. Who knew? All this time we thought the Rand Paulers were into grassrootsy everyday-people locales, like, say, government owned property.

But once he got comfy in his hoity-toity digs, he was clearly indoctrinated. He instantly learned to snub the little people. What can be more anti-establishment than that?

Dr. Rand Paul's campaign manager Dave Adams reacted with disbelief to reports that Secretary of State Trey Grayson had complained that Paul wouldn't take his concession call Tuesday night.

Let's give the guy a break. The reception was probably really bad, what with all the crystal and fancy schmancy window treatments, plush carpeting, marble, and ice sculptures.

Of course Dave denies everything. Hey, it's hard to pick up the phone when your mouth is full of caviar.

WCPO-TV reported the slight, quoting Grayson campaign manager Nate Hodson saying of the slight "it happened." The report also quotes Marc Wilson, whom they identify as a lobbyist and Grayson friend saying, "This is truly a classless act in politics."

Just because you hang out in a country club doesn't mean you're classy.

I'm sure others experienced the same glitch. Surely, there were several missed calls:

McConnell was able to reach the winning candidate Tuesday night. Paul told CNN he and McConnell had a 2 to 3 minute phone call after his victory speech and each looked forward to the rally on Saturday.

According to Adams, Paul also received congratulatory calls from Mitt Romney, retiring Kentucky Sen. Jim Bunning, and Sarah Palin.

Phone-y McIdiot got through?

Adams laughed and said that if she wanted to, Palin could also make the claim that Paul refused her call because he couldn't reach the doctor when she called for him.

What a laugh riot! I hadn't realized the Paul team had a sense of humor.

What am I saying? Their whole platform is a joke.


VIDEO- Reporter blooper: "Tiger Woods Has Bulging Dick"


Keith Olbermann will be covering this on Countdown tonight:


But hey, that won't stop us from sharing the moment:

A reporter for U.S. cable network The Golf Channel mispronounced Tiger Woods' "bulging disc" to instead refer to the golfer's genitalia.


Is that your spine or are you just happy to see me?

Tiger will never get out of the, er, Woods. Ever. The hits just keep on coming.


All you need to know about the Tiger Woods presser


By GottaLaff

Most important news story of the day, apparently:

Tiger says he's having a great day. He is speaking. He's doing his best to look serious and solemn. He went astray. His family has been harassed. Poor him. He's different now. He plays golf.

There. I covered it.