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No Choice, Says Priest to Teacher -- You're Gay, Okay, You're Married, You're Fired


Michael Griffin

Oh, those prickly Catholic priests, sticklers for the rules. Especially when you're the headmaster at a Catholic school. Rules are rules. There is no any choice.

Michael Griffin, an openly gay teacher the Holy Ghost Preparatory School, was fired from the Catholic institution he has worked at in Bensalem, Pennsylvania for the past 12 years. His crime? He applied for a marriage license. A same sex marriage to take place in New Jersey where it's legal.

Griffin who teaches French and Spanish, said his sexuality was no secret at the Bensalem school. As a matter of fact, he and his same-sex partner of 12 years had been dinner guests more than once at the home of the school president, Father James McCloskey. Everything was fine and dandy until the two gay men decided they wanted to sanctify their relationship with a legal marriage.

How does being legally married disqualify this teacher from being a good faculty member after being openly accepted for the past dozen years? The answer to that from the principal is simple: He has no choice.

No choice? That seems so convenient. Did he take into any consideration that Mr. Griffin has no choice either? His sexual identity isn't a choice. He didn't pick it up at school (coincidentally, he attended this same Holy Ghost Prep as a youth). If they believe sexuality is a choice, does it mean he learned to be gay at this Catholic school? If so, they have bigger problems there.

The sad thing is that by making his living conditions legal, this popular teacher is losing his job. For Holy Ghost Prep, it's okay to be homosexual and live outside the law, but try to bring love, decency and a marriage license into a relationship and the church is saying that's bad. No wonder Pope Francis has so many problems among his flock. Ignorance has pervaded many of their educational institutions.

Here's the story in video form. It's short but fills in some details. But you have the broad strokes of the failings of understanding at this Catholic institution. And I'm sure they're not alone. But what hypocrites this school is to welcome a good deserving teacher until he does something just and right. I guess you have to remove human emotion and tolerance for your fellow man/woman if you want to live by these limited tenets.



The Facebook Picture That Got High School Coach Fired


Loraine Cook

When I heard this story, I was scratching my head and truthfully, there was an immediate interest to know what kind of picture a person could post on Facebook and find themselves out of work -- fired. Well, you've just seen it. That picture above is all that it took.

Laraine Cook, a former girls' basketball coach at Pocatello High School in Idaho, wasfired from her job in October over a Facebook photo in which her fiance, Tom Harrison, holds her breast. The photo shows Cook and Harrison in bathing suits at a lake. Cook said the photo was snapped during a family vacation in July. As the New York Daily news put it, Harrison, who is a football coach at Pocatello High School, "wasn't flagged for holding," but was "reprimanded" -- short of termination.

Now let's analyze this for a moment. Putting aside the appropriateness of posting such a playful picture, what harm is there for two consenting adults to show some PDA's. (public displays of affection)? Is anyone really going to be irreparably harmed by this photo?

Two teachers, both coaches at the same school as well, are in a seemingly committed, "healthy" relationship. They're engaged. If this picture was skin on skin, they were kissing, would that have been deemed inappropriate? I think not. But this story gets into an area that I can't understand at all. Two people of legal age seem to be involved voluntarily in the same act. So isn't what's right for one, right for the other -- or conversely what's wrong for one is wrong for the other?

Yet here we have two sets of punishments. The male coach gets a reprimand and the female coach gets sh** canned?

Now if you really want a hoot, you've got to hear the opposing side, why she should be fired and why nothing should be done to the guy. And this is from a female attorney. A hint, it's okay to assault someone even from unwanted advances, but it's wrong if the victim posts proof with a picture on Facebook. You gotta see this to believe it.


VIDEO: Fathers' Day message from a Newtown dad. His daughter, a teacher, was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary.


newtown dad father's day

"My first Father's Day without my daughter..."

"For the rest of my life, I will not have a daughter."

"... Do something now."

Gun nuts' idea of doing something: Arm the kids. Arm the teachers. Arm everyone! The more people that die at the point of a gun, the better. To hell with common sense measures that might, you know, prevent deaths.

