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#Trayvon Martin Stood His Ground and Got Murdered for It: So Did Native Americans


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Your Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my pal Mark Karlin:

Because the "Stand Your Ground" law is all about race. Thom Hartmann has best described this in articles in Truthout that historically tie cruel and often murderous white militias that pursued runaway slaves to the current Florida law (which has also been enacted in other states). The first column "The Second Amendment was Ratified to Preserve Slavery"...begins with essential historical perspective:

The real reason the Second Amendment was ratified, and why it says "State" instead of "Country" (the Framers knew the difference - see the 10th Amendment), was to preserve the slave patrol militias in the southern states, which was necessary to get Virginia's vote. Founders Patrick Henry, George Mason, and James Madison were totally clear on that . . . and we all should be too....

After a detailed historical recounting of the Second Amendment compromise to placate the slave holding states, Hartmann concludes:

Little did Madison realize that one day in the future weapons-manufacturing corporations, newly defined as "persons" by a Supreme Court some have called dysfunctional, would use his slave patrol militia amendment to protect their "right" to manufacture and sell assault weapons used to murder schoolchildren.

So Trayvon Martin is dead because he followed the letter of the racist ALEC-NRA "license to murder law" and protected himself against an unstoppable, insatiable deadly force: George Zimmerman. But "Stand Your Ground" laws aren't meant to give blacks the same rights as non-blacks; quite the opposite, they are, as they did in the case of George Zimmerman, meant to give whites (or half-whites in this case) the right to pursue blacks with impunity.

Historically, if we go back to the founding and expansion of what is now the United States, if there had been a legal entity existing at that time, Native Americans (as the illustration for this article points out) would have been entitled to stand their ground against the colonizers from Europe who were stealing their land and massacring them.

We would be subject to Native American law right now if indigenous tribes had had the right to stand their ground as European conquerors expanded westward, creating what is now the United States.

There would have been no development of the Southern tyranny and abomination of slavery, which imported Africans as property and the source of wealth for aristocratic plantation owners.

There would have likely, ironically, been no "Stand Your Ground" laws aimed at de facto allowing the murder of non-whites as BuzzFlash at Truthout wrote about in a July 6 column, "It's Not Just George Zimmerman on Trail, It's America's Acceptance of Killing 'the Other'."

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VIDEO-- BLUNT: Under the Gun


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VIDEO: Why Would Anyone Proudly Call Themselves a Conservative?


Leave it to Thom:

"Conservatives are yelling "stop" when it comes to marriage equality.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to climate change legislation.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to equal pay for equal work for women.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to critical, life-saving stem-cell research.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to providing health insurance at an affordable cost to all Americans.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to immigration reform.

They're yelling "stop" when it comes to ending the failed drug war.

And not only are they yelling "stop" - but they're actively trying to undo most of the progressive victories over the last century that they opposed from the start.

That includes undoing a women's right to choose - or even have access to contraceptives.

It includes forcing women to submit to mandatory ultrasounds - like they're children or wards of the state.

It includes passing more and more right-to-work FOR LESS laws - further eroding the rights of working people in America.

It includes gutting food safety programs, unemployment benefits, and food stamps.

And it even includes sabotaging our economy recovery to achieve their ultimate political goal - kicking a black man out of the White House.

This is what Conservativism has been all about in America - and continues to be about: fear, discrimination, and corporate domination."

And now, because it's election season and we'll be extra busy, we GottaAsk:

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VIDEO: The Root of Romney's Comfort with Lying



Psychiatrist DR. Justin Frank - The same man who Analyzed Presidents Bush and Obama - has analyzed Mitt Romney - and says Romney is comfortable lying, in part, because of the way he was raised in his Mormon faith. But could the reason why Romney can't tell the truth be something much more simple - and does it make him unfit to be President.

Sociopath? Or robot?


VIDEO: "Gov Rick Scott...the new George Wallace?"



"We can beat the money."

I wish I had his confidence.


Garlin Gilchrist II, joins Thom Hartmann. Get your lawsuits ready - the state of Florida announced on Monday that it is filing a lawsuit against the Department of of Homeland Security to gain access to a federal database of undocumented immigrants so the state can continue its illegal purge of Democratic voters. A new poll shows a majority of voters in Florida oppose Governor Scott's purge - and his own approval rating has plummeted to 31%. But Governor Scott knows what the rest of the Republican Party knows - and that's that polls don't matter - votes matter. And if enough Democratic voters are kicked off the rolls - then Mitt Romney will win in November - and Governor Scott will be re-elected a few years after. While the lawsuits play out in court - what can Floridians do now to protect their right to vote?


VIDEO: "Republicans have plotted treason now"



What do you call it when a small group of Republicans gather to intentionally sabotage an entire nation, just so their party can win political power off the pain of working Americans? Is it "treason"? Sedition? Or simply the most corrupt, evil, and petty sort of politics this town has seen since Newt Gingrich shut down the government and threw millions of Americans out of work because Bill Clinton had made him fly in the back of Air Force One?

Thom Hartmann. 'Nuff said.