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Rick Perry lawyers up for criminal investigation of bribery, coercion, abuse of authority (VIDEO)


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Rick Perry lawyer statement investigation bribery

Texas Governor Rick Perry, that quick thinker who couldn't remember his third talking point during the 2012 presidential debates, is lawyering up. There is a criminal investigation underway into whether he illegally withheld money from the Travis County district attorney's office.


And now he's hired high-powered lawyer David Botsford to prove that Rick Perry, who swearstogod he broke no laws, broke no laws. The real nail-biter? Watching to see if Rick Perry can come up with three reasons why he's innocent.

Via KLBJ news radio:

Governor Rick Perry has hired a high powered attorney to represent him in an upcoming trial where he will defend himself against accusations he illegally withheld money from the Public Integrity Unit, a part of the Travis County D-A's office.  Perry cut funding to the unit during the last legislative session when Rosemary Lehmberg refused to step down from office after being convicted of drunk driving.

Rick Perry vetoed a budget item after the District Attorney was arrested for a DUI and then refused to resign. So yes, he may have "illegally withheld money," $7.5 million, from the Travis County District Attorney's office.


Via KVUE, an ABC affiliate:

The hiring comes as a special Travis County grand jury is set to be seated Monday to hear evidence into whether Perry broke state laws concerning bribery, coercion and abuse of authority.

It's grand jury time in Texas! So GOP, how's that family values, reinvention thing working out? And your insistence that Republican governors are awesome? *coughChrisChristiecough*


Get out the popcorn.


"Only intensive push in next 15 years can stave off climate change disaster"


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The New York Times has an unnerving article about a United Nations report that "only an intensive worldwide push over the next 15 years can stave off" a potential climate change disaster later this century:

The report did find some reasons for cautious optimism. The costs of renewable energy like wind and solar power are now falling so fast that their deployment on a large scale is becoming practical, the report said. In fact, extensive use of renewable energy is already starting in countries such as Denmark and Germany, and to a lesser degree in some American states, including California, Iowa and Texas. [...]

Yet the report found that the emissions problem is still outrunning the will to tackle it, with global emissions rising almost twice as fast in the first decade of this century than in the last decades of the 20th century.

That was posted today. Yesterday, MSNBC's Alex Witt interviewed  John Fiege, the director and producer of "Above All Else," a documentary about lives affected by the Keystone XL tar sands Pipeline project. Juxtaposing these two reports in one post-- one on impending climate change disaster and the other on a short-sighted, corporate disaster-in waiting-- should be a wake-up call. But will it be?

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Witt: If completed, the [Keystone XL] pipeline could stretch 2,000 miles from the oil fields of Canada to refineries in the Gulf Coast. Deep in the heart of Texas, a group of rural land owners and student activists came together in an unlikely union to protest the construction of the Keystone Pipeline. The property owners claim they were manipulated into signing over their land to TransCanada. The energy company for its part is saying the pipeline is a job creator that will ensure North America's energy independence. What happened next is chronicled in a new documentary titled "Above All Else."...

Fiege: The companies building the pipeline were surprised to see such strong opposition from people who lived there. The thing in east Texas, they don't like a foreign company coming in and taking their property and they know how to fight back so it is an interesting conflict...

The folks who signed, as they learned more about what the Keystone XL pipeline is, and that its whole purpose is to transport tar sands oil from Alberta, Canada, they didn't know that when they signed the agreement. They also didn't know that the company did not have the permits it needed to build the pipeline. So they felt like they were manipulated and lied to...

You know, another example of an oil project touted as being "state of the art, cutting edge" was the Deepwater Horizon rig in the Gulf Coast that BP ran that exploded. We've heard this over and over again, where oil companies claim they're using state of the art technology-- they probably are-- but we see this over and over again that this infrastructure is not safe. ...

That's one of the main stories the film tells. If you're an individual, if you're an American and you want to fight back against this and you object to a foreign corporation taking your land and you want to do something about climate change, you are putting yourself at great peril and you're going to be crushed by these enormous corporate powers that have emerged and really taken an outsized, you know, section of power and wealth in our society. I think one thing this film chronicles is really a wake-up call for folks in the middle of the country and the reddest parts of red states who don't think this is a good system to have and feel completely disempowered.


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Texas Marriage Law Takes It Up The Butt-end Of The Stick


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Ah, it's a good thing Washington State University isn't located in Texas. You'll understand that statement in a minute. First, here's more outrageous right-wingnut evangelical babble from the Lone Star State. THE RAW STORY:

According to Houston’s KHOU, Conservative Republicans of Texas president Dr. Steve Hotze made the bigoted remarks in a press release supporting Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill, who is running for re-election.

“Our Founding Fathers would be furious to find out that the Constitution was being interpreted to allow sodomites to marry,” wrote Hotze in a Republican Party fundraising letter.

Imagine that. When's the last time, outside of church you heard someone use the word, "sodomites?" It's been a while in my circle of associates. So as not be be confused, I Googled "sodomites" to get the exact definition. "One who commits sodomy." So, I went next to Wikipedia:

Sodomy /ˈsɒdəmi/ is generally anal sex, oral sex or sexual activity between a person and a non-human animal (bestiality), but may also include any non-procreative sexual activity.[1][2][3] Originally, the term sodomy was commonly restricted to anal sex,

Okay, now we're all on the same page. And to use this definition, there's a lot of things that are commonly practiced in both heterosexual couplings as well as homosexual that fall under the term "sodomy." And if  Republicans of Texas president Dr. Steve Hotze really means what he says, he may very well be damning almost every marriage of every kind. Not just same-sex marriage.

So it's this next piece of journalism from Huffington Post that might put Hotze on his ass. It's an article entitled, The Latest Rage On College Campuses Is Apparently Anal Sex

"Modern men and women have gone off the beaten path by moving their entry point two inches south from that of their forefathers," Abigail Student [writer Washington State University] said on HuffPost Live. "Modern American couples have normalized the practice of anal sex. In the words of Frost 'the road less traveled by' has gained some serious traffic."

In her article, she cites a study conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth from 2006 to 2008, which stated that 44 percent of straight men and 36 percent of straight women admitted to having anal sex at least once in their lives.

And lets not even get into the oral sex numbers. Use your imagination how many have gone a-head with that.

When will these Republican evangelicals stop trying to snoop into our bedrooms and dictate what we can and can't do? Why not let gender identity and love determine whom we can and cannot marry? Living under the sanctity of a unity blessed by a faith is far more beneficial to society than exclusion and forcing two people who love one another and are willing to pledge that unity under a Deity, to live in sin.

There is no such thing as "unholy matrimony." There's only unholy thinkers. And here's one of them right now --