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VIDEO: Bush A.G. Michael Mukasey bursts right wing impeachment bubble


bubble burst

Video via Media Matters

Guess who was on Sean Hannity's Tee Vee show? Former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

Guess who blew a big fat hole (no pun) in all those right wing talking points about the unconstitutionality of President Obama's gun violence prevention initiatives? Former Bush Attorney General Michael Mukasey.

So much for the all those impeachment fantasies.

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Poor Sean.

Poor gun zealots.

Poor NRA.


"I don’t think it’s unconstitutional in the sense that I don’t think it’s something you could get a court to find unconstitutional. We can have a debate about whether it’s consistent with the constitution or not, but there is a limited number of things that'll get you into court to have that decided, and I don’t think any of the things you’ve enumerated are among them."

I can hear the Second Amendment misinterpreters now:

I hate when that happens

Need more, righties? Here's Reagan’s solicitor general Charles Fried, via Think Progress and WaPo:

These are either standard exercises of presidential power, or even more benignly, standard examples of the power of the president to exhort the public or state officials to be aware of certain problems and to address them."

curses foiled again


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