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John Boehner calls Rush Limbaugh's "use of those words... inappropriate"


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Here are a couple of posts about the back story involving Rush Limbaugh's vile comments about law student Sandra Fluke's defense of access to birth control.

By the way, President Obama called Fluke today "to offer her words of encouragement amid a controversy involving Rush Limbaugh's words toward her." Impressive.

Via First Read:

"The speaker obviously believes the use of those words was inappropriate, as is trying to raise money off the situation," Boehner spokesman Michael Steel said in a statement. 

This from the guy who raises money off of his own despicable statements about all kinds of issues. Okay, they're not as abhorrent as Rush's, but the policies Speaker Boehner stands for and tries to push through the House certainly aren't good for women, and do tacitly encourage right wing nut jobs like Rush to up the stakes until it becomes the GOP agenda on crack.

But thanks for the statement.

Notice he said the "words" were inappropriate. What about what was behind the words?

The comment refers to Democratic fundraising efforts related to Limbaugh's comments, in which he called Fluke a "slut." Fluke had been asked to testify about the policy of Georgetown University, a Catholic college, toward covering contraception for students. Her testimony came amid a controversy in Washington in recent weeks regarding the extent to which religious institutions should be required to cover contraceptive services as part of their insurance policies, despite moral objectives to contraception.

She's fast becoming THE new hero to anyone who believes in equality, women's rights, and fairness.


AUDIO- Rush Limbaugh: Student Denied Spot at Contraception Hearing a "Slut" and "Prostitute"


First, here is the  testimony Chairman Darrell Issa doesn’t want you to hear from Sandra Fluke, who Rush Limbaugh refers to as a "slut" and "prostitute".

Yes, she's clearly hanging out at the corner of Yucca and Las Palmas, birth control pills in hand, fish nets torn ever so-- just to entice-- and flaunting her anti-religious fervor via a tattoo that reads, "Let's show Jesus who's boss! Pay me for sex!"

Or... she's calling for health care assistance and women's equality on behalf of a desperate friend and a whole lot of others in similar (excruciating) circumstances.

Media Matters sent us the video to share with you, in case you hadn't seen it yet. It's from the February 29 edition of Premiere Radio Networks' The Rush Limbaugh Show:

"What does it say about the college coed Susan [sic] Fluke, who goes before a congressional committee and essentially says that she must be paid to have sex? What does that make her? It makes her a slut, right? It makes her a prostitute. She wants to be paid to have sex."

Oh, and Rush? Her name is Sandra. Not Susan. Sandra.

And she's a law student, not a prostitute, unlike yourself.

Fluke's heartbreaking appearance on The Ed Show here.


VIDEO: The Testimony Chairman Darrell Issa Doesn't Want You to Hear



The video summarizes the testimony Chairman Issa rejected at today's hearing: Sandra Fluke, who would have been the Minority's witness and the only female voice on behalf of millions of women who seek safe and affordable coverage for preventive health care. Visit Democrats.Oversight.House.Gov to read more.

Thanks to the Maddow Blog, we have a link to this video and more.

Paddy posted the video of Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke's heartbreaking appearance on The Ed Show here.

The War on Women continues.


Nixon’s long-secret Watergate testimony coming out


Oh goody!! More misogynistic, racist and sexist quotes from the disgraced president. He probably kept those thoughts to himself during testimony though. Dammit

WASHINGTON (AP) — Richard Nixon’s grand jury testimony about the Watergate scandal that destroyed his presidency is finally coming to light

Four months after a judge ordered the June 1975 records unsealed, the government’s Nixon Presidential Library was making them available online and at the California facility Thursday. Historians dared hope that the testimony would form Nixon’s most truthful and thorough account of the circumstances that led to his extraordinary resignation 10 months earlier under threat of impeachment.

“This is Nixon unplugged,” said historian Stanley Kutler, a principal figure in the lawsuit that pried open the records. Still, he said, “I have no illusions. Richard Nixon knew how to dodge questions with the best of them. I am sure that he danced, skipped, around a number of things.”

Nixon was interviewed near his California home for 11 hours over two days, when a pardon granted by his successor, Gerald Ford, protected him from prosecution for any past crimes. Despite that shield, he risked consequences for perjury if he lied under oath.


VIDEO: Rupert Murdoch gets pied during testimony at Parliament


As I liveblogged earlier, during the MurdochGate testimony, Rupert got pied with a plateful of shaving cream. His wife Wendi wasted no time in retaliating. I wonder how many of his other messes she helped clean up.

Slo-mo included:


A protester who has tried to attack Rupert Murdoch as he was being questioned by MPs has been named as comedian Jonnie Marbles.

Mr Murdoch's wife Wendi and his son James immediately jumped to his defence as the attack was launched while MPs were asking their final questions of the two men.

MP Chris Bryant condemned the attack in which he said the media mogul had a plate of foam pushed into his face.

Wendi Murdoch, who had been sitting behind her husband as he gave his evidence to the committee, appeared to strike back at the assailant.

The hearing was suspended as the man, wearing a checked shirt, was detained by police.

