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Damn, It's Tough To Be A Pregnant Woman In Tennessee



Soon it's going to be a crime in Tennessee for a pregnant woman to take medications of any kind while pregnant.  In seeking to curb illicit use of drugs and alcohol by pregnant women, the Hog and Hominy State threw out the baby with the bathwater (pardon the pun) .

The bill will criminalize pregnant women from using all medications including those for nausea, flu, mental health, pain, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart rate, or even alcohol or drug dependency meds. Sound crazy? Not so much in the eyes of Governor Bill Haslam who just signed the bill into law.

The Tennessean:

Tennessee women who use drugs while pregnant can be criminally charged for harm done to their infants beginning July 1.

Gov. Bill Haslam signed the legislation Tuesday after “extensive conversations with experts including substance abuse, mental health, health and law enforcement officials,” he wrote in a statement. “The intent of this bill is to give law enforcement and district attorneys a tool to address illicit drug use among pregnant women through treatment programs.”

The governor’s decision comes after a week of mounting nationwide opposition from civil and reproductive rights groups. They argued that criminalization would drive vulnerable women away from drug addiction treatment.

In targeting illicit drugs Governor Haslam cast the net openly and now all medications, even those written and monitored by licensed physicians could result in an expectant mother being fined or even doing time in jail. And forcing women into costly state-run drug rehabilitation programs may cause women to even avoid revealing their dependency problems to their obstetricians for fear they may get reported.

bite the bullet

So bite the bullet and suck in the pain, ladies of Tennessee. Your Republican-run state moves to the forefront of the anti-woman's movement with outrageous and outlandish laws. I guess the lesson in Tennessee is if you're a woman, don't get sick and go to a doctor when you're preggers, because there's nothing they can do for you other than say, tough it out.


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Overnight: The Natchez Trace runs from Natchez, Mississippi to Nashville, Tennessee


Image from the video: Blacktop Chronicles: Natchez Trace from Whippoorwill Hollow Films on Vimeo.

The Natchez Trace runs, as the post title says, from Natchez, Mississippi, on the Mississippi River itself, to just south of Nashville, Tennessee. It's 444 miles long and is, itself, a national park, administed by the National Park Service. It is a limited access highway with a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. Since no commercial traffic is permitted and there are few gas stations (I actually know of only one which closed down a few years - I'm not sure if there are any further north), the big RVs seldom travel it. In fact, except for certain stretches few vehicles travel it at all because it's only two lanes, the speed limit is strictly enforced, it is poorly or not at all lit, and the woods are full of deer and other animals.

I love it.

Because of the danger of hitting a deer at night, I travel it very slowly and stop often just to be in the middle of the Mississippi wilderness.

I looked at one video which was a time lapse of the entire trace and, as time lapses do, the entire distance was covered in a matter of minutes, giving you the impression you were traveling at 100 mph. Nothing could be further from the actual experience. The trace is for taking your time and savoring.


Oh, here is the Wikipedia entry about the historical trace.

Note: this beautiful road / national park would not have been built without the backing of Franklin Delano Roosevelt - FDR: Another wiki..

Blacktop Chronicles: Natchez Trace from Whippoorwill Hollow Films on Vimeo.


Overnight: 'I'm Not Marsha' (I'm Melissa!) Blackburn - Great TN Political Ad


This is *Melissa* Blackburn, not Martha of the same last name

Great campaign ad for Melissa Blackburn, who shares the same last name as Marsha Blackburn but is a very different candidate - and not for the same office.


Marsha Blackburn '16? Please proceed.


please proceed Marsha Blackburn

marsha blackburn

If you liked mocking Michele Bachmann and her laughable (and futile) aspirations to be a credible presidential candidate, you'll love mocking Marsha Blackburn. Well, sans the Pray the Gay Away husband.

And the jaunty little jigs:

WREG-TV in Memphis is reporting that Tennessee Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn may very well run for president in 2016. Or so says one of her aides.

The aide told she will start the process of testing the waters at a GOP rally in New Hampshire this weekend.

The political website says with such a wide-open race, she may have a shot as the only Republican woman considering a presidential run.

I'd LOL, but with GOP gerrymandering and unlimited fundraising the way they are... oh what the heck, I'm LOLing.

As for her being the only Republican woman considering a run, how's that outreach thing workin' for ya, GOP?

Marsha Blackburn of *over-talking hosts and opponents on the Tee Vee Machine* fame should cause many to haul out the popcorn. Stay tuned...


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