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VIDEO: Jeb Bush won't "rule out" 2016 run. "What's in a Name: Another Bush in the White House is just unthinkable."


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Jeb Bush was on the Today Show saying he wouldn't rule out a 2016 run for president and this, via First Read: No pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants. See how inclusive and revamped the Republican party has become?

And with that, another guest post is by our pal and regular TPC contributor, David Garber:


I guess when you're buying jeans, you can go for an old standby like Levi's or Lee and nobody's going to say too much. Not designer, but accepted and reliable. They wear well.

When you buy dinnerware it's always nice to see a name like Mikasa or Noritake. Plain, simple and durable. Fit for any occasion.

And when you're looking for golfing equipment, Titleist and Callaway are fine names. Brands that reassure you of quality.

But when it comes to politics, there are certain names that you want to stay away from -- Howie Cheatum, Ima Felon and Dewie 'Rob' Hughall -- Oh, and anything Bush. Yup, Bush.

Just this morning, on the Today show, Jeb announced he's considering a run for the White House in 2016. This famous brother and son, Jeb (the Jethro of the Clampett clan) revealed he's open to finish the job destroying what's left of this country after his family has already weakened it. This would be the first time three members of the same immediate family took the reins of this country.

And borrowing from the famous Alka Seltzer ditty, "Plop, plop, fizz, fizz, oh what a relief it is -- NOT!" Another Bush in the White House is just unthinkable. Though he's probably -- no, definitely -- the most capable of the Three Stooges, Moe, I mean Jeb, is just another puppet for the war-loving iconoclasts from the past. He's a man with the same myopic vision as his other family members. As he's supposedly bi-lingual he should understand this (or Marco Rubio can translate it for him): "Sólo él no." Which means, "he just won't do."

So this is a movement that must be nipped in the bud. Now that he's made it clear he's available and interested, it's incumbent upon all of us to make it known that we're not... Just like Zenith, for out next president, we want the quality to go in before the name goes on. Bush is just another Philco, which rhymes with Bilko, and that candidacy would be just as crazy. We might as well try to enlist a chimp (for those of you old enough to remember the classic Sgt. Bilko).

Dump the Chump -- and all his family. If we want to see a Dynasty, go rent it on Netflix. If we want our country to go upwards, let's look to valid leadership -- not pick a Bush and coast downhill. Scary thought that the Bushmobile is ready to roll once again. How many ditches can it drive us into?

My diatribe begs the question about the inevitable front-runner for the Democrats - Hillary Clinton. During 2007 and 2008, I categorically said no for the same reasons I say no to Jeb now. He hasn't done anything that makes him worthy. Yet now that Hillary has not only served as senator (just satisfactorily) and as Secretary of State (most admirably) I think she's earned commander-in-chief stripes.

Would her election be a dynasty? Not really. Two Harrisons served as president and two Adamses served likewise, yet no one speaks today of that as a dynasty. Jeb, just like his father and brother were mistakes -- and we paid the price for it. A total of three wasted terms 12 years of downward spiral. Shouldn't we learn from our mistakes? This acorn didn't fall far from the tree -- he's just another branch of the same shaft.

Truth is, the shining star for the progressives out there is a first term senator -- a woman who has business experience, strong governmental understanding, tremendous vision and a remarkable backbone -- a woman who won't back down in representing, "We, the people." She took on and defeated her popular Republican pretty boy opponent quite handily. Her name is Elizabeth Warren.

Obama only served one term as Senator and was elected, then re-elected. And overall he's done a fine job. There have been mistakes, but no one will prove to be error free. Perhaps Warren is short on elected experience, but what can an established politico do that a newcomer couldn't? Keep her in mind if Hillary isn't your cup of tea or if she elects not to run.

But make no mistake -- a vote for returning to a Bush to the White House with anything other than a visitor's pass is a vote to destroy our freedoms and perhaps even democracy. One must be worthy of the position of POTUS. Being a member of a family doesn't qualify. Mrs. Clinton now has. Elizabeth Warren is getting there. Jeb? Not so much.

Let's move forward, not back.

For the past 25 years, David Garber has been serving as the show runner and or writer on some of television’s biggest hits… Saved By The Bell, Power Rangers, 227, Bill Cosby Show and many other network series. His writing and producing have also netted David two very prestigious awards:the PRISM AWARD and the TV CRITICS AWARD – TV SPECIAL OF THE YEAR. Currently he’s authoring a short story series called “A Few Minutes With…”


Quickie- Another Bush Ready to Run



I know that every time I think about the future of our country, my first thought is, "Gosh, we need another Bush to lead us!" Via Taegan.

"George Prescott Bush is gearing up to run for a little-known but powerful office in a state where his family already is a political dynasty and where his Hispanic roots could help extend a stranglehold on power Republicans have enjoyed for two decades" the AP reports.

Said Bush: "We for sure are running, the question is the office."