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Jeb Bush Got It Wrong -- Again


Obama closes Vatican embassy

The Bush family of blunderers is at it again. First it was GHW  'no new taxes' Bush,  then the ever-challenged scion GW 'Iraq is my game' Bush, and now older brother, Jeb 'Lost in the' Bush. Can a family really be that misinformed collectively? Two Presidents and a governor and not a penny of common sense among them?

Well, seems the Bushes could easily be a sketch on SNL once again -- "Meet The Foot-in-Mouth Family."

According to HuffPo reports,

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush (R) called out President Barack Obama for closing the U.S. embassy to the Vatican, questioning whether the decision was political "retribution" for Catholic opposition to the Affordable Care Act.

Here's the actual tweet: (from @JebBush on Twitter)

Why would our President close our Embassy to the Vatican? Hopefully, it is not retribution for Catholic organizations opposing Obamacare.

There's just one small problem. The Vatican Embassy isn't actually closing. It's moving. A bit of a difference there, but subtly has never been a Bush family trait.

For cost saving purposes, some $1.4 million per year, the current standalone embassy will relocate to a larger compound shared with the U.S. Embassy in Italy, as well as the U.S. Mission to the United Nations. New address. Same embassy.

Okay, it's possible Jeb the dunce missed this, but then to accuse Obama's decision as being a political "retribution" for Catholic opposition to the Affordable Care Act. That takes some balls. And Jeb doesn't have them.

Apply this logic and see where it takes you. Obama is closing (or moving) the US facility to the Vatican, Pope Francis's home, because of fear over the the Catholic Church's take on healthcare? That's what Jeb's saying. But it's also not true. The Church is absolutely for the Affordable Care Act.

It was just a few days ago that the Pope, the Holy See, came out publicly and nailed the US Republicans to the holy cross for their discarding the poor in favor of the almighty dollar?

Doesn't Jeb have a TV or radio? Is he too ignorant to know how to turn it on? You can't have missed the Pontiff's speech. Even Fox News covered its contents, before labeling Francis a heretic.

Pope Francis, in his first apostolic exhortation has condemned the trickle down economics, the mainstay of the Reagan-GHW Bush fiscal plan. Pope Francis also denounces tax evasion and economic inequality, and he exhorts governments to ponder a saying that “not to share one’s wealth with the poor is to steal from them and to take away their livelihood.”

That condemnation, my dear readers, is of the Republican Party platform and programs. It is though, what the the church says is categorically "unchristian."

So letting logic dictate, if anyone wanted to shut the Vatican Embassy down, it would be Bush's GOP party. Fortunately, no such move is planned. A cost cutting effort to bring our budget under control is being exercised by Obama. It's called fiscal prudence, not political retribution. That's the Tea Party's game, not Obama's or the Democrats.

Jeb, you're the acorn that didn't fall far from the Bush-- but the fallow one that never took root. Time to abort.


"Stuff happens. But take faith boys, We have come to save what’s left of Christianity."


book being crhistian

Please welcome back guest blogger, K.C. Boyd:

To: College of Cardinals, Vatican City, Italy

Re: Dominionist Community Says Move Over. Pastor John Christian Hillcox To Be Named Next Pope

The times, they are a changin’. For the first time since, get this, the MIDDLE AGES, the pope decided to leave his post.  Otherwise put, he threw in the towel. Abdicated. Jumpin’ Jehosophat!

Which is why, WE, God’s True and Only Christians, we see this abdication as a sign from on high.  As Dominionists, you know, we gotta tell you; it’s time for an earth-ending, rending-of-the-heavens Change. As in: Change You Can Really Believe In This Time. Meaning, when it comes to candidate selection, not election, of the world’s next pope, how’s about we go with the Real Thing?

Catholic, schmatholic we say. Whores of Babylon, more aptly put. The day has come to bow the head and bend the knee to the one and only John Christian Hillcox for Pope. Pardon us, you guys in the Vatican: after centuries of trying to get it right, you got it wrong, praised be He. Now it’s our turn.

War, while rampant and deadly throughout the centuries, never came close to producing The Final Showdown.  The Big Kahuna. The One. Not only that but all the while you were waiting for His return, your Catholic clergy-dudes consistently and organizationally chose to shower their anointing upon countless young lads across the globe to great and grave public shame and disgrace. In the final outrage, your Abdicator-In-Chief actually dared to openly flirt with Modernism by taking a little vaycay to Turkistan, land of the Infidels. Hey, anyone can see you’ve lost your way. Stuff happens. But take faith boys, We have come to save what’s left of Christianity.

