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Doctors say Susan G. Komen for the Cure used "deceptive statistics" to "sell" mammograms


Remember the big uproar over Komen's decision to pull funding from Planned Parenthood? Add this new controversy to the mix: Two Dartmouth Medical School professors are saying that the organization is distorting statistics in order to sell mammograms.


A commentary [by , Dr. Steven Woloshin and Dr. Lisa Schwartz of the Center for Medicine and the Media at the Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice] published Thursday in the journal BMJ describes how the world’s largest breast cancer charity, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, uses deceptive statistics to promote mammography screening.

They launched magazine ads last October that claimed "The five-year survival rate for breast cancer when caught early is 98 percent. When it's not? 23 percent." However:

“The only reliable way to know that a screening test works is the extent to which it reduces deaths in a randomized trial,” write Woloshin and Schwartz.

And what do those trials tell us? They show that mammography screening reduces the likelihood that a woman in her 50s will die from breast cancer over the next 10 years from 0.53 percent to 0.46 percent, a difference of 0.07 percentage points.

That’s a long, long way from the 75 percentage points cited in the Koman ad. Furthermore, as Woloshin and Schwartz point out, the ad says nothing about the harms of screening: the unnecessary biopsies that occur with false positive results and the unnecessary chemotherapy, radiation or surgery that women go through when they are overdiagnosed.

ABC adds this:

The problem is that a five-year survival rate is easy to manipulate, [Dr. Steven Woloshin] said. The ad compares five-year survival rates for early-stage cancers and late-stage cancers, which Woloshin said is not a meaningful way to measure the benefits of screening.

Not the best way to restore their already badly tarnished reputation.


Komen "Race for the Cure" events Still Paying Price For Planned Parenthood Fight


Yeah, I noticed a crapload of commercials for our local one, alot more than years before. Don't believe they had a very good turnout either. I'd love to see this kind of women power wielded more often.

Four months ago Thursday, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation announced it was cutting ties with Planned Parenthood, setting off a backlash from its members that eventually led to a complete reversal and the resignation of several top officers. That incident may be behind the breast cancer advocacy group, but the damage is still hampering its marquee Race for the Cure events, which are drawing lower-than-expected participation in cities around the country — sometimes dramatically so.

Nowhere is that more true than in Washington, D.C. On June 2, participants will march in D.C.’s Race for the Cure to raise funds for local cancer treatment and screening services. But registration for the high-profile event, which takes place at the National Mall, is only at about 25,000, according to local station WJLA, a staggering 37.5 percent drop-off from the 40,000 who ran, walked or donated their time last year.


In Sacramento, Calif., approximately 18,000 people participated in the race this year, down from 25,000 the previous year. And it took a late surge in registration to get just to that number. In Richmond, Va., about 6,000 joined in, down from 7,300 the previous year and well short of organizers’ goal of 10,000. Asked about the decline, the local affiliate’s executive director Linda Tiller told the Richmond Times Dispatch there’s “nothing other to attribute it to” than the Planned Parenthood flap.

Tucson, Ariz.’s race shrank from 10,000 registrants to below 8,000 this year. Some 45,000 marched in Columbus, Ohio, down from 50,000 in previous years. In Atlanta, organizers also reported their participation rate was down 10 to 15 percent in 2012.


VIDEO: "Frankly, the [movie] trailer alone is enough to change the way you think about the Susan G. Komen foundation."


Exactly how commercialized is the Susan G. Komen Foundation?

"Raising money has become the priority..."

"If people actually knew what was happening, they'd be really pissed off."

"It's almost like our disease is being used to for people to profit, and that's not okay."

"We're human beings, we're not just little pink ribbons."

And the breast cancer awareness backlash continues, with film festival darling Pink Ribbons, Inc. making its stateside debut June 1. The Canadian documentary shows how the movement has become the poster child of corporate cause-related marketing campaigns, and frankly, the trailer alone is enough to change the way you think about the Susan G. Komen foundation: “If people actually knew what was happening, they would be really pissed off.” [Via]


Proving the point, Paddy found this at the Lowes website:

And from


Komen Foundation's Brinker and Board, Not Just Karen Handel, Did In Planned Parenthood


Today's Daily Dose of BuzzFlash at Truthout, via my friend Mark Karlin:

It would be wrong to let Susan G. Komen for the Cure Foundation off the hook because its Tea Party, anti-choice, anti-gay rights Vice President for Public Policy Karen Handel has abruptly departed the organization.

First of all, Handel was hired by Komen as the foundation's point person for their government and public affairs policies with full foreknowledge of her extremist positions and right-wing political pedigree. [...]

Ari Fleischer, an opponent of Planned Parenthood, was asked by Komen CEO and founder, Nancy Brinker, to subsequently oversee the hiring of a senior vice president for communications and external relations. Does one need to connect the dots here?

It is BuzzFlash at Truthout's speculation that Handel was terminated with the cover story of her resigning. Employers do not usually give severance packages to people who resign, which Handel claims she turned down from Komen in her "departure letter."

Before Komen's "crisis management" - and carefully worded - mea culpa, Brinker confirmed and backed the future Planned Parenthood cut off, so no one at Komen can argue that this was a stealth strategy carried out by a fanatic. [...]

It was, it appears, a carefully choreographed scheme to create a rule (about organizations allegedly under an investigation) that thus far was only applied to one grantee: Planned Parenthood. It was implemented with the full knowledge of Brinker and her board. [...]

Handel was doing the job that she was hired to do by Brinker, with the approval of the Komen board.

Please read the whole post here.