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VIDEO-- Bob Schieffer: Major Garrett to replace Norah O'Donnell as CBS Chief White House Correspondent


Major Garret used to be a White House correspondent for Fox, and on "Face The Nation" Bob Schieffer announced that Garret is now replacing Norah O'Donnell as the Chief White House Correspondent for CBS News. 

Norah O'Donnell has done some good work, most recently in her interview with Grover "Poopy Head" Norquist:

Grover Norquist:

The president was committed, uh, elected on the basis that he was not Romney and Romney was a poopy head and you should vote against Romney and he won by two points. But he didn’t make the case that we should have higher taxes and higher spending, he kind of sounded like the opposite.”

Norah O’Donnell:

Well, I’m not sure that’s what the president called Mitt Romney, Grover. That’s not the debate that was had … He said very clearly throughout the debate that the wealthiest Americans should pay more, and he won eight of the nine battleground states, um, and Republicans failed to reclaim the White House or the Senate.”

And who could forget Norah O’Donnell Pummels Boehner on “Repeal and Replace”?

Unfortunately for "fair and balanced" news coverage, Foxers, former and current, are infiltrating as many outlets as they can: Former News Corp. exec expected to head Tribune Co., Rupert Murdoch eyes LA Times, Chicago Tribune


AUDIO: David Shuster on “The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine”



How I adore the Shuster.

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Roger Ailes quote from the book "The Fox Effect": "You’ll look like a f***ing faggot.”


The other day, Paddy wrote:

I received in my mail yesterday, written by Mr David Brock and a MM colleague, the preview copy of “The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine” It’s released on Tuesday.

Think Progress has a copy too. Here's one little excerpt:

Ailes used homophobic slurs to describe George H.W. Bush’s clothing: “‘You can’t wear a short-sleeve shirt—you’ll look like a fucking faggot.” [The Fox Effect, p. 32]

Just as ClusterFoxian as we expected, isn't it? What a peach of a guy.

Please go read the rest of the "Top Five Roger Ailes Quotes From The Fox Effect." And once Paddy finishes the book, you'll get her take, too. I personally cannot wait for Paddy's impressions. That should be more than a little entertaining.


Media Matters Conspiracy? Looks Like Fox/Daily Caller Conspiracy!


About a month ago I began to notice a huge increase in Fox's attacks on Media Matters from about once or twice a week to one or two a day, mostly on Fox and Friends, O'Reilly or Hannity. Here are some chyrons from Fox & Friends**-

A Liberal Influence; Revealing the funding behind Media Matters

The Money Behind The Machine; David Brock Committed to a Quiet Room

Financing the War on Fox; Brock used to be a Republican, now a Liberal

Media Matters’ Money; David Brock is an admitted drug user

A Liberal influence; Brock spent time in a mental ward

Unusual, but I just figured with the economy getting better they were flailing around for anything to hyperventilate over, and their viewers do so enjoy stories of evil librul entities "co-ordinating" with the Kenyan Socialist Not-Like-Us Administration. Enter Tucker Carlson's pixilated fish wrap "The Daily Caller" and its "multi-part expose"-

Relying on tax returns and websites of wealthy U.S. foundations, a Daily Caller investigation has revealed the sources of more than $28.8 million in funding collected by the liberal Media Matters for America since 2003, the year before its formal incorporation. That sum represents 54 percent of every dollar the organization has raised in its history, making Media Matters a principally foundation-driven — not citizen-supported — activist group.

Wow, 2.8 mil in just under 10 years, which comes to um.... about 3 mil a year. That in all that time The Soros Monster has contributed just over $1 mil is unconscionable, outrageous and totally criminal!!! I mean the Koch brothers won't piddle under 2 mil for their most visible beneficiaries, it's just so uncouth.

But then David Brock has a temper! And his assistant legally carries a gun! He was adopted! On and on last week, getting more personal and nasty as it went along.

I received in my mail yesterday, written by Mr David Brock and a MM colleague, the preview copy of “The Fox Effect: How Roger Ailes Turned a Network into a Propaganda Machine” It's released on Tuesday.

Not that it sounds coordinated or anything…

**NOTE- This from the Brave New Films associated site Newhounds. Both have been going after Fox and Ailes for years, and I've never seen this kind of concerted effort aimed at them. I've only dipped into the book, but I plan to write about it later this week.