We, American Dominionists, are the light and the hope in this dark, amoral mess of a world and we promise, there’ll be no hiding that light under the proverbial bushel basket. Because, fellow travelers, the time has come for US to take Dominion. To take Dominion over businesses and bankers, over government offices and elected officials. To rid the earth of that pesky One-World United Nations. To take back the Jew-controlled media and its pornographic entertainment industry. And when it comes to today’s public education system with its mandate to homosexualize our young, BAM!. . .  consider it gone, replaced by proper Christian schools that will teach from the One True Text.

As for today’s modern “family” rife with same-sex abominations and femi-nazi dominatrixes, we’ll restore that sacred cow of an institution back to God’s intended unit of male dominance and female submission. We know you meant to do that but hey, you never did get to it, did ya? Lastly, hate to break the news , but we’re gonna have to put an end to the stranglehold you Catholics have held over Christianity.

Take heart; we’ll spread the Good News, but that means OUR news, not yours. Otherwise put, we will shake things up until we finally have a world worth saving, a world of True Believers.  You’ve had your day. It’s our turn now.

To conclude:, We, as God’s True Chosen , hereby select Pastor John Christian Hillcox of The Male Headship Church in San Antonio, Texas as the Last and Final Pope.

 Novelist K.C. Boyd is the author of the viral sensation, Being Christian: A Novel. According to Mikey Weinstein, President of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, "Boyd created a story so riveting that not only could I not put it down, but upon finishing it, I found myself, like an addict, craving more.


OccupyLA: The lawn rangers


Those dirty French gay Kenyan Marxist socialist hippies are ruining Los Angeles City Hall's already parched and impossible-to-keep-up-without-a-ton-of-watering lawn, and my home paper wrote it up. Apparently, readers had a little something to say in response, so with that...

Today's L.A. Times letters to the editor, because our voices matter:

Grass isn't greener

Re "L.A.'s occupation could grow," Oct. 20

So, it will cost $400,000 to replace the lawn around City Hall? If Department of Recreation and Parks General Manager Jon Kirk Mukri calls the city's Department of Water and Power, perhaps he can wangle a deal to get the $1 per square foot that the DWP pays a resident to remove a lawn.

Surely in this age in which residents are encouraged to replace water-hungry lawns with xeriscaping, the city of L.A. could do the same.

Debra Kaufman


The protest movement could motivate Wall Street to shape up by embarking on a stock-purchase program, the goal being control of the major offender corporations. Each person who supports the movement could purchase 10 shares of a targeted corporation, such as Bank of America. Cost: About $65.

The number of shares acquired should grow quickly. The voting rights obtained would be assigned by proxy to a trust created by the protest movement.

Soon, like dominoes, all the major offenders would lose control. The sooner the better.

Herbert I. Rosenkrantz


Really? The Times' coverage of the protests leads with a focus on the cost of "repairing the increasing damage to the City Hall lawn"?

Can we now focus on the real issues, such as the impact of the economic policies that are responsible for igniting grass-roots movements across North America and Europe? Grass grows back.

Hannah Galloway
Santa Monica


Oh my God, the grass at City Hall is dead. How sad that we have lost some of the most useless stuff in history, responsible for our biggest waste of water. Sad, sad, sad.

James Moore


"The Vatican’s statement is 'to the left of' every member of Congress and perhaps even the Occupy Wall Street protesters."


Today's Quickie:

Hey Occupy Wall Street supporters, want me to make your day? Actually, it's the Vatican that will make your day, but I'm the messenger.

Well, actually, it's Think Progress who is the messenger, but I'm the spreader of newser:

The Vatican release is a clear sign that it supports the message of the Occupy Wall Street protests, Vincent J. Miller, the Gudorf Chair in Catholic Theology and Culture at the University of Dayton, said in a press release:

“While conservative leaders and several presidential candidates want to eviscerate financial reform, the Vatican has sent a powerful message that prudent regulation of our financial system is a moral priority. I expect Catholic neo-cons who usually present themselves as the defenders of orthodoxy will ignore or scramble to defuse this timely teaching. It’s clear the Vatican stands with the Occupy Wall Street protesters and others struggling to return ethics and good governance to a financial sector grown out of control after 30 years of deregulation.” [...]

Father Thomas Reese, a senior fellow at the Woodstock Theological Center at Georgetown University, wrote in a column today that the Vatican’s statement is “to the left of” every member of Congress and perhaps even the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

More here.

That was today's Quickie. Was it good for you?