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Republican Candidate Joe Miller Wins 'Most Racist Campaign Mailer'


For the Talent Portion of the Contest.  Only conclusion I can draw:

 The mailer is the work of Republican primary Senate candidate Joe Miller, who approved the use of images depicting heavily tattooed men without shirts making gang signs as representation of immigrants. The message on the mailer calls out Democrat opponent Mark Begich for wanting to give “20 million illegals” voting power. As Miller and his state’s three Republican Senate candidates are currently focusing on immigration to win their party’s support for the GOP primary election, this offensive angle should come as no surprise.

This comes as a surpreeze to moi, my knickers are in an Olympian twist. Addicting Info agreed, excerpted below but link here.

Joe's Gun Porn:


Miller got heat for the mailer, and he defended it during a televised debate over the weekend. Courtesy of Addicting Info Miller said:

“There’s a clear correlation, and the clear correlation is this: If you end up granting amnesty to those who don’t value gun rights, who have not been raised in an environment where the Second Amendment is cherished — is considered to be a God-given right — the reality is over a generation or two, the likelihood is very strong that the Second Amendment will not be here.”



“We have violent thugs coming across our border and doing violent things.”

Welcome to the real globe, Republican fanatics. Feel free to flee.

Joltin' Joe had a LOT to say about Obama, his leadership, gun fondling [with a booster shot of bourbon], Border Crises and 'the Presidential Lack of the Illusionary Feck'.


A-Las-kan Representative Don Young Caught Manhandling a Staffer


Representative Don Young (R-AK) grabs and twists the arm of a staffer on the Hill … and it is all cleverly caught on tape.

MSNBC's Chris Hayes had a fine exposè … with incriminating footage of the GOP Brute from A-las-ka Don Young. It's not pretty, the Regressive Right Caveman tendencies, particularly when they are played out live and sensibly recording of the video.

Rep. Young  was suitably shamed into a bland apology. Excerpt from Politico.

Rep. Don Young has apologized for grabbing the arm of a congressional staffer at the Capitol.
His response came after a photo and video surfaced of the Alaska Republican forcefully holding the arm of a congressional aide on Thursday. Roll Call reported that the staffer tried to prevent the congressman from entering a GOP meeting through a side door. After holding his arm for several moments, Young let go and entered the meeting.


I wonder if the balcony was too far away to threaten the staffer with?

Chris Hayes went All In on Congressman Caveman Young.

The following public comment summed it up.

Rusty Swan of The National Judicial College, a native A-las-kan. Guess it was a very good thing that Young wasn't open-carrying … no doubt his pal Sarah Palin has encouraged firearms for those sticky Congressional

As a fellow Alaskan, I totally agree. He, like Ted Stevens in his final years, has become an embarrassment to the state.

By 8:00 p.m. EST, Chris Hayes went All In on the shameful acts of Rep. Young just twelve hours after Morning Schmoe et al framed the criticism …

The majority of Regressive Right A-las-ka had better enroll in etiquette studies. That would be a killer reality show for the  SyFy Channel.

A comment on the story at a forum sums it up with panache:

Rep. Don Young (R) Alaska twists staffers arm causing pain on purpose caught on video
It is apparent to me he was trying to make a painful point to the young staffer who was just simply doing his job. They said the Representative didn't like anyone telling him what he could and couldn't do. He tried to play it off like he got caught off guard by some unknown person. The video is very telling.

It is representatives like these that we have in our ranks that think nothing of hurting someone physically because they feel that person is "beneath" them.
"What luck for rulers that men do not think"

Adolph Hitler


Republican’s want smaller government for the same reason crooks want fewer cops: it’s easier to get away with murder” James Carville

As George Costanza was wont to observe, We Live In a SOCIETY, here!!!!

It's barely a year since Young of A-las-ka used his tongue as a weapon, and called Latino immigrants 'wetbacks'

Lovely man. In this post Tea Party political schism Don Young's are worth a dime a peck.


Photo: JULY 31: Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, confronts an aide who tried to stop him from entering the side door of a House Republican meeting in the Capitol, July 31, 2014. Members are not supposed to use the side door when a meeting is in progress. Young was eventually allowed to pass. (Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call)


Brutes, bully boys and women who can castrate pigs/are fevered gun fondlers are virtually gua-ran-teed to be GOP/Tea Party Celebrities.



The manly men of Open Carry Texas targeting women results in threats , attacks: You "motherf*ucking whore".


The service is no longer available so we have removed that code from The Political Carnival.

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Reporting about the Koch brothers' money trail matters, despite their threats.


citizens united check republic Koch brothers

Kudos to Team Maddow for coming up with the Koch brothers graphic above. Sadly, it's all too accurate.

In the following segment of her show, she starts out by referring to this news report that I posted about back in October 2013: CA fines secretive donor groups, including one linked to Koch brothers:

Anonymous political donors are being fined by my home state of California for their secretive little doings...

Citizens United is still alive and well, unfortunately, and huge amounts of money are still influencing elections, but at least officials here are zeroing in on "dark money" groups like those linked to the Koch brothers.

Please watch the whole video, it's worth it, because Rachel Maddow kicked Koch ass last night:

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy


The Kochs ... tried to put the Republicans back in control of the Senate. And they failed. They tried to get more Republicans in the House as well, and they failed at that, too...

Change the world. sway elections, but keep your hands clean...

If you are writing checks alongside the Kochs, you get to be part of this Leviathan, far-reaching, well-funded nest of networks and no one ever has to know that about you unless you want them to. The Washington Post called it "a maze of groups that cloaks its donors."

koch brothers money trail WaPo

The Koch brothers say they have nothing to do with drug testing for welfare benefits or with the Florida law. But the group that is promoting that Florida policy around the country is affiliated with the Koch brothers and benefits from being part of their network of conservative political groups. And that matters. And reporting it despite their threats matters...

The Koch brothers are spending and organizing the spending of more money than almost anyone in history to influence American politics. They also fight vociferously to limit real reporting on how much they spend, how they spend it, and what the impact that spending has in our polity. They want to influence American politics. And they are influencing American politics. But they do not want to be known for what it is that they do....

[T]his is also about how American politics works now. And whether it stays in the light, or whether it is allowed to go underground. Because how they are working their side of politics now is millions and millions and millions of dollars, hundreds of millions of dollars, that are intentionally made difficult to trace, funneled to networks that build networks that you can disown when you want to, if you want to.

Does that intentionally opaque political activity get reported on now, or doesn't it? They have tried to make it as hard as possible for that reporting to get done. I say we do it anyway. It's our country too, even if we don't get invited to your billionaires party in Palm Springs every January. 

koch brothers influence