As he was led away in handcuffs, the man refused to give his name, saying: "As Mr Murdoch himself said, I'm afraid I cannot comment on an ongoing police investigation."

Describing himself as an 'activist and comedian', Mr Marbles wrote on Twitter just before the incident:

"It is a far better thing that I do now than I have ever done befor £splat."

H/t: @benschwartzy


VIDEO: Rupert & James Murdoch Testimony To Parliament




Rupert and James Murdoch's "willful blindness"; Rupert gets hit in the face with "a plate of shaving cream"


Liveblog of  the questioning of Rupert and James Murdoch (by the Committee for Culture, Media and Sport in the House of Commons of the British Parliament):

Proceedings were interrupted when someone off-camera tried to attack Rupert Murdoch. The man was sitting a few rows back, "smacked shaving foam in Rupert's face."  In other words, said Keith Olbermann, he was hit with a plate of shaving cream.

CNN news alert: The man could be heard telling Murdoch he's "a greedy billionaire." Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng, who was seated behind him, leaped to her feet and smashed the attacker's hand with her own, pictures from the scene showed.

Murdoch was hit full in the face, and stunned but not injured...

A few Keith tweets:

C'mon, Goober, you're on TV! Joel Klein just pulled something out of his ear and then looked at it. Twice!

Nice that Rupert just defended his "family company" by noting his father's great reporting of Gallipoli. Unfortunately that was in 1915-16

OOPS: James Murdoch just confirmed NewsCorp has paid some legal fees for phone hacker Glenn Mulcaire #SmokingGun

Jim Sheridan Q: do you accept that you're ultimately responsible? Murdoch: No. #CheckPlease #MurdochMelts

John Dean's take:

It went as I expected. Rupert had very little knowledge, James was more of the protagonist, the hands-on executive. Father only deals with the big issues, smaller details don't reach his attention. They're clearly well-rehearsed. They know how they can give half-answers to some questions, take the UK version of the Fifth Amendment... They're doing a good job, handling themselves well... This is all being guided by their attorney. This is crisis management in action.

"Willful blindness" is a well-known term, and when James was asked about it, he acted as if he didn't know what it meant, but Rupert jumped right in and said, "We haven't engaged in that."

I took down some random quotes, and added snark as necessary. This whole Murdoch "show" reminds me of the Cheney holding George Bush's hand testimony back in 2004:

There was clearly a blue suit memo, although tie colors do vary.

One of the first quotes I caught was, "We were advised to tell the truth." They had to be advised to do that? Then again, when one is unaccustomed...

James Murdoch, who has taken to clutching his chest for dramatic effect, has taken on the feigned sincerity persona of "Leave it to Beaver's" Eddie Haskell. Some quotes are verbatim, some are slightly paraphrased, and anything not in quotes is my interpretation of his statements:

"This is a serious matter of regret, a violation of trust to our readers."

"This is a matter of real gravity." (Meaning they're about to collide with reality with a big bang)

"Bad things happened YEARS ago.... only came to my attention when it was reported in the press.  It came as a total shock."

I am appalled, shocked, angry, dumbfounded, stunned, surprised, sickened! Oh, and did I mention we're blameless?

"We're trying to understand these allegations that come as a complete surprise to us. It's appalling that any of our employees would do such a thing!"

We CARE, we're compassionate. This is all so... regrettable.  Did I mention we're sorry for the misdeeds of others that we knew nothing about?

I understand everyone's pain and all the skepticism. I have enormous sympathy.

"I have no firsthand knowledge." Hey, I'm merely the chief executive.

"I'm happy to follow up on that."

"I'm so happy you asked that!" (Then he never answered the question.)

"I'm happy to go back and look at that."

"I don't have direct knowledge. I'm not aware. I'm so glad you asked...! These are serious matters. We take them seriously. We are cooperating with full transparency."

Did I mentions we're fully cooperating? I know nothing of what my underlings do, say, whisper, or perpetrate. Now, allow me to obfuscate...

"People who are lawbreakers should be held to account."

Rupert has a very annoying habit of thumping the table for emphasis. Some takeaway Rupert moments:

"This is one of the most humbled day of my life." Thump.

Take it, James. Thump.

We can't be bothered with teeny weeny little things like our own newspapers.  Editors? What editors? We have editors? Who hacked into phones? What phones? What hacking? There were cash settlements of a million pounds? What cash? What pounds?  Thump.

Nobody told us anything. Conversations between my employees and me consisted of, "What's doin'?" "Nothing special." Football, sure, but a million-pound payoff? Nah. Kthxbye. Thump.

We meant no harm when we published damaging headlines, honest! We'll watch that from now on, honest! Trust us! Thump thump.

The second we found out about the sleazeball illegal activities, we reported them. Immediately! Thump.

"We're a very big company. It wouldn't be surprising that there are people who are trying to please me." Thumpthumpthump.

"There is no excuse for breaking the law at any time." Thump.

"Sorry, I was told not to gesticulate."

Short version-- James: Yipyipyip yip yip! Yip yip yap yip!  Rupert: Woof. Thump.

And thank you for playing, "Throwing Your Employees Under the Bus"!