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GOP Alabama Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin: "When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body."



There goes that whole GOP personhood meme... unless, of course, Alabama state Rep. Mary Sue McClurkin thinks an organ should have the right to vote, own a gun, and carry misspelled signs calling President Obama a gay Marxist commie Kenyan. I can see the protests now: Organs' rights! Organs' rights! Or as Texans would scrawl, ograns':

secede texas

Via BuzzFeed

When asked why she would vote to limit the ability for women in Alabama to get abortions, McClurkin gave an answer that's left more than a few people confused:

"When a physician removes a child from a woman, that is the largest organ in a body," McClurkin said in an interview Thursday. "That's a big thing. That's a big surgery. You don't have any other organs in your body that are bigger than that."

One, it's not a child, it's a fetus.

And two, as BuzzFeed notes, not only is McClurkin physiologically confused (and sadly-yet-comically ignorant), she also failed to realize that the average human liver is larger than the average 20-week-old fetus. And that human skin is an organ, our largest organ, another organ that's larger than a fetus... which is not an organ.



2 a : a differentiated structure (as a heart, kidney, leaf, or stem) consisting of cells and tissues and performing some specific function in an organism

b : bodily parts performing a function or cooperating in an activity <the eyes and related structures that make up the visual organs>

If a fetus were an organ (I just had a momentary mental image of Barbara Walters asking a celebrity, "If you were an organ, what kind of organ would you be?"), there should be no objection by pro-forced-birthers to removal, unless of course, they are also opposed to life-saving medical procedures.

Which many who are anti-abortion under any circumstances are.

It's becoming clearer than ever that when the Republicans expressed a desire to reinvent themselves, they meant morphing into something even stupider than Bobby Jindal imagined.

H/t: @samuelpeepses


I've had it


rant alert

As most of you know, I tweet our TPC posts on Twitter all day, so I am exposed to many, many wonderful people, but also a whole lot of truly deranged types. After awhile it adds up. Then I compound that by making the mistake of watching the Sunday Talkers, and bam! I occasionally gotta vent.

This is one of those times. So forgive me for this extended Moment of Negative, but my poor head is about to explode. Feel free to jump in any time with your own "had-its." I'm certain I forgot a few and may add more later. And with that...

I've had it with:

Stupid people.

Rape jokes.





Needless misunderstandings.

BP ads boasting about awesome Gulf coast vacation spots that are even better now that they've killed everything off with their deadly oil pollution.

Sunday talk show hosts.

Sunday talk show guests.

Sunday talk shows.

Conservative pundits.

Loud overtalking/constant interrupting.


Nasty trolls.

Nasty stupid trolls.

Rude, insecure putzes.

Stupid people.

Very stupid people.

Smart, seemingly highly educated, informed political people on the Tee Vee Machine with poor verbal skills saying knowingly stupid things.

Lack of foresight.

Lack of hindsight.

Gun zealots.

Religious zealots.

Right wing zealots.

Judgmental righties.

Judgmental lefties.


Self-righteous right wing nut jobs.

Self-righteous Dems.

Self-righteous know-it-alls.

Stupid self-righteous know-it-alls.

Did I mention stupid people?


War on Women.

War on Voters.

War on LGBT.





People who don't listen.

People who judge blog posts and articles solely by their titles without reading the post itself.

People who judge blog posts and articles solely by their titles without reading the post itself, then comment inappropriately.

People who comment on posts without having followed the links in the post that would answer any questions they have.

People on Twitter who assume all retweets are endorsements, as opposed to realizing that sometimes a retweet is simply to point out an interesting, different, or controversial p.o.v.

People on Twitter who consistently confuse "lose" and "loose," "it's" and "its," "your" and "you're" (not typos).


People on Twitter who don't provide context to their tweets-- sometimes threads are not traceable or visible-- who tweet things like, "Me too!" or "When?" or "How can you say that?!"

Republicans who can't see beyond their own donors.

Republicans who can't see beyond their own power grabs.

Republicans who can't see beyond their own ideology.

Climate change deniers.

People with no sense of humor.

People who think they have a sense of humor, but don't.

Condescending windbags.


Willful ignorance.


RyanCantorTrumpMcCainPalinBreitbartWestBachmannMcConnellRandPaul [insert more names here].


Whew! Thanks. I needed that.

whew dog


Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker admits to stupidity


Remember this? AUDIO: Did Scott Walker Get Crank-Call Pwned? YES.

