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Video- On Fox News Sunday, Mary Matalin Dismisses Susan Rice As "A Presidential Pet"


Over at Cole's place the other day someone asked who is the politician and/or political person you'd most like to get physical with, and not in a good way. Matalin is up there on my list, not that a quick slap across the mug of Lady Cheney wouldn't thrill me too. Via MM.


Live Streaming Video- President Obama Makes a Personnel Announcement 2:15p EDT




Video- Fox & Friends: ‘Curious Timing’ Of Susan Rice Replacing National Security Adviser: She ‘Misled’ Nation


Speaking of misleading. Via.


Susan Rice as next National Security Advisor. "It's definitely happening."


so there

Since The Cable is subscription only, Taegan is my go-to on this story:

"Insiders with ties to the Obama administration tell  that U.S. ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice has become the heir apparent to National Security Advisor Tom Donilon -- a post at the epicenter of foreign-policy decision making and arguably more influential than secretary of state, a job for which she withdrew her candidacy last fall amid severe political pressure."

Said one source: "It's definitely happening."

Yes it is, despite all of this:

tv benghazi

Honestly, at this point, even if I were inclined to dislike and distrust Susan Rice, I'd still be doing back flips over this, simply because of what the GOP has put her through. They are the ones I increasingly dislike and distrust, and they have done nothing to alter my perceptions and everything to heighten them.

Once again, Republicans have made utter horse's asses of themselves over a fantasy-scandal. May it continue to backfire in their sour little faces.

Congratulations, Susan Rice. Feel free to gloat.

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GOP Senate aide: "Opposing Susan Rice is a way to score points, even though it's a sideshow."


the truth comes out

Doyle McManus has an op-ed in today's L.A. Times about Susan Rice being targeted by Republicans until she felt she was becoming a distraction and withdrew her name from consideration to be the next Secretary of State. She didn't want time and energy to be spent on a bitter confirmation battle at the expense of other priorities on the president's agenda, like immigration reform.

He goes on in some detail about John McCain's role, the Benghazi excuse, and more, but this is the part that caught my eye:

A Republican Senate aide spelled out the situation for me more clearly, on condition he not be identified. "Voting for higher taxes is a tough vote," he said. "Opposing Susan Rice is a way to score points, even though it's a sideshow."

And there you have it. A moment of truth and repugnance all rolled into one big,  shameless, politicizing, obstructionist Ball of GOP.


Susan Rice withdraws name for consideration as Secretary of State


NBC's Brian Williams is reporting that Susan Rice wrote a letter to the president asking that her name be withdrawn and is saddened by the politicization of her possible nomination as Secretary of State.

President Obama said he would have withdrawn her name sooner, but did not want to back down in the face of all the political attacks. (If I heard that correctly, please let me know if not)

UPDATE: (more at the link)

“If nominated, I am now convinced that the confirmation process would be lengthy, disruptive and costly – to you and to our most pressing national and international priorities,” Rice wrote in a letter to President Obama, saying she’s saddened by the partisan politics surrounding her prospects.

“That trade-off is simply not worth it to our country...Therefore, I respectfully request that you no longer consider my candidacy at this time,” she wrote in the letter obtained by NBC News. [...]

“The position of secretary of state should never be politicized,” she wrote, adding, “I’m saddened that we have reached this point, even before you have decided whom to nominate. We cannot afford such an irresponsible distraction from the most pressing issues facing the American people.”

Brian Williams will have an exclusive interview with Rice on tonight’s “Rock Center With Brian Williams” at 10p/9c.


Judge temporarily halts Keystone XL pipeline in Texas


Via the L.A. Times:

A Texas judge has temporarily stopped oil company TransCanada from building a pipeline designed to carry tar sands oil from Canada through eastern portions of the state to the Gulf Coast.

The decision came after Michael Bishop, 64, a retired paramedic and chemist in East Texas, filed a lawsuit arguing that TransCanada lied to him and other landowners, promising that the Keystone XL pipeline would transport crude oil, not tar sands oil.

If only one person could prevent the Tar Sands pipeline from being built. But it seems nothing will stop Big Oil from getting its way, especially if our own State Department decides to support this potentially catastrophic project, which is a real possibility.

Plus, likely nominee for Secretary of State Susan Rice has a potential conflict of interest concerning the approximately $600,000 worth of investments she and her husband made in TransCanada Corp., the company looking to construct the Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.