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George #Zimmerman or his estranged wife could face charges


george zimmerman held by police in fight with wifeVIDEO ADDED:

Yesterday I came across an eye-opening post at ALECexposed: George Zimmerman's Criminal History Includes Alleged Violence and Temper (Audio and New Documents).

He has quite a history:

Zimmerman... had actually been arrested on police allegations of thuggish behavior: for felony assault on a police officer and violent resisting of arrest.

Additionally, Zimmerman's former girlfriend also filed statements with a Florida court that alleged that he had refused to leave her home, taken her phone, and assaulted her, that he had previously hit her in her face, and that another time he had thrown her down on the bed despite her repeated objections.

There he is,  Mr. Law Abiding, the self-important neighborhood watchman and self-appointed killer of "suspicious" teens who open-carry Skittles and iced tea. Here are a few of the sub-headings in the ALECexposed piece:

  • Zimmerman's Response to a Police Request to Walk Away: "Fuck You"
  • Ex Alleged Other Acts of Violence by Zimmerman
  • Zimmerman Responded to Domestic Violence Injunction by Claiming Ex Attacked
  • Court Issued Injunction Barring Zimmerman and Ex from Contact

Since the murder trial, Zimmerman has been stopped by police on suspicion of speeding... twice. He was warned once and ticketed once. He also showed us his classy side by grinning in photos taken of him at the gun factory that created the pistol he used to kill Trayvon Martin.

And of course, once again, Trayvon Martin's killer is a hot topic because of accusations of violence and threats. You can read about those here: "Oops! Police: George Zimmerman taken into custody after incident with gun."

Via the L.A. Times, where you can also see a short video from which the screen grabs above were taken:

Police in Lake Mary Florida are expected to decide quickly whether to charge George Zimmerman, or his wife, Shellie, with domestic battery, police spokesman Zach Hudson told the Los Angeles Times on Tuesday.

Officials could also decide to not charge either member of the estranged couple, he said.

This is definitely not over,” Hudson said. “Essentially, we are determining whether we charge on domestic battery” which he said carries a maximum sentence of one year in jail.

At a later televised news conference, Hudson told reporters that officials were also examining images recorded by Shellie on an iPad to help in the investigation. “We live in a video world, we live in an electronics age, and an iPad was being used to record the” events.

Per the Times piece, Shellie Zimmerman's version of events has changed, the police say they found no gun on George Zimmerman (key words: "On George Zimmerman"), witnesses claim they didn't see a gun, so "as of right now, a gun is not part of the equation."

If so, then why did Mark O'Mara, Zimmerman's attorney, say this?

At 1:50 "He was armed, the gun was holstered under his shirt and stayed there the whole time."


Nearly a Third of Americans Believe Armed Revolution Against Government May Be Necessary: Return of the KKK


Nixon southern strategy negrophobia race

Remember this video  from the Rachel Maddow Show? “Be afraid, white people! The black people are coming for you!” It's worth another look.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And with that, here's your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Farleigh Dickinson University conducted a poll released on May 1 that implies that much of the pro-gun sentiment has nothing to do with self-defense, but rather with anti-federal government rage:

Overall, the poll finds that 29 percent of Americans think that an armed revolution in order to protect liberties might be necessary in the next few years [...]

But let's be clear that the willingness to take up firearms allegedly "to protect liberties" is occurring after a long right wing-fomented Tea Party siege against a black president. Furthermore, it is – as BuzzFlash at Truthout has often noted – a rebellion of whites who can't separate the image of America as a Caucasian-ruled nation from the legal basis of a democracy as enshrined in the US Constitution.  Theirs is a racist fantasy that a democracy should look like the skin color of the "founding fathers," not about the legal framework of the nation that they created.

As the demographics of the United States have changed, the white Alamo contingency has come more and more to define the empowerment of a multi-cultural society as the alleged "taking away of their liberties."

What is in their head is a return to guaranteed white sovereignty.  It is the clash of a vision of a white patriarchal society versus the constitutional guarantee of rule by the majority.

It's starting to feel like the US has a solid 1/3 Afrikaner mentality contingent, and the gun has become the symbol of defiance.  Most of them, according to the poll, are in the Republican Party. [...]

