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Video Overnight Thread- Hate Monger Pastor Terry Jones muted by crowd of people singing "All You Need is Love"


Take that you p.o.s. Via.


Thanks to Terry Jones burning the Quran, there is deadly chaos in Afghanistan


"Loonbucket" (a term of not-endearment by his own daughter) Terry Jones has done something immensely stupid. He went ahead with plans to burn ("execute") the Quran in order to “stop Islam,” and as a result, violence has broken out in Afghanistan.

So there you have it, he's accomplished his goals. Angering a people to the point of deadly violence, ending lives, those were the fruits of his grand little gesture. Be proud, Pastor Lunatic. You've just endangered more lives, including American ones.

Gen. David Petraeus and Defense Secretary Robert Gates both warned him against doing this. Via Think Progress:

Fifteen people were killed this morning in Kabul, including ten United Nations workers, when residents enraged at Jones’ act stormed a U.N. office:

Protesters angered by the burning of a Koran by a fringe American pastor in Florida mobbed offices of the United Nations in northern Afghanistan on Friday, killing ten foreign staff members and beheading two of the victims, according to an Afghan police spokesman. Five Afghans were also killed.

The attack began when hundreds of demonstrators, some of them armed, poured out of mosques after Friday Prayer and headed to the headquarters of the United Nations in the northern city of Mazar-i-Sharif.

One Afghan official said “several hundred demonstrators were peacefully protesting the purported burning when the gathering suddenly turned violent.” This unfortunate but predictable violence is exactly what Petraeus, Gates, and others warned about.

As Think Progress notes, several on the far right bashed Petraeus for daring to issue those warnings.

Of course, it is highly unlikely the media will mention that little fact. It's much too relevant.


Eight workers for the U.N. and four Afghans were killed, said Abdul Rauof Taj, security director of Bulkh province. At least 24 people were injured, he said.


Pastor Jones's daughter: "I think he has gone mad"


As my Twitter friend Laurie coined so perfectly, Terry Jones is a loonbucket, and his own daughter agrees:

Emma Jones, who lives in Germany, told Spiegel Online she had e-mailed her father urging him to drop his plan to burn copies of the Islamic holy book, writing: "Dad, leave it be!" [...]

"My father is not one to give up," said Emma Jones, 30. "As a daughter, I see the good-natured core inside him. But I think he needs help."

"I think he has gone mad," she added.

Yeah, you could say that. I feel for her, having Pastor Lunatic as a father. I mean that sincerely.

She also said he's delusional and hopes he comes to his senses. I think it's safe to say we all agree with her.

H/t: LaurieInQueens


TPC's Tweet-O'-The Day: Claire McCaskill edition


Keith Olbermann has his Tweets-O'-The-Day, I have mine:

Yes, she's referring to Pastor Lunatic.

H/t: The Hill


In Koran, Jesus is mentioned more often than the prophet Muhammad


A Palestinian Muslim holds up a the Koran while attending a mass prayer event in the northern Gaza city of Beit Lahia. (Marco Longari, AFP/Getty Images / September 10, 2010)

There's a piece by Robin Abcarian in the L.A. Times today that enlightens the unenlightened about what the Koran's message is. What a novel idea, informing the uninformed, educating the uneducated, wising up the bigots.

So what exactly is in the dreaded Koran?

"It is the light from God to humanity. The healing of the broken hearts. And the skill to decipher right from wrong," said Dr. Maher Hathout, a senior advisor for the Muslim Public Affairs Council.

Oh my god! That's terrible! Healing? Right v. wrong? We must do something about this now!

I know! Spread the word! How's that for a solution?

Like the Bible...

Wait.  Brakes screeching. Sudden stop. Whiplash.

No way. "Like... the Bible"? Whaa? That kinda puts a crimp in the anti-Koran argument:

Like the Bible, the Koran teaches moral values and tells stories of prophets, such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus Christ. Hathout said that the Koran [...] emphasizes three major themes: mercy, justice and the oneness of God and the human family.

Hide the kids! Pull out the Second Amendment! The Koran teaches moral val---

Um, no. Start again. New message to bigots:

Help! Get out the matches! The Koran teaches mercy---

Darn. One more time...

Grab your torches! The Koran's themes include family valu--

Crap. This anti-Koran strategery is not going well at all.

