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No Racism Here


Tea Party Rally

Ah, there's nothing like a mid summer gathering of the tea party to bring out their best. And on Capitol Hill, July 15th, it was no exception. People gathered, they picnicked, socialized (oops, perhaps poor choice of words) they had social intercourse (oops,wrong again), they jaw-boned with one another. It was a joyous day and to cap it off, there were a few guest speakers. Real live senators like Ted Cruz and Jeff Sessions spoke; and the House was represented to, by none other than Steve King. It doesn't get much more star-filled in the right-wingnut world than that.

What these elected officials had to say was simply we won't allow for "illegal  immigrants" to become legal. We don't want them as part of the patchwork quilt that makes up America. Simply put, "Aliens go home."

Now those bigoted, inflammatory orations actually paled to the keynote speaker for the festivities. That honor belonged to Ken Crow -- a co-founder of the Tea Party Community. He stepped up to the microphone, to address the assembled on the "breeding" and tarnished racial purity that has resulted and must be cleansed. Maybe you should hear it for yourself.

Now what you didn't see, but was reported by George Zornick of  The Nation was this: Ken Crow arguing for eugenics and calling African-Americans a "retrograde species."

Flip now 1000 years into the future. Earth's most advanced species will be baboons who will look back to 2013 and tell their off-spring that this primitive creature (Ken Crow) is what they descended from when evolution kicked in, and Crow, Cruz, and King were among the earliest and lowest forms of the ape species. And those young gorillas will laugh in amazement to think they evolved from such primitive, simpleton creatures. And they'll be right.

Do we just stand by and say and do nothing? Or do we "saner" folks get out our vote and silence ignorance and give tolerance and brotherhood a chance -- not a white hood.


VIDEO: Ear plug alert! Once again, Sharron Angle sings– yes, sings– at a tea party event.


I admit it. Back in April I subjected you to this, via the Maddow Blog:

Now my buddy and Blunt video contributor @jazzcattrio is adding to our pain. The tea baggers invaded Napa Valley here in California yesterday, thanks to the Tea Party Express documented it:

And though some promised GOP presidential candidates didn't materialize (they'll hit the tour later, we're told), 50's crooner Pat Boone was a no-show, and even rapper Polatik took a pass, we were able to capture former U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle hitting the stage with an capella version of "God Bless America'' -- uh, before while hawking her latest book.

Ready? Get those ear plugs out, hide the kids, and spare your pets by opening the doggie door, here she comes again:

Now hop over to to check out the other two videos. You ain't seen nothin' yet.

Hint: "I think Rick [Perry] looks great... I think people have to really put aside ideology..."

Right. Put aside ideology and support a tea party candidate like Rick Perry. That isn't contradictory at all.

Full coverage of the event can be found here on


How to get the best of a Teabagger Fundie


Just had to share this from a wonderful DKos diary (pics too) about a silent protest at a "Tea Party Express" stop outside Milwaukee yesterday-

  •  * [new] Dave's sign says "Blessed are the Rich." 

    That throws people off. One guy, a minister, confronted him for sacrilege. Dave asked him, "what does it say in the Bible?"

    The Minister replied, "Blessed are the poor..."

    Dave said, "Exactly!"

    Dave knows how to talk to these people.


The Tea Party Express getting jittery about Wisconsin recalls, resorts to talking points about Soros


Look who has their hand out to try to douse the colossal backfire caused by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker's anti-American union busting bills:

Hey tea baggers, guess why MoveOn has raised so much money. Go ahead, I'll wait.

Here's a clue.

And seriously, they're still using Soros as a talking point? Did they forget about this?

H/t: @MzYun


VIDEO- On The Colbert Report, Tea Party Express's Amy Kremer: The "Congressional Branch" is one branch of government.


Remember when Donald Stumped didn't know how many members serve in the House of Representatives? He's been topped.

Amy Kremer of the Tea Party Express "bus people" listed the "Congressional Branch" as one of three branches of government, at about 2:53.

Whoa, not only do they want smaller government, they want to rename the branches (Note: Edited). The point is that she represents herself as a spokesperson for Constitutionalism, and didn't get it quite right.  This from a proud member of the self-proclaimed super duper (selective) Constitutionalists.

H/t: @MzYun


Paul Ryan "95% sure" he will not run for Senate


We'll know his absolute, last 5% final decision in the next day or two. Via Taegan:

Sources tell Dave Catanese that Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), the chairman of the powerful House Budget Committee, is 95% sure he won't run for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Sen. Herb Kohl (D-WI).

Why would Paul Ryan run when he has such a swell job, and when he still has so much catering to do to people like this:

"Our message has not only been no, but hell no."

-- Tea Party Express Chairwoman Amy Kremer, quoted by ABC News, on raising the debt ceiling.

Hell no! Hell no! Hell no! Broken record, broken record, broken record...


Tea Party Express: "We're going to have to spend A LOT of money...& we need your help."


A lovely friend shared this email with me, and of course, I had to share it with you.

The tea baggers "have a very busy week coming up, friends"! It has started with somebody typing up an email who could actually spell, only to be topped by twisting the truth to explain how liberals tried to "steal" Justice David Prosser's suspicious victory, plus a couple of whiny "wa-a-ahs" on behalf of some poor "brave Republicans" who very possibly broke the law.

And now the Wisconsin GOP is feeling the backlash of their nasty little antics. So how do they cope? Why, by fundraising!

Wait... President Obama was behind the recall efforts? Really? No. Not really.

Tea bagger email, short version: Pleaseohplease give us money for our lies and underhanded tactics. We're about to lose the legislature to evil hippie slobs!