So get ready for more militia, NRA, gun guy and survivalist brandishing of firearms on behalf of white supremacy (because that is what it amounts too, only in coded words).

Please read the entire post here.


What I will not write about today



Sometimes I get so frustrated and/or disheartened and/or annoyed by some of the news stories of the day that I can’t bring myself to write about them. Here are a few recent reports that made my blood pressure hit the roof. I am avoiding delving into them at length out of concern for my physical and mental health.

  • 15 States Have Loosened Gun Restrictions-- Because providing gun manufacturers with more cash, coveting phallic symbols, pretending you can outgun murderers under stress, and endangering more lives is a priority. USA! USA!

See what I mean? So who’s up for a couple of Margs or a trough of wine?

drunk wine crafts corks


VIDEO: "Suspicious" letters sent to Senators Wicker, Shelby, Levin, and President Obama-- Update: Arrest made!


enough is enoughUPDATE:

tweet arrest ricin mailings

What journalists are saying about Kenneth Curtis

Original post:


MSNBC is now reporting that Carl Levin's regional office has also received a suspicious letter.

MSNBC is also reporting that they believe the letters are being sent from Mississippi and that federal officials believe they know who sent them, but there have been no arrests. The FBI does not think they are connected to the Boston explosions.

Via the Los Angeles Times:

An envelope addressed to President Obama and intercepted at a mail processing facility has tested positive for the poison ricin, a law enforcement official said Wednesday.

Officials are conducting additional tests to confirm the result, said the official, who was not authorized to speak to the press because the tests are part of an ongoing investigation. Investigators believe the letter to the White House may have been sent by the same person who mailed a suspicious envelope to Sen. Roger Wicker (R-Miss.). [...]

All White House mail is processed at a remote facility not located at the White House complex. It is common for letters to be flagged and tested for suspicious substances, officials said.

And via WAAYTV:

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WAAY) - Spokesperson Johnathan Graffeo confirms a suspicious package has been located at the Washington, D.C. office of Senator Richard Shelby. 


Nevada lawmaker testifies about her abortion, receives death threats


abortion hanger keep safe and legal

Via Think Progress:

Nevada, which has one of the highest rates of unintended teen pregnancy in the nation, is considering updating its abstinence-only education policy to require more comprehensive sexual health instruction in public schools. This week, in a debate over that proposed legislation, Nevada Assemblywomen Lucy Flores (D) testified in favor of the bill, sharing her own personal story about the consequences of inadequate sex ed [...]

The right-wing media jumped on her quoted testimony, with headlines proclaiming “Democratic Legislator: I Don’t Regret Killing My Baby in Abortion.”

Then this happened:

tweet threat to Lucy Flores re abortion

Dana Gentry is a local television producer.

Flores had told the Assembly Education Committee that she had an abortion when she was 16, as you can see from the quotes below via the Reno Gazette Journal. Anyone who has ever made comments on Twitter about being pro-choice understands what it's like to be on the receiving end of irrational pro-forced-birther outrage. Flores got threats for saying this:

“I had six other sisters, all of them became pregnant in their teens – all of them... One was 14 years old when she got pregnant with twins. That is what I had to learn from.” [...]

"I got an abortion and it was a very difficult thing for me to do... I didn’t want to be like that (teen mom)... I wanted to do better and I knew I couldn’t do that if I had a baby, just like everyone else (in my family). My dad gave me the money and I went with a friend of mine (to have the abortion) and I will never forget that, having that done.... I don’t regret it because I am here (at the Legislature), making a difference, at least in my mind, for the young ladies and letting them know their options."

It isn't clear what the specific threats were or who made them.

Here is her Facebook statement (bolding is mine):

These have been a very trying two days. While I may have cancelled an appearance with Jon Ralston in an abundance of caution, I remain dedicated to my beliefs and my convictions, and no matter what comes my way, I will not be silenced - on ANY topic. A legislative deadline is fast approaching, and the precious time that is left will be spent working on the rest of my bills and other important legislative business, and NOT on defending a difficult choice I made when I was 16 years old. Thank you for the outpouring of support and well wishes. I am eternally grateful. ♥

Here is her press release explaining why she shared such a personal experience (bolding mine):

“This week, I shared an extremely personal story about a difficult decision I made as a teenager to have an abortion. I shared that story because I felt it was relevant to the importance of sex education in Nevada schools, and my belief that our children need to be armed with good information in order to make good choices.  While I am heartened, and deeply moved, by the support I have received from far and wide since my testimony, I want to ensure that we don’t lose focus on the real issue at hand. I don’t want the weight of a serious issue like abortion rights to overwhelm the purpose of this bill, which is meant to ensure that other young people are empowered with information that I simply didn’t have as a young person.

