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Video- Meet The Press: David Gregory Thumps Ted Cruz-'You Haven't Moved Anybody'



First Looney Toon Declares for '14. Meet Former "Soldier of Fortune" Thomas Bleming.



It's going to be a wonderous election year.

Wyoming's 2014 Republican primary is 13 months away, and former soldier of fortune Thomas Bleming is hopeful about his chances of defeating three-term Sen. Mike Enzi.

Enzi has a solid fundraising lead and almost two decades in Washington to throw into his campaign, but Bleming, who may end up financing his own campaign, isn't intimidated.

"How could I not be serious? All my life I've been serious," Bleming told U.S. News. The Vietnam War veteran, who says he's worked as a gun-for-hire around the world, is incensed with Enzi's votes in favor of the Patriot Act, the National Defense Authorization Act and the so-called "Monsanto Protection Act," a 2013 provision in the Consolidated and Further Continuing Appropriations Act to protect biotech companies that Bleming says might actually "make private gardening a federal felony."

"For them I think it's just a power trip to make these laws," he said. "F*ck them, f*ck them, they don't have any reality."


Talk about a guy who plays for keeps, Bleming, 67, admits he has killed several people over the years as a mercenary in the world's conflict zones.

"I assassinated a guy one time. I can't say where, but he had it coming to him," Bleming said. "He was fairly easy. He was a bad guy."

We can only hope and pray.



Michele Bachmann Jeopardy! Curse Continues



Makes perfect sense considering how toxic she was in her own contest.

Every contestant who has correctly answered clues about Minnesota's controversial Congresswoman failed to win their match including the latest in the Teen Tournament on Friday

For the fourth time since launching her 2012 presidential campaign, Minnesota Republican Congresswoman Michele Bachmann's name came up as part of the clue on the syndicated game show Jeopardy!

And on each of these four occasions, the contestant to ring in and provide the correct answer (that is, question) demonstrating their Bachmann knowledge failed to win the match.

On Friday - during the third quarterfinal game of the annual Teen Tournament - the $2,000 clue in a 'Double Jeopardy' category called, "113th Congress," read:

"Rep. Michele Bachmann says she formed this caucus to get Congress back to obeying the Constitution."

Seventeen year old high school senior Olivia Hummer from Covina, California rang in and correctly asked, "What is the Tea Party?"


New Excuse- Rep. Joe " Deadbeat Dad" Walsh: I had ‘verbal’ deal not to pay child support


This guy is really just butt evil. Last time the Deadbeat Dad show was on, our "hero" was claiming he had paid, but darn it, for some reason he forgot to bring his receipts, but when he did, boy whooey, would that stupid Judge be sorry. Whoopsy.

U.S. Rep. Joe Walsh (R-Ill.) says he hasn’t paid his court-ordered child support because he and his ex-wife reached a “verbal agreement” three years ago that he could stop paying her child support.

Laura Walsh says her ex-husband, elected to Congress last year as a leading voice of the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party, owed her $117,000 in child support and interest.

In a court filing in December, a month after he was elected, she said he stopped paying child support because, he told her, he didn’t have any money.

The congressman, in a court filing Thursday, says he wasn’t making much money, his ex-wife was making good money, and their kids were spending more time with him than with her.


“He reasonably relied on Laura’s representations and conduct, to his detriment,” the court filing says.

Walsh said he and his wife decided not to formalize their “verbal agreement” in court because “Joe and his former wife were both tired of court appearances and the resulting emotional and financial impact on the family. Neither party had the financial or emotional wherewithal to continue the battle.”

Laura Walsh’s attorney denied that.

Yeah, it's all that evil ex's fault Joe, you're a f'ng saint.


VIDEO: Explaining reality to an "ignorant, buffoon" Tea Partyer


The Tea Bagger in this video is way too calm and collected. I fully expected some stomping on heads, over-talking, and intimidation. There must have been meds involved.


Joe the Hypocrite


Do these idiots seriously think nobody will find out about their blatant hypocrisy?

U.S. Senate candidate Joe Miller said today that in the past his family received assistance from federal Medicaid and Denali KidCare, the state low income health care program. His write-in opponent, Lisa Murkowski, called him a hypocrite for taking the assistance while now saying federal entitlement programs are unconstitutional.

Joe is finally admitting to that minor little detail, calling it nothing but a pesky distraction. Yeah, I see what he means. Being called out as a blatant hypocrite is a little distracting.

His family received Denali Kid Care. That's a state program that includes federal Medicaid money. He was all over Lisa Murkowski for supporting it because some of the money funds abortions.

So Joe the Hypocrite accepted the very same federal money that also went toward something he stands adamantly against.

He thinks such funding is unconstitutional... unless it benefits his own family.

Did I mention that this fiscal conservative also owes between $35,003 and $80,000 in credit card debt? I didn't? Bygones.

Yes, he finally filed his financial disclosure forms.

Miller was supposed to turn his form in sometime in April, when he had more than $5,000 in campaign donations in his campaign account. He never turned one in, though...

Here are the details.

As cbn2 tweeted:

H/t: cbn2, mudflats


Tea Partier to me: "Come November we put our boot on the likes of you."


I'd like to share a couple of remarks with you from someone in Comments who calls him/herself "True Patriot Tea Party". I took a screen grab and then banned them from Comments. It was under this post.

This is who the Tea Baggers are. Now compare this to what you're seeing on CSPAN, the messages One Nation is sending:

There's your "true patriot".

And this is typical of the kind of comments we get here at TPC, or on Twitter, every time the Tea Baggers feel threatened or competitive. They can deny it all they want, but the hostility coming from these extremists is real.