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Video- The Obama Campaign's Wunderkind


The kids' got potential.


Video- David Axelrod Shaves His Mustache For Charity


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He looks just fine. The charity's website is here.


Video- Ann Romney Chides Obama Team’s Post-Debate Reaction, "Poor Sportsmanship"


So.... uncouth! Via.


Team Obama serves the press cookies that Mitt Romney said, "came from the local 7-eleven, bakery, or whatever.“



I'm sure most of you will remember this moment of Willard's War on Cookies, aka CookieGate:

Yes, back in April, Just Like Us Mitt proved that he couldn't recognize a specially baked cookie if he tripped over one in the kitchen of one of his mansions.

He actually thought he was relating to Pennsylvania voters in that video, comparing a batch of cookies from a mom-and-pop store to those mass-produced for 7-Eleven stores:

“I’m not sure about these cookies. They don’t look like you made them,” Romney said to the woman sitting next to him “No, no. They came from the local 7-eleven, bakery, or whatever.

The comments quickly spread on Twitter, with some pointing to the remarks as an example of Romney being out of touch to the point of confusing 7-11 with a bakery.

At least he didn't call them "chocolate goodies."

Today, TPM caught this tweet:

Oh, snap.

I love TPM's line, "It’s not exactly the same as driving a campaign bus around a rival’s event and honking the horn." No, it's also not as infantile, unprofessional, annoying, loud, and pointless.