I maintain that educating our children is one of the most important things we can do as legislators, and that should include sex education. I look forward to working with my colleagues to pass AB230. AB230 is an important piece of legislation that is sorely needed in our state. Nevada's young people need to have access to information in order to make informed choices, and hopefully avoid having to make difficult decisions as I had to.”

In 2013, nobody should have to endure what Lucy Flores has, or even what those of us who so much as publicly mention being pro-choice have. And don't get me started on the onslaught of conservative anti-abortion laws and clinic shutdowns, let alone the death threats, assassinations, and attacks on abortion providers.

Threats, murder, intimidation... So much for all that outreach we keep hearing about.




Head of gun organization, former NRA lobbyist: "The next election is the time to hunt Democrats.”


obsessed obsolete

Remember that graphic, Sarah Palin's "hit list" from 2010, back when she was targeting House Democrats and used gun sight icons to make the point? That was pretty appalling and she got a lot of blowback for it. You might even say she was caught in the cross hairs:

palin hit list

So should former NRA lobbyist and founder of Rocky Mountain Gun Owners Dudley Brown be for his remarks. Think Progress is reporting on his interview with NPR, during which he said this:

Brown complains universal background checks are just a step towards identifying gun owners so the government can seize their weapons, and he calls the 15-bullet limit on ammunition clips arbitrary. He’s promising political payback in next year’s election that could cost Colorado Democrats their majorities.

“I liken it to the proverbial hunting season,” Brown says. “We tell gun owners, there’s a time to hunt deer. And the next election is the time to hunt Democrats.”

Not the best time to put that out there, Dudley, considering Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.) was threatened after introducing gun legislation: “They said they were going to kill me.”

Between the continuing Republican references to "hunting Democrats" and their bizarre obsession with "illegitimate and legitimate" rape-- a crime of violence-- one might conclude that many of those on the right are becoming even more unhinged.

And just as they're making all that noise about their "new and improved" party image.

extreme makeover my ass

Timing is everything.


Something Stinks -- Oh Yeah, it's Congress


yer out

Today’s guest post is by our pal and regular TPC contributor, David Garber.

Something Stinks -- Oh Yeah, it's Congress

Sequestration. The big afterthought proposed as nothing more than a gimmick a few years back and now the Republican House governance is trying to enforce it. It's kind of like making a bet, then welshing on it and asking a court to rule in your favor. Gambling debts are unenforceable. And isn't that really what this latest game called sequestration is all about -- a lost bet? Kind of "Kick the Can" which became kick and miss and finally kick my ass.

So why not stop playing games, stop all the nonsense and go back to work? If this whole charade was meant to be taken seriously, then why is it the Budget Control Act of 2011 so filled with gimmicks. And now these same party leaders who put this BS into effect are trying to play more games with it. Don't they know that playing with feces makes you stink?

And here's the irony: one of the few exemptions from sequestration is Congressional salaries... Did you know that? Their pay is sacrosanct. It can't be touched -- but hundreds of thousands of tax payers may lose their jobs or be work furloughed with no such protections. Which elected official wants to handle the question of how that got written into the budget control act?

Maybe the stench of Congress will finally get the Fabreeze treatment and go away peacefully -- but if not, the people who will be paying off the Republican and Democrats lost bet with their jobs and social safety nets will remember this come 2014 -- when we band together to "Dump the Chump" and start with a clean slate of legislators. Crap on me once, shame on you. Crap on me twice and ... well, leave it to "Dump the Chump." As the umpire in a ball game would say on a player's ejection, "You're outta here!"

elephant pooping

For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of television’s biggest hits… Saved By The Bell, Power Rangers, 227, Bill Cosby Show and many other network series. His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:the PRISM AWARD and the TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. Currently he’s authoring a short story series called “A Few Minutes With…”