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Mid-Day Non-Political Post: Unsung Hero (Thailand)


Thailand Unsung Hero

I love this.


Tuesday Links


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Overnight: Travel from Singapore to Bangkok by Train



As We Travel ( is a website which documents the travels of Sofia van Porat and Nathan Schacherer. I love their videos which you can find on YouTube or the website directly.

Here's one about the luxury rail trip from Singapore to Bangkok, though they by no means always travel in the lap of luxury. YT has 54 videos and the ones I've seen point you to inexpensive hotels or youth hostels.



A New Kind Of Erectile Dysfunction Ad (NSFW)


Advertising icons

I love catching a fun ad on TV. Some of them are so creative that they actually sail over my head in their... cleverness. There's insurance company ads where fathers use hoses to bath their big as a house babies. There's an especially mind boggling commercial for a video game which features a post apocalyptic Las Vegas, burned out and smoking, with Sinatra singing in the background, and a lone car filled with survivors, armed to the gills, driving through the debris. I think if you're old enough to get the Sinatra/Vegas connection, you're way beyond playing Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto, but hey, what do I know. I'm not Don Draper.

None-the-less, millions are spent in advertising dollars to get our attention, and then once they have that, selling us an item is secondary. It no longer seems that the commercial be pertinent to the product. Just grab our attention. A talking Gecko or a dancing hot dog or a red-headed clown will do, if it's cute enough. But when those gimmicks fail, there's always SEX.

Yes, the bottom line is that sex sells -- anything.

Here's an example. You've just lost grandma to old age. You can't keep her in the garage, so you elect, like most folks, to bury her. If you're handy, like those people on HG TV's Celebrity Home Coffin Makers, you can build your own pine box. But if you're not, you may need to purchase one.

What do you look for when buying something to last an eternity? The coffin industry thinks sex:

coffin ad 1

Perhaps that's a bit too subtle but not for the Polish coffin makers. Well, here's more from Cracked:

The owner of Lindner Coffins has fended off accusations of tastelessness by claiming that he wanted to "show the beauty of Polish girls and the beauty of our coffins," and insisting that a coffin is "furniture, the last bed you'll ever sleep in." According to the calendar's (not safe for work) promo page, the 2014 theme is "nature, which we express with perfect harmony between Lindner coffins and natural wood."

coffin ad 2

And speaking of "natural wood" how about this Thai commercial for fertilizer. I dare you to watch this commercial and not get the "hidden meaning," or get a rise out of it. Subtle it ain't. But hysterical it is.

Move over, Mad Men: