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VIDEO: 2013 Superbowl Ad time! Name the Clydesdale and... well, um. Wow. Whew! It's hottt in here!




Introducing our newest foal, who was just 7 days old during the shoot.

kate upton super bowl ad sexy

The Kate Upton ad never made the cut. Too hottt (and sexist) to air, especially when you think about the panicky hubbub after all that scandalous NippleGate-itude on Super Bowl Sundee 2004. One wardrobe malfunction was enough, apparently.

As for the loveable Clydesdale ad, am I a complete dork if I teared up at a beer commercial?

And how about naming the very impressive, simply adorable horsie Barack Hussein or ACORN just to get under a few of our Republican friends' skin?

Oh, but I kid the GOP.

UPDATE: Here's another Superbowl ad. This one is nothing to laugh at and comes from Mayors Against Illegal Guns:


VIDEO: Mitt Romney version of Clint Eastwood Super Bowl ad


This is why I continue to admire my buddy and Blunt video contributor Andy Cobb. Second City continues to be one of my favorite sources of satire and wonderfully wicked humor:


No, seriously, he said that. If Mitt had his way, Detroit wouldn't be repped by badasses like Eminem and Clint Eastwood. It'd just be some dude, chillin' on the couch, dreaming what might have been.

Mitt sure did feel strongly about that whole "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" thing. Huh. Now that GM is the number one auto company in the world again, do you think we'll hear anything about that call between now and November?

Written/Directed by Andy Cobb
Director of Photography Mike Eshaq
Produced by Meghan O'Brien

Here is the original:

H/t: @markos


Video- Racist Hoesktra Ad Labels Chinese Actress as "Yellow Girl"


Via TPM.

What’s the latest on the Pete Hoekstra “Chinese” ad that’s been generating all the controversy? A follower on Twitter points out that in the html code on Hoekstra’s site the woman in the ad is identified as “yellowgirl.” I checked and sure enough he’s right.

It seems from the context that they might be referring to the yellow shirt the “Chinese” woman is wearing. But probably just another level of the unfortunateness.

I'm with Fallows-

Now, in context, they could have been referring to the color of her shirt, as seen in the picture below. Perhaps. Although in that case "orange girl" is the term that might occur to most people.

I suppose it's as if you were using a picture of Colin Powell or President Obama wearing a black shirt. If you were producing one of these ads, by the same logic you could just label it "black boy," right? I mean, why not?