Wasn't it delightful, delicious and delovely? Want in on a little secret that will be even more delightful, delicious and delovely? Wisconsin Governor Scott "Koch Puppet" Walker called himself "stupid." It's about time.

Via the Post-Crescent:

Asked about the now-infamous Feb. 22 call with a prankster pretending to be billionaire David Koch, Walker was also uncharacteristically remorseful, agreeing with a friend who has said that Walker "felt badly that he did something so stupid."

"Accurate summary," Walker said. "It was stupid."

Oh wait. My bad. "It" was stupid, not Walker. "It." The guy who was stupid enough to do "it" will never fully admit to his own idiocy.

The call, Walker said, "diverted attention from a debate that needed to be focused on the facts and instead got off into this hysteria and everything."

In the call, Walker boasted about his national media appearances, referred to his plan regarding collective bargaining as dropping a bomb, and admitted he had thought about but rejected the idea of planting troublemakers in the protest crowds.

He went on to say, "Just the fact that I was duped … that I would go off and talk about stuff like that, yeah, it was stupid."

Well, I guess half an admission is better than none.

There is a lot more here, including mistakes he says he made in how he went about achieving his dictatorial agenda.


Conservative deputy sheriff, after I told him I was a liberal: "Too bad."


I just had the most frustrating experience with a local deputy sheriff who was here to take a report about a stalker troll I have on Twitter. And the most frustrating part wasn't that he never took a report.

I've had a vile nuisance of a troll for well over a year now, someone who has hundreds of accounts and who I've had suspended at least 50-100 times. He's bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, very conservative and very sick. He targets liberals, mostly women, and often more than once a day from each new account.

I've had well over 150 exchanges with Twitter about him, and they claim all they can do is suspend his accounts. They say they cannot block him. Here's the email they sent me:

IP addresses are commonly shared by numerous different users in a variety of locations. Blocking a single IP, therefore, may prevent a large number of unrelated users from logging in to Twitter. In addition, IP addresses are easy to change and any blocks can be easily circumvented by logging in from a different location, a third-party service, or one of many free websites or applications.

Because IP blocking is generally ineffective at stopping this kind of behavior, and may falsely prevent legitimate users from accessing our service, Twitter doesn't block individual IPs in situations like this.

If you notice similar behavior in the future, please feel
free to file a ticket and reference this ticket number, and we can
investigate the situation.

Meantime, I've taken screen grabs galore, but each time I do, I'm forced to go to his profile page and see the hard core porn, racist images and messages, homophobic porn, defecation photos, Nazi images, and attempts to impersonate celebrities (all progressives), even using my avatar for his, and including posting a request in his bio for help in finding out my real identity and other personal information.

Last June I had a female deputy come over and take an incident report to start a paper trail on this freak. She told me to call her again if the harassment continued, so I did, but got no response (it turns out they have a new system and she never got the messages). So today I called once again, and a male deputy was sent over.

This deputy was nice enough, but he had no idea what Twitter was, had never used any social media, and was more interested in my career highlights than learning about the miscreant in question. 

When I showed him my 30 or so very, very offensive screen grabs, he thought Rachel Maddow, Roseanne Barr, Lizz Winstead, George Soros, and Chaz Bono-- who Troll Guy uses for his profile photos in different accounts-- were the person I was reporting. He had no idea who they were, and didn't understand the gist of my complaint at all, despite my repeated attempts to simplify things for him.

The conversation kept drifting back to where he could hear me on the radio. When I told him I was either online or on KTLK (L.A.'s one progressive station), he asked if KTLK was NPR. When I explained what KTLK was all about and that I was a liberal talk show guest, his response was, "Too bad." Then he listed the 5 or 6 conservative stations he listens to.

He was completely unfocused, had an IQ of about 50, his eyes kept gazing aimlessly off into Dumb SheriffLand, and he appeared to have no idea why I was concerned. He eventually asked me what "other celebrities do when this happens."

I counted to ten in my exploding head and explained that I'm not really a celebrity, that others do what I do (report, block), and that I decided it was time to take action and needed his help to do that. That got his attention for about 30 seconds.

Finally he suggested the one thing, the one intelligent thing, the one useful bit of advice of his entire visit: Wait until Monday and call the female deputy who took the original report. He promised me he'd give her my message personally.

Welcome to my world.