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Video- Sen Rand Paul: Obama Is Losing The Moral Authority To Lead This Nation


If he said this once, he said it ten times, I guess just to make sure we heard it. Via.


VIDEO: George Will (yes, George Will) calls out Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for ignoring "facts" on immigration reform


facts schmacts smaller

Relevant segment at about :53, right at the beginning.

In my previous post of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: GOP isn’t “characterized by intolerance or looking down on anybody.” Ha!, the Senator made an ass of himself. Again. His position was so full of holes, it resembled Michele Bachmann's head. Oh, but I kid Michele.

(The sequel: Part 2 of Marco Rubio’s Sunday Stand-up: He hasn’t “fully read the Toomey/Manchin compromise” but he’s against it)

Apparently, Rubio wasn't the only one who needed to be called out.

It was refreshing to see someone in his own party take on Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) for ignoring "facts." Yes, that George Will.


Every conservative sympathizes with what Jeff Sessions was saying about not rewarding lawbreaking. However, conservatism begins with facing facts.

The facts are 11 million people are here illegally. Two-thirds have been a decade or more. 30%, 15 years or more. They’re woven into our society. They’re not leaving. and the American people would not tolerate the police measures necessary to extract them from our community.

Therefore, the great consensus has to be on the details of a path to citizenship. The most important thing Rubio said in your interview was, even if the system weren’t broken, if we had no illegal immigrants, we’d need to do something about this 'cause we need the workers. As the baby-boomers retire, and as the birthrate declines, we need something to replenish the workforce to sustain the welfare state.

Oh that. Facts, schmacts.

Via Think Progress:

As economists have explained, immigration reform not only stops under-the-table exploitation of workers from driving wages down; it also fills gap in the economy by creating a labor force for jobs that are complementary to low-wage jobs typically held by native worker. “Contrary to common fears, immigrants are not frequently in direct competition with native-born American workers, in part because they tend to have different skill sets,” a Center for American Progress analysis of economists’ research explains.

 Think Progress has more.


VIDEO-- Paul Krugman: "There's a little bit of pig in all of us. I speak from personal experience."


that's all folks

As I mentioned here, enough about President Obama’s “controversial comments” on Kamala Harris. He and she are friends, he made a quip in that context, and started out by saying how brilliant, dedicated and tough she is. Yes, it was bound to raise many an eyebrow, but it also didn’t deserve all the attention and air time it's been getting.

Here is Paul Krugman on "This Week with George Stephanopoulos." There's a 4-second lag at the beginning of the video due to my continued ineptitude at grabbing segments.

George Will:

We've always from time immemorial had that guy at the end of the bar nursing his third beer and venting his opinions. Now they do it, thanks to progress, on the Internet. And it creates this echo chamber.

George Stephanopoulos:

You were the victim of a lot of free speech on the internet.

Paul Krugman:

... It was dumb. And it's right to slap him for it. But you know, there's a little bit of pig in all of us. I speak from personal experience. So there we are.

So there we are. Oink.

Did I mention how glad I was that Paul Krugman appears on these shows?

Here is the entire Roundtable segment:


Another Sunday. More outrage to report.


rant alert

In what seems like another lifetime ago, our old pal and brilliant colleague Cliff Schecter used to write a Friday "Cliff's Corner" post at AMERICAblog that always started out with, "Another week. More preposterousness to report."

I am tempted to take it from there on a weekly basis: Another Sunday. More outrage to report. I can't and won't watch all the Sunday talk shows, and sometimes I refuse to watch any of them. However, today I caught some of "This Week" and a little of Alex Witt's MSNBC show.

Witt was discussing gun safety measures with two commentators (I didn't catch their names). One wondered why President Obama was taking his message to different cities, traveling around trying to rally the American people. The guest's point was, hey, the crowds clearly agree with him, so why waste his time? He should be in DC meeting with Congress members, getting personal, appealing to them one-on-one, because that's what they'd prefer and that might work.

Did Obama's goal really escape this guy? He's not trying to convince America of anything. They are convinced. They're 91% and 88% and 59% convinced. He's trying to get them to pressure their representatives, because that's what works. In fact, I believe the commentator even said that very thing. Congress won't pass laws, because constituents aren't pushing them enough, not because Obama's not in their faces. When the hell have Republicans ever cared about what the president tells them? When have they not blocked him, despite his reaching out or meeting with them or wining and dining them or golfing with them? Good lord.

Next: The panel on "This Week". George Will and Greta Van Susteren. Really? When will Sunday talkers have the balls to include an equal number of true Progressives on their panels, let alone their guest lineups (scroll)?

Next: All Hillary all the time. Enough already. Here's an idea: STFU about Hillary. It's 2013, and we have the 2014 elections to worry about. 2016 can wait. Just. Stop.

Next: North Korea. The news media's familiar crescendoing drumbeat. Have we learned nothing? Reporting news objectively is one thing, stoking fear is another.

And finally, enough about President Obama's "controversial comments" complimenting Kamala Harris. Obama had called Harris "the best-looking Attorney General" after saying she was brilliant, dedicated and tough. Whether or not his remarks were offensive, it simply doesn't warrant this much time and attention:


"Everybody should relax, lighten up. Mock outrage. I wish there was more outrage about the jobs numbers than we had about Kamala Harris."

How about more outrage about GOP obstruction, their phony "reinvention," their terrible policies, their unconstitutional efforts to outlaw legal abortion, and their ongoing campaigns and legislation to disenfranchise voters? How about that, "This Week" panel?


VIDEO: John Boehner "absolutely" trusts Pres. Obama, agrees with him that there is no immediate debt problem


obama boehner pals

President Obama said that the United States does not face an “immediate crisis in terms of debt," and Republicans are twisting that to mean that he's dismissing the debt the way the GOP dismisses the truth. If they had their way, we'd be changing our motto to "In austerity we trust."

John Boehner went on the Tee Vee Machine and said that the debt crisis is “looming,” but agreed that it wasn't “immediate.”

Think Progress:

Nor is there a great deal of evidence to back up Boehner’s distinction between an “immediate” and “looming” debt crisis. The long-term projections of mounting debt he and other D.C. lawmakers rely on are in fact riddled with dramatic assumptions and uncertainties about the future behavior of both Congress and the economy.

Martha Raddatz interviewed Boehner on ABC's This Week. Here's a snippet:

Aww, did you hear that? There was a Moment of Fuzzy followed by a Moment of Trust followed by a Moment of Agreement... followed by many Moments of Same Old Thing:


Where's your trust level with the president?


We have a very good relationship. We're open with each other, we're honest with each other...


So do you trust President Obama?






Absolutely. There's no issue there.


...How long do we have to solve our [debt] problem?


...It's not an immediate problem.


...So you agree with the president on that.



Of course, right after that "yes," Boehner became less agreeable. Wouldn't want to be too bipartisan, now would we?


Video- Ron Johnson (R-WI) Gets the Facts Wrong on Social Security


I like Krugman's "non facts". I think he means lies. Via.


Video- Rep Keith Ellison Confronts Rep Tom Cole On Sequester Hypocrisy


Heh. Via.