Via a Mayors Against Illegal Guns email:

Today is Gilles Rousseau's first Father’s Day since his daughter Lauren was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary, where she was a substitute teacher.

This Father's Day, share Gilles' story and help make sure fewer fathers ever have to bury their own children.

guns demand action to end gun violence


Video- Indiana Teacher Wants Straight Prom, Says LGBT People Have 'No Purpose In Life'


This has been going for a couple days, but this is the first video I've seen. Thank god this is the part of IN way far away from me. Via.


VIDEO: Florida Teacher Fights Voting Restrictions, Tried to Help Students Register


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Here is my original post:Florida teacher could face thousands of dollars in fines for helping students register to vote.

It's all about voter suppression.


Florida teacher could face thousands of dollars in fines for helping students register to vote


Whatever you do, Florida teachers, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT try to educate your own students. Especially if you're trying to teach them to participate in democracy. Specifically, responsible, eager kids involved in student government who are dedicated to pro-active leadership. And particularly about how to get out there and, you know, register to vote so they have an actual say in what happens in their own lives.

That's wrong. Very wrong.

The Daytona Beach News-Journal:

NEW SMYRNA BEACH -- The teacher who heads up New Smyrna Beach High School's student government association could face thousands of dollars in fines. Her transgression? Helping students register to vote.

Prepping 17-year-olds for the privileges and responsibilities of voting in a democracy is nothing new for civics teachers, but when Jill Cicciarelli organized a drive at the start of the school year to get students pre-registered, she ran afoul of Florida's new and controversial election law.

And we here at TPC know about those nasty little new election laws, don't we? If you follow the News-Journal link, you can read about Florida's... because they care so much about non-existent voter fraud that they're making it difficult for legitimate voters to.... vote.

See? Irony isn't dead.

Before you ask, yes, the ACLU is suing.

The problem was that the teacher didn't register with the state before helping the students, and she failed to submit the necessary forms on time. Of course, that is a deterrent, and that's the point.

Students tend to vote Democratic, and in Florida, apparently that is simply unacceptable. The answer in that state and so many others? Suppress the vote with superfluous laws that target the poor, students, the elderly, minorities, and rural voters. It's all the rage!

Keyword: Rage.


Teacher To 12-Year-Old Girl Who Wore Mexico Soccer Shirt: “What Are You Doing In My Country?”


Here's an appalling story:

Coral Avilez, who is all of 12, wore a tee shirt to her middle school in Big Bear, California. It happened to be a shirt she bought in Mexico. It also happened to be a soccer shirt, because of, you know, the World Cup and all. What a brat, huh? What a horrible child. Especially when her teacher asked her if she "supported Mexico", and, thinking Teacher Dearest was referring to soccer, answered in the affirmative.


“Then what are you doing in my country?”

Me to teacher: "What are you doing in a school?"

A very stunned, American-born Coral:



“Because people like you make me pay higher taxes and make my insurance rate go up."

Coral then ran out of the room in tears. But at least she was made to feel worse -- yes, worse-- after that. That's right, the abuse continued:

On Monday she asked not to go back to class, and she was given two choices: sit in the principal’s office and read a book,or pick up trash with the janitor. Martinez said Coral felt uncomfortable in the principal’s office, and she opted to picked up trash.

She had to pick up after the other kids, because she looked Mexican. That was what she got for answering "yes" to a question. That's what she got for being not like Teacher Dearest. That's what she got for wearing a tee shirt with a Mexico reference. That's what she got for being not white.

Now the girl and her mother, supported by local civil rights groups, are asking that the teacher’s conduct be investigated for possible disciplinary action. The teacher later apologized to the class, according to local newspapers.

I bet that apology did wonders to soothe Coral Avilez.  At such a vulnerable time of her life, I'm sure she won't be affected forever at all.

It's so reassuring to see that they're teaching racial profiling in my state. Why, just the other day I said to Mr. Laffy, I said, "Gee, why can't we be more like Arizona?"*

Lucky us.

*Obvious sarcasm.

H/t: I forgot, sorry!