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Laffy will be on Talk910 with Angie Coiro, *12:40* PDT


Angie Coiro





See you there! on ...Talk 910!
UPDATE - Laffy will be on at 12:40 not noon.

Looking forward to this show!


Laffy Will Be on the Angie Coiro Show on Friday


Angie Coiro


Where? Talk 910.
When? From Angie's Tweet

Just booked @GottaLaff to join me on @talk910 Friday for a wrap-up on the week. I'm on 10a-1pm; she'll join me in the noon hour. Deja vu!"

See you there! on...Talk 910!

Oh...and don't forget that Laffy is on the Nicole Sandler Show, Radio Or Not, every Tuesday morning! It starts at 7 Pacific, 10 Eastern. Radio Or Not


Leading Cause Of Murder In American? Gays -- Dean and McMillan


Sons of Liberty radio


I’m not sure if I should laugh or cry hearing Sons of Liberty Radio, hosts Bradlee Dean and Jake McMillan from last week. Among their jaundiced claims are that gay people are responsible for half of all murders committed in large US cities, among other crimes.

Don’t take my word for it. Save your souls. Listen to this yourself so I’m not accused of misquoting:

Snarkatude, cynicism, sarcasm—they’re all part of my arsenal in handling things that seem so outrageous. I’m faced with great alarm when radio outlaws promote violence and retribution. I’m pretty calloused when it comes to right-wing stories and opinions. Anger is something that takes a little more motivation.

Well, I’ve got anger right now.

There’s way too much discrimination and distrust going on within all communities. To propagate such hatred with lies and fabrications is nothing new – for haters. But how is it we can give a forum to such zealots? The answer sadly is they have an audience. People who eat this crap up for lunch and poop it out to their friends and neighbors post-dinner.

The best way to show your displeasure with these hate-mongers is to find out who sponsors their shows – then avoid those products. Advertising money is how these programs succeed. So I visited the Right Wing Watch to see who sponsors them. And here’s the interesting part. There are no sponsors. None listed, that is. So they are deep-pocketed by alternative means.

That most likely is the 501-c at work -- maybe Mr. Issa should look into this.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Thanks to @Pattibbs for the correction on this post. DG


Audio- Fox's Mike Gallagher Tells Chris Wallace To "Throw A Bucket Of Water" On Pelosi And "See What Happens"


I once spent alot of very expensive cell phone minutes waiting on hold to speak to Gallagher. I've never called into a radio talk show before but he was ranting and raving about how all the housekeepers (don't think he called them that) don't speak English and that he wasn't leaving tips unless they spoke English and why in the WORLD are they taking Real "Muricans jobs? I was lived. My folks came over from Ireland and Poland by way of South America in 1960. When they got here the only jobs that were available to them were manual labor picking apples and cherries on a farm in Michigan. My mom spoke 5 languages (including English with an accent), my Dad 3 (including English with a HEAVY accent). That. Was. All. That. Was Available.

Manual labor and unskilled work is the stepping stone for those who don't speak English. How do you get instructions from a boss if you don't speak English? You don't unless the the boss knows Spanish, which is more common now but still is a sticking point. If you're hired as unskilled it's pretty clear what you need to know, so no special instructions need apply and if they do you can work it out. I wonder what kind of jobs Mr Gallagher's forebears worked when they first got here?

Sorry, I tend to get worked up over that second rate piece of slime. Via.


Video- Radio Host Alex Jones, Who Wants Piers Morgan Deported, Gets Crazed On CNN


Why is CNN giving this whackjob a platform? Ugh. Via.


"The moment that media legacy forfeited its monopoly on credibility"


When CNN and Fox got their reporting on the Supreme Court individual mandate decision humiliatingly wrong, David Shuster got it right.

How many times have I tweeted "there is no news" or "the news is dead" or simply mocked the so-called "news" [sic] media right here at TPC?

That's why so many alternatives have sprung up, including blogs, podcasts, smaller news organizations and papers, and other great sources. I am very proud to say I am part of the We Act Radio family, along with Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartmann, Cliff Schecter, Lizz Winstead, Shannyn Moore, my wonderful hosts Nicole Sandler and Angie Coiro, and so many others, including of course, David Shuster. Via The Georgetowner:

CNN and FOX News’ misreporting that the healthcare mandate had been overturned could be viewed as the moment that media legacy forfeited its monopoly on credibility.... Bush v. Gore had set a precedent as to why you should never rush reporting a Supreme Court ruling. It’s like stepping in the puddle that you know is there — and yet they stepped right in, anyway. [...]

No more big names setting the agenda for what is right and good in journalism. [...]

David Shuster, a former MSNBC anchor reported from of the grandiose plaza outside the Supreme Court, live online for a new venture called Take Action News. He proudly noted that while both CNN and FOX got it wrong, his team had taken the time to get it correctly — suggesting openly that if you want accuracy, turn off the networks and turn on Take Action News. [...]

This event certainly won’t be the end of the brand name networks, and this process has been underway for a while, but the fateful Thursday at the Supreme Court may come to be remembered as the day the “credibility superiority” claim finally came undone.


AUDIO- Republican Arizona radio host: "I call him a monkey... I voted for the white guy."


Meet Republican talk radio host Barbara Espinosa who calls President Obama a monkey and then loudly and clearly declares, "I voted for the white guy" on her show.

"I call him a monkey, and I don’t believe in calling him the first black president... I voted for the white guy myself.”

To make matters worse, she's proud of her vile comments, and admitted as much in her "Yes I did!" post here.

However, as Think Progress noted, Espinosa think she's "anything but racist" because of her last name.


Um, yeah, me neither.