Akbar S. Ahmed, Ibn Khaldun Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington:

"The Koran is often criticized in the West by people pulling out one verse or another to establish its violent nature," said Ahmed. "They will say the Koran says 'Fight the Jews and Christians and Muslim renegades,' but they leave out the next line — 'But make peace because God prefers peace….' "

Hmm, sounds like a pretty okay book. So what's all the fuss about again?

If the community center is moved, the message is, "America hates Muslims". If the Koran is burned, video will get out there, and the next message will be, "Kill Americans". In fact, the overkill (if you will) coverage of Pastor Lunatic and his sick message has already achieved that push to the next message.

It would be awfully helpful if people would start learning the facts instead of swallowing the lies. Then again, it's been awhile since the news [sic] dee jays stuck to the facts. And nutballs like Pastor Lunatic never have.




Via Keith Olbermann:



I hope the site change is untrue. But at least Pastor Lunatic is about finished with pushing his 15 minutes of infamy.

Details as they come in.


The lunatic is speaking live on MSNBC now. Live blog, some paraphrasing:

"We felt very convinced that we should do this. What would have to happen to call it off? One idea: Pray. If God wants us to call it off, if we accomplished our goal, then our thought was the American people as a whole don't want the mosque at the Ground Zero location. If they cancel that, or move that location, away from that location, we'd consider that a sign from God. He has been in contact with the Imam from NYC. I'll fly up Sat. to meet with Imam at Ground Zero Mosque. He's agreed to move that. That was sign from God.

MOSLims don't want us to burn the Koran. We've agreed to cancel event on Saturday."

We've accomplished our goals? Really? So angering a people all over the world, endangering lives, that's what you've accomplished? Good for you, Pastor Lunatic. Lawrence O'Donnell doesn't believe a word of what he said (just now on MSNBC). A loon convinced them to move the community center? Uh-huh.

UPDATE, he's a big fat liar. Via Keith Olbermann:

Sources in office of Imam Rauf say there is NO deal on moving NYC Islamic center; Orlando Imam only spoke of meeting.

Reuters now also quoting "SOURCES CLOSE TO NY IMAM" saying NO agreement to move Park 51 center


Pakistan's ambassador to U.S.: "I think it would help if Mr. Glenn Beck came out against" Koran burning


Um, can we talk?

Pakistan's ambassador to the United States called on conservative radio and television host Glenn Beck to denounce the planned burning to show that Americans are tolerant of other faiths.

"I think it would help if Mr. Glenn Beck came out against it and said that people of faith do not burn the books of people of other faith," Husain Haqqani told the Associated Press.

So calling on one nutcase to denounce another nutcase works for him, does it? Maybe he should rethink that, although I understand why he might have concluded whatever it was he concluded.

Giving Glenn Blech credibility is the last thing we should be doing, just as giving Terry Jones credibility is nearly as insane and  as the "spiritual abuser" himself.

On a side note, here are some random notes I took today. The first are from the Thom Hartmann radio show, and are paraphrased, but accurately reflect his commentary:

--[Talking about Terry Jones] is a great way to tie in 9/11 before an election. [He said this with disdain]

--Instead of calling Terry Jones out, the media take him seriously. They treat him as, not a nut or a zealot, but as someone [more credible]. They make money off of it. Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin profit off of this. They all have blood on their hands.

--Treat them like the crazies they are, a la Fred Phelps who founded the Westboro Baptist Church, or Tim McVeigh... rather than people who should be taken seriously.

--Talk about how Jones was kicked out of Germany, a cult leader who was spiritually abusing his congregation. The media response to Phelps has been to ignore him. Do the same with Jones, or at least point out his craziness. Why not point out that he's a Jim Jones wannabe with 50 followers?

--It's the same reason Bush didn't say the 9/11 attackers were nuts. Instead he used it as an opportunity.

Then I tuned in to Robert Gibbs daily briefing, and jotted down the following:

--Jones is a desperate man seeking attention. Cover something other than him every hour on the hour, parked in front of a van with his picture on it.

--No, I'm not pinning this on the media, I'm just answering your question.

--There are more people at his (Jones's) press conferences than at his sermons.

Gibbs edged into doing as Thom Hartmann suggested, intimating that this fruitcake should not be getting this kind of attention, and that he's a desperate extremist undeserving of